Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

Thirsty 'Tuesday' – Are You Ready for SharePoint 2016?

Most organizations now have SharePoint in one form or another within their organization, but 63% are somewhat stalled in their adoption and progress. Top biggest ongoing issues are persuading staff to use it, poor governance, and lack of internal expertise. It can’t just be left to IT, it requires the business managers and information workers to get involved to maximize the value.

Join your peers from organizations like Target, 3M, Medtronic and US Bank at this free 90 min meetup to learn how to avoid common mistakes and how to ensure success with SharePoint. Connect with local SharePoint experts and customers, and get the latest AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) research from 400+ SharePoint deployments. Bring your tough questions and ask your colleagues and SharePoint experts for their advice and assistance.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet local SharePoint experts and customers. 

  • Identify the best way to get user adoption, governance, and business value
  • Discuss how to best re-energize a stalled implementation 
  • Plan the role of SharePoint vs. 3rd party extensions and applications
  • Describe best practices for upgrading and migrating to latest version

"If you work with your organization’s information or collaboration resources and technologies, you’ll surely find AIIM a treasure trove of resources."- Andrew McAfee, Professor and author, Enterprise 2.0 and Race Against the Machine

"I find AIIM one of the very best resources for my job." - Larry Sanders, Supervisor at Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society

“The range of information that AIIM is providing to our industry is nothing short of impressive and the Professional Membership sits at the heart of it.” - Hanns Köhler-Krüner, Research Director at Gartner

Register now to secure your spot - don't miss this free opportunity for education and networking!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 3:30-5:30PM CST


Tin Whiskers Brewery
125 East 9th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
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Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

The RedstoneXperience

Redstone Content Solutions Guest Blog Post

At Redstone Content Solutions, our #1 priority is enabling your business with WebCenter.   

We continually strive to earn your trust and believe WebCenter initiatives are most successful when a strong working relationship exists.

Redstone has developed a hybrid project methodology that incorporates Agile principles, years of WebCenter experience, and client feedback relating to their own best practices, governance guidelines and mandates. 
We call this the RedstoneXperience.

Understanding that no two engagements are identical, Agile & Scrum aspects of the RedstoneXperience enable our team to proactively identify changing requirements and analyze remaining tasks. 

Our team utilizes Scrum, a Pathway centered on the Empirical Process Control Model to provide and exercise control through frequent inspection and adaptation. 

RedstoneXperience provides working solutions and visible progress on a frequent basis so that stakeholders are better equipped to make informed decisions.   

We are committed to your success, and have found that employing the RedstoneXperience improves project outcome, accelerates solution understanding, and shortens the learning curve to self-sufficiency.

To learn more about the RedstoneXperience, please follow the links below. 
Redstone Content Solutions…We Deliver

Friday Sep 05, 2014

Arqiva Achieves a 90% Adoption Rate for Its Innovative, Near-Real-Time Network Monitoring Portal

Arqiva Achieves a 90% Adoption Rate for Its Innovative, Near-Real-Time Network Monitoring Portal

Another Great WebCenter Customer Success Story from Oracle's Customer and Partner Successes

Arqiva Achieves a 90% Adoption Rate for Its Innovative, Near-Real-Time Network Monitoring Portal

Oracle Customer: Arqiva

Location:  Winchester, England

Industry: Communications

Employees:  2,000

Arqiva provides and operates much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite, and wireless communications in the United Kingdom. Its customers include major broadcasters, such as the BBC, ITV, and BSkyB, as well as independent radio groups. Arqiva’s engineers led the switch from analogue to digital in 2012,  which was the largest broadcast engineering project in UK history. Arqiva also provides satellite distribution services for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. in the United States, leading French media company Canal+ Group, and the internationally renowned Al Jazeera Network.


