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Adventures in Information Sharing: SharePoint vs. WebCenter

Sharing information is a part of every day life. In fact, you could argue most (if not all) workers spend most of their day dealing with information in one way or another. The sales person is trying to figure out how to share product information with potential customers. The marketing person is trying to figure out how best to build awareness and campaigns around their product. The engineers are creating designs that then need to be shared and approved. The finance manager needs to work with the different departments to crunch numbers and make sure everyone is on budget. I could go on, but you get the point.

If we're all spending so much time sharing information, then an effective and efficient means to do so is critical to getting the job done right! Is it enough to just drop some documents into a shared repository, like SharePoint? That's a start, and much better than yesteryear ... but it's far from the ideal solution. You also need to find the right person to collaborate with. How do you communicate with people in all the different organizations and divisions? Watch and see how to optimally share content, how to find the right person to work with, how to make sure your new project and what you've collaborated on is fully integrated into the necessarily business systems, and how to optimize marketing and sales of your new product.

If you've been following our blog and have watched the first 3 episodes that we previously released, skip to the bottom. Otherwise, watch the 4 short videos and let us know if you've faced these types of challenges and how you are addressing it within your company. 

Episode 1: A Ray of Hope

Episode 2: Light of Day

Episode 3: Sharing the Spotlight

Episode 4: Heating Up

You've developed an awesome product, now you need to expand sales via partners. Can you identify the best partners? And provide them with the information they need to sell? And, don't forget, you need to make sure the partners don't overlap unnecessarily with your direct sales teams. Do you have the intelligence to figure out which partners specialize in which industries and regions? Can you easily build a site for partners with integration into your backend applications so they are directly linked into your supply chain processes? See what Oracle WebCenter can do for you!

Interested in learning more? Be sure and visit http://www.oracle.com/moveoff/sharepoint

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