Monday Feb 06, 2012

The Top 10 Benefits of Content Consolidation

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There are many benefits to consolidating your content. Many people think of consolidation as a cost savings tactic. And it is, in a big way, but there are many other advantages. So, with apologies to David Letterman, this week we will run through the Top Ten list of the benefits of using Oracle WebCenter for Content Consolidation.

10. Find the content you need, when you need it

In a world where people commonly run searches and get 25,000 hits, it is important to limit the amount of content that you are storing so only the most important documents are indexed. Having multiple versions of a document, stored on various servers, at various stages of completion, can be a real detriment to your organization. Oracle WebCenter provides content de-duplication, so multiple copies of a document that then diverge into multiple versions can be stopped, reducing clutter and misinformation.

9. Presenting content in the context of enterprise applications

It’s one thing to be able to search for content. It’s another thing when the content you need is presented to you in context. Users love the fact that when they are in business processes, looking at a customer or vendor record, that all the associated content is right there listed for access. Show me the PO, the invoice, the delivery receipt for this purchase. Show me the presentation, the sales proposal, the service contract for this customer. With Oracle WebCenter, this kind of integration is available out-of-the-box.

8. Lowering storage costs

By consolidating we can lower storage costs. One way this happens, is that when you consolidate, you often find you are keeping content that is no longer useful and you can get rid of it. And that is a one-time gain. But when you consolidate to Oracle WebCenter, you get built-in de-duplication. So every time content is checked in it is compared to existing content. So you can minimize your storage costs by reducing the amount of content you are storing.

7. Lowering administration costs

By using a single content management infrastructure, organizations can save money by reducing the specialized skill sets necessary to administer multiple systems. Instead of having specialists in 3 or 5 or more content management systems, you can have one team that is specialized in your single ECM product.

6. Lowering retraining costs

By using a single infrastructure, as users move from system to system, task to task, even job to job, they encounter the same content management interface. This enables them to use the system without having to be retrained and reoriented on multiple systems.

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Does Your Organization Have the Right Tools to Collaborate?

We’ve reached a new era of collaboration and communication. We now live in a world where we are surrounded by social tools -- from checking into a flight at the airport from a smartphone, to buying groceries online and having them delivered to your door, to renting a movie and watching it directly from your plasma TV. We also live in a world where grandma’s have Facebook, teens are using Twitter, and children know how to use iPhones better than their parents. That’s some pretty interesting (and scary?) stuff right there.

Not only are these social tools available in our personal lives, but we see (and demand) those same experiences in our work lives. Imagine if you could easily share information with the right people in various departments and roles across the company. And what if you could also automatically deliver targeted information to potential customers—and connect them with the right partners? Does your organization have the proper tools in place to allow employees, partners and customers to efficiently communicate and collaborate? We’d love to get your feedback on user experience, adoption and attitudes regarding user engagement & collaboration solutions! And be sure to check out this video series to learn how when having the proper user engagement platform in place, you can allow your employees, partners and customers to collaborate efficiently. 

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