  • Improve the customer experience for broadcast-radio customers by providing self-service access to a near-real-time view of their network status, 24/7 notification of faults and fixes, and maintenance schedules
  • Ensure staff—from CEOs through to technicians, presenters, and DJs—is aware of network performance, incidents, and other issues that might affect the transmission of programs to audiences
  • Enable customers to determine the operational status of transmitters and view the current and future configuration data of multiplexes (streams of digital information containing audio and other data) on the networks that broadcast their programs
  • Give users access to network performance data via a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop PC
  • Provide secure identity and access management to ensure that access to commercially sensitive network data is restricted to the relevant radio broadcaster
  • Gain ability to provide network status data to TV and satellite customers in the future

A word from Arqiva

"Oracle WebCenter Portal transformed customer service by giving radio broadcasters a near-real-time window into the performance of the networks that transmit programs to their audiences." – Helen Knight, Head of Product, TV and Radio, Arqiva


  • Used Oracle WebCenter Portal to build a window that enables radio broadcasters to view the status of their network in near real time, with a traffic-light system to alert them to faults and their severity via an intuitive interface
  • Gained immediate acceptance by radio groups, 90% of whom signed up for access as soon as it was launched and rated the service as “fantastic,” “innovative,” and “brilliant”
  • Rolled out portal access to 180 users in 20 radio groups covering 3,500 transmitters within three months
  • Used the portal as part of strategy to deliver continuous customer service improvements by enhancing the radio-desk support function that automatically notifies customers of faults on their network and sends daily, weekly, and monthly reports to radio broadcasters
  • Benefited from Oracle WebCenter Portal’s standards-based framework to integrate Google Maps into the portal to give customers a visual image of their sites and services
  • Used out-of-the-box tools and library of prebuilt components in Oracle WebCenter Portal to create graphs and tables depicting network and infrastructure performance
  • Benefited from the flexible navigation components of Oracle WebCenter Portal to allow users to personalize the interface to individual preferences and determine the dashboards they wish to access first—such as the status of transmitters within their broadcast regions
  • Built a multiplex tab to allow users to view the configuration and capacity of multiplexes and see a list of broadcasters on those multiplexes
  • Enabled customers to create a watch list of specific incidents or planned maintenance work they wish to monitor closely and increase productivity by accessing the list immediately when they sign on to the portal
  • Gave users access to the portal from any Web-based device, enabled them to click through to service tables quickly and easily, and created views optimized for mobile phone users
  • Cut time to develop and refresh content by using Oracle WebCenter Portal’s framework to create standards-based portlets and ensure uniformity of page structure and layout
  • Benefited from standards-based, service-oriented architecture of Oracle BPEL Process Manager to assemble and integrate data from the Oracle-based, core-incident management system, and third-party sources into end-to-end process flows for publishing via the portal
  • Used Oracle Unified Directory to create and apply identity management and access security rules to protect sensitive customer network-performance data from unauthorized viewing
  • Benefited from the scalability of Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle Unified Directory to gain ability to accommodate more users in line with Arqiva’s plans to extend portal access to its TV and satellite customers
Oracle Product and Services

   Why Oracle?

Arqiva conducted a competitive bid and evaluated the open-source product Liferay Portal. The company chose Oracle WebCenter Portal for its standards-based interoperability, out-of-the-box functionality, and reusable portlets that would minimize development and allow Arqiva to refresh content rapidly and share it seamlessly across internal and customer-facing applications. Arqiva selected Oracle Unified Directory to provide fine-grained control of policies at an organizational-unit level and for scalability needed to meet the demands presented by additional TV and satellite customers accessing the portal at a later date.

"We chose Oracle WebCenter Portal for its ranking as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals and because of its unrivalled functionality and strong pedigree," said Eamonn Sorohan, head of applications, Arqiva.


Oracle Partner

 Oracle Specialized Partner Griffiths Waite worked with key business users to design and build the portal to the unique requirements of different types of users. It optimized the interface for each device to ensure the best possible customer experience. Arqiva benefited from Griffiths Waite’s expertise to ensure seamless integration between the portal, back-office, and transmitter data and ensured access security was maintained for broadcasters’ critical data. As user and data volumes increased, Griffiths Waite monitored the portal to optimize performance and ensure a consistently positive customer experience.

"Griffiths Waite’s expertise enabled us to build the solution in three months," said Helen Knight, head of product, TV and radio, Arqiva. "The portal is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing while being highly functional and a great advertisement for Arqiva."


More Reference Assets About Communications

Thursday Jul 31, 2014

Redstone’s John Klein Named Iowa Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Iowa named member John Klein as “Entrepreneur of the Year” during their annual meeting on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 in Des Moines. Klein and partner, Jason Stortz, started their computer consulting business five years ago in Klein’s basement. Since its humble beginnings, Redstone Content Solutions has grown to become a nationally recognized leader among information technology service businesses. (source)

“John is recognized by his fellow EOers as a leader who lives the EO Vision of business growth, personal development and community engagement,” stated Rowena Crosbie, President, Tero International, Inc. “He exemplifies the EO core values each day.” 

Redstone also recently celebrated it's 5 year anniversary!

“Five years ago we set a standard to place our clients at the center of all that we do.  The company we have built and the successes we’ve enjoyed are the direct result of customer confidence in our mission and loyalty to our partnership”, comments John Klein, co-founder of Redstone.  “Without this support, our accomplishments would be far fewer and much less meaningful.”

Redstone delivers a full complement of strategic Oracle WebCenter consulting services – software development, implementation, training and support for customers across a wide range of industries. Redstone has achieved industry recognition as an innovative IT services organization that delivers global Oracle WebCenter solutions. The firm's solid track record for delivering results is a by-product of its investment in people, processes and technology. Read more about John Klein's EO Entrepreneur of the Year award and Redstone's recent accomplishments.

Congratulations John from all of us on the WebCenter team! 

Monday Jan 27, 2014

Stay Informed on the latest WebCenter releases and updates

The WebCenter product development team provides regular product updates to be compatible with the latest software and address customer reported issues.  For those of you that may not be aware, the WebCenter product management team maintains a blog post that contains information about these updates as they are released.

If you want to stay informed about these releases and updates as they become available, be sure to visit and subscribe to the WebCenter Alerts blog.  You will be automatically informed when new postings are made.

With that in mind, be sure to check out the latest WebCenter update which includes a number of enhancements to WebCenter Content for the new web UI (workflow support, end-user personalization, and Metadata Services (MDS) customization capabilities), Desktop Integration Suite (workflow support, Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Windows 8.1 support) and the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

We Will Never Forget

United we stand. United we remember.

Monday May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

We'll be taking a break from the WebCenter blog today to celebrate Memorial Day with friends and family. 

Then it's on to talking about Oracle Social Network for the rest of the week so be sure to check back!

On this Memorial Day, we'd ask that you remember all those brave men and women who served this country with such honor. In many cases, they made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy the freedoms that we do. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of our veterans as well as their families.

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

Gartner PCC 2013: The Nexus of Social, Mobile, Information and Cloud

This year's Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit highlights opportunities for organizations to harness the nexus of social, mobile, information and cloud capabilities.  According to Gartner, "The forces combine to empower individuals as they interact with each other and their information through well-designed ubiquitous technology."

How does this nexus impact an organization's ability to support their business goals?  It is fair to say that these forces have been present in various formats for some time now? So what has changed? Upon attending sessions opening day of the conference yesterday, we find that speed, agility and availability emerge as consistent threads.  Specifically, we see the speed of solution delivery, communication agility within and across channels, and the availability of analytical insight are all present.

In many markets where products and services between vendors are comparable, key business differentiators will be tied to comprehensive engagement throughout the lifecycle of a relationship with a prospect or customer.  Without an investment in the consistent alignment of technical choices with the vision for the business strategy, discrete technical solutions can end up ultimately posing roadblocks.

Why is mobile computing considered disruptive?  It potentially shines light onto an organization's ability to expose their back office systems outwardly in a secure, contextually relevant way.  It implicitly shows the level of investment that organizations supply to align their information technology with their business vision.

Gartner highlights the forces within the nexus as "well-designed ubiquitous technology".  Considering well-designed in a holistic manner, outside of a discrete solution, capabilities that IT potentially needs to supply to the business to support initiatives like customer self-service require the knowledge of user profiles, single views of a customer and connectivity with various systems to support self-service activity.  Within the first phase of a particular mobile or self-service project, these aspects may not pose an issue, but to meet a future state, business vision may call for functionality to be included that prior decisions may render costly and complicated to deliver.

The nexus of social, mobile, information and cloud capabilities offer unprecedented opportunity to expedite and optimize delivery.  Organizations that will extract the most value from the nexus will do so by leveraging enterprise architecture practices to achieve long-term agility, making technology choices in line with principles that ensure the delivery of value beyond discrete technical solutions.  This allows organizations to then focus on business innovation, engaging with their customers and prospects, and outmaneuvering their competition, through the use of a technical foundation carefully aligned to support business innovation.

Are you attending the Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit in San Diego, this week? Oracle is proud to be a Silver sponsor, with a 30 minute breakfast session this morning at 7:00am given by Joshn Lannin, Senior Director of Product Management Oracle WebCenter. We also have a booth on the show flow, so we hope you’ll come find us to discuss the nexus of social, mobile, information and cloud capabilities!

Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

Thinking of Boston...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the bombings at the Boston Marathon.
- the WebCenter team.

Friday Feb 01, 2013

Self-Service Portals: All the Rage!

As we’ve been discussing this week, self-service is all the rage lately. Who would have thought 30 years ago we'd be checking into airlines ourselves? And 50 years ago no-one thought we'd be pumping our own gasoline! But today we are "outsourcing to the customer" whatever and wherever we can - and it makes sense:

  • The customer feels more "in control"
  • The customer does not have to wait in lines
  • The company saves money by reducing reliance on staff

If done right, customer portals can be a huge money saver while simultaneously improving the customer's experience. In case you missed our webcast yesterday with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP), I encourage you to view it on demand, as Matt Lampe, CIO of LADWP, shares how their customers are more in control and they have realized immense results from implementing their self-service customer portal.

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

Oracle's Vision for the Social-Enabled Enterprise

Oracle Executive Strategy Update. Oracle’s Vision for the Social-Enabled Enterprise. Oracle Cloud

Join us for the Webcast.

Mon., Sept. 10, 2012
10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET

Twitter Join the conversation:
#oracle and #socbiz
Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

President, Oracle

Thomas Kurian

Thomas Kurian

Executive Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

Reggie Bradford

Reggie Bradford

Senior Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

Dear Colleague,

Smart companies are developing social media strategies to engage customers, gain brand insights, and transform employee collaboration and recruitment. Oracle is powering this transformation with the most comprehensive enterprise social platform that lets you:

  • Monitor and engage in social conversations
  • Collect and analyze social data
  • Build and grow brands through social media
  • Integrate enterprisewide social functionality into a single system
  • Create rich social applications

Join Oracle President Mark Hurd and senior Oracle executives to learn more about Oracle’s vision for the social-enabled enterprise.

Register now for this Webcast.

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All rights reserved.
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Wednesday Jul 25, 2012

Workshop: Eliminate Business Pain Points with Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter Workshop

Your content...when you need it, how you want it, stored smart & delivered everywhere.

Having multiple versions of a document, stored on various servers, at various stages of completion, can be a real detriment to your organization. Oracle WebCenter provides not only the ability to search for and retrieve the information you need, but have it presented to you in context.

The true value: Critical business decisions are made based on the most accurate, complete and secure corporate content available.

Join Oracle and Redstone Content Solutions for a hands-on workshop that will show you how Oracle WebCenter can eliminate content headaches.


  • 9:00am Welcome & Overview
  • 9:15am WebCenter Value Proposition
  • 9:30am Document Management and DIS Demo
  • 10:30am Digital Asset Management Demo
  • 10:45am Universal Records Management Demo
  • 11:45am WebCenter Content Q & A
  • 12:30pm WebCenter Portal & ADF Overview/Demo
  • 1:30pm WebCenter Sites Overview/Demo
  • 2:00pm Closing and Next Steps

Workshop Details

Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Time: 8:30am – 2:30pm 

Oracle Corporation
Willis Tower
233 S. Wacker Drive, 45th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606


Click here to register!

Redstone Content Solutions

Oracle Gold Partner

Wednesday Jul 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you all a happy, safe 4th of July. 

We'll be back next week with a preview of what you can anticipate to see that is WebCenter related at Oracle OpenWorld this year!

Until then, enjoy the holiday.

Friday Apr 27, 2012

Collaborate 12: The Week That Was

Today's guest post comes from Jake Kuramoto (@theappslab). Jake is Product Strategy Director on the WebCenter Evangelism Team and spent the week out in Vegas for Collaborate. Thanks for sharing your reflections Jake!

Collaborate 12 (#C12LV) has wrapped, and overall, I really enjoyed the event.

I’ll lead off with a big thanks to all the organizers from OAUG (@oaug1), IOUG (@ioug) and Quest (@questusergroup), with a special mention for the IOUG WebCenter Special Interest Group (SIG) who made sure we found the right sessions and networked with the right folks. This is a definitely a special group, e.g. they rocked togas at the 80s Party on Wednesday night. Legit.

Also, big thanks to our WebCenter Marketing maven, Kellsey Ruppel, who worked so hard to make the conference run smoothly for us.

I got a lot more out of Collaborate 12 than I did Collaborate 08 in Denver, which is entirely my own fault, largely thanks to help of these people, and I’m already planning for a Denver do-over at Collaborate 13.

Day 0

The show got started early for me with the WebCenter Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting on Sunday.  This wasn’t technically a Collaborate event, but since many of the CAB members were in Las Vegas for the big show, it made sense to have it before the events really got going.

The CAB is enormously valuable to our PM organization, since these customers provide real use cases and feedback, and I spent the day meeting meeting, greeting and listening to real users of the product.

One of the highlights for all the customers attending the CAB was a chance to touch and feel Oracle Social Network for the first time. The OSN PM team provided an overview of the product, and then collected feedback through the tool. The commentary I heard was overwhelmingly positive, and after spending a week with the product, everyone is excited for release.

Another highlight was Christian (@cfinn) and his flying monkeys. I won’t give away the specifics, but if you find him speaking at an event you’re attending, make an effort to go.

Last but definitely not least, thanks to TekStream for sponsoring the cocktail reception.

I had planned to attend the WebCenter Deep Dive, but unfortunately, the two events conflicted. I did manage to sneak away briefly to catch up with longtime Friend of the ‘Lab, Bex Huff (@bex), whose company Bezzotech sponsored that event.

Day 1

Monday kicked off the event in earnest. I spent most of the day preparing the WebCenter Sites demo booth, but I did manage to sneak away for a meeting with the IOUG Board of Directors and the IOUG WebCenter SIG.

This was a treat for our entire team. As a team of WebCenter evangelists (or advocates, take your pick), we rely on communication and collaboration with organizations like the IOUG. They tell us what their members want, and ideally, we deliver.

So, this type of interaction is invaluable to what we do. Thanks to the Board and SIG for taking time out of their hectic schedules to chat with us.

I ended the day of events with the opening of the Exhibit Hall, and got a chance to watch the WebCenter Sites experts we have from the FatWire acquisition in action showing their product. I’ve spent a lot of time recently working with Sites, the Web Experience Management pillar of the WebCenter Suite of products, and it was great to see the real experts in action.

Although I didn’t get to any sessions on Monday, the day was very productive.

Day 2

Tuesday began for me with Bex’s session, “A Crash Course In WebCenter Sites (FatWire) for Site Studio Customers.” As a longtime Stellent guru, Bex knows a thing or two about Site Studio. His session mapped functions from Site Studio to Sites, and it introduced me to several customers who are interested in learning more about Sites. So, Tuesday began with a win.

I then spent several hours working the Sites demo booth. Booth duty always seems like a chore until I get into it. I enjoy talking to people and listening to what they have to say, and once the traffic starts to flow, the time flies.

We got a nice flow of people to our booth. Most of them had questions about the Content and Portal pillars of WebCenter, but they were impressed when they saw what Sites has to offer.

After a long day of booth duty, I mixed and mingled at the evening reception on the exhibit hall floor, then gave my feet a rest.

This was the day I started to lose my voice though, which always happens to me at conferences, since I talk so much. Note to self, listen more.

Day 3

On Wednesday, I stopped by “Build an iPhone app using WebCenter Portal REST APIs” presented by  Chris Bales (@cbales) and Rodrigo Lima (@rodrigo_lima) before heading back to the demo booth. The session attracted a nice crowd, especially for a morning session. I didn’t get to stay, but I heard good things.

After my final demo booth stint, I caught a couple afternoon sessions, “Surfacing Oracle Social Network into Your Business Applications” given by Andy Kershaw, OSN PM lead and  ”WebCenter User Experience and Interaction – From iPads to Xbox” by Friend of the ‘Lab, John Sim (@jrsim_uix) of Fishbowl Solutions.

Andy’s session was unfortunately timed to overlap with lunch. Had it been a smidge later, I suspect he would have drawn ten times more people, given the content. Andy showed several key features of OSN, including how to connect it to other business applications.

John’s session showcased the exciting possibilities for enhancing enterprise data surfaced through REST APIs with new interface paradigms like touch and natural motion capture, specifically Xbox Kinect. It was great to meet John IRL for the first time after stalking him virtually for a couple years.

By the end of Wednesday, I was sounding like a lifetime smoker.

Day 4

Although Thursday was only yesterday, Vegas seems like a nostalgic memory now. There wasn’t much on the agenda, as the conference wrapped at noon, so Noel (@noelportugal) and I spent some quite time debriefing and comparing notes from the week.

By the end of the conference, I left Vegas feeling like I had put in a good week. I had the pleasure of meeting dozens of new people and reconnecting with people I’ve know for years.

It was a great week, and thanks to everyone for making Collaborate 12 a personal success for me.

Now, to rest my voice.

Thoughts on the conference? Find the comments.

Monday Apr 23, 2012

Oracle Social Network in Action @ Collaborate 12

By Peter Reiser

With more than 70 out of about 800 individual sessions, Oracle WebCenter is a major focus of COLLABORATE 12, this year's Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) conference, taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I had the pleasure to attend the WebCenter Customer Advisory Board meeting yesterday, where Oracle WebCenter customers shared their experiences and best practices of their WebCenter implementations and provided valuable input and feedback to the WebCenter product management team.

Oracle Social Network  was used for real-time Conversations during the various presentations and to capture customer feedback.

It was a fascinating experience. During the presentation, customers were very active and  provided real-time feedback, asked questions and made valuable suggestions. 

One topic surfaced consistently across multiple conversations was the concerns about Security (strong authentication, access control, data retention and archiving policies) when deploying social tools. 

We were happy to address their concerns as all WebCenter products including, Oracle Social Network provide out-of-the-box enterprise level security, which allows you to implement SECURE Social Networks within your organizations. Are any of you attending Collaborate this week? We encourage you to sit in on any of the sessions to hear from WebCenter customers, partners and product management experts. If you are looking to see Oracle Social Network or Oracle WebCenter in action, be sure to stop by the demogrounds for a live demonstration! I'll be back later in the week to report on how the conference is going and share my reflections. Be sure to follow #webcenter and #c12lv on Twitter to be in the know of the latest happenings. Here's to a great Collaborate 12!


Oracle Cloud Content and Process power the next wave of productivity, mobile efficiency, and workgroup innovation. Only Oracle offers an integrated suite of content, process and sites cloud services that enable business users to easily collaborate anywhere, simplify business automation, and communicate more effectively.


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