Monday Feb 29, 2016

Public Cloud – Plain Vanilla or Business Logic Tailored to You

Brent Seaman, Vice President, Cloud Solutions, Mythics, Inc.

When you think Public Cloud, do you think “vanilla”? Many people do.

Many SaaS applications are built to run essentially out-of-the-box and to be configurable without much room for customization. While that works for many organizations, some business problems benefit from a tailored application that maps to unique business processes. In those instances, when a custom process needs modeled or when process automation enhances efficiency, I’ve found that Business Process Management (BPM) tools are the place to turn.

In the fall of 2015, Mythics bought Oracle Process Cloud Service (OraclePCS or PCS) to aid in automating certain business processes in our operations. In the professional services industry, proposals, agreements, and contracts are more routine than getting an oil change or eating dinner. Mythics has processes common to other organizations. The ones of interest were not part of a particular CRM or ERP tool, but do interface with those systems. We chose automating the Statement of Work approval process as our first endeavor with OraclePCS.

Compared to BPM software installed on-premise, Oracle Process Cloud Service eliminates the IT burden for BPM infrastructure. It puts the problem and solution in the hands of the line of business (LoB) where the process expertise exists. OraclePCS also allows progression of processes from a Development or Test environment to UAT and Production either to the Cloud or to on-premises BPM infrastructure. Even though Mythics has expertise to efficiently stand up an on-premise BPM infrastructure, OraclePCS allowed us to eliminate those activities and better manage one of our most precious commodities – time.

With a growing business that is intent on remaining agile in operations, quick and effective innovation is important for Mythics. Process modeling and implementation accelerators came in handy for us on the very first use of Oracle PCS. We modeled the process in Business Process Composer and were able to test the process flow using the Play function - which most closely resembles the debug function of some Integrated Development Environments – allowing us to step through the process in a play-by-play fashion. Once all routes prove out with the Play feature, the process can be promoted to a Test environment or to Production.

A key approach we took with the toolset is to combine Oracle Process Cloud Service with Oracle Documents Cloud Service (OracleDOCS or DOCS). We use DOCS in conjunction with PCS to manage the documents associated with the process. Documents can be used to kick-off a process, for in-work editing, and to release an approved state. Processes use documents – they naturally fit together.

The desktop sync client in DOCS allows us to drop a SOW or other supporting documents into the opportunity folder to feed the approval request process with reference items. This folder example happens to be from Windows. The same function exists for Mac OSX.

Below, is an example of the corresponding folder from a web browser. The desktop sync function allows users to work offline when not connected to the network, and it automatically syncs to the Document Cloud Service when reconnected to the network. We have used several different browsers without issue, including IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

In addition to browser access, we recently started using mobile apps as part of the approval process for PCS and DOCS. By clicking on our opportunity folder link in the PCS form, the appropriate DOCS folder automatically opens in the Oracle Documents mobile app (available on both Android and iOS). We have approvers using this functionality to review and approve from their mobile devices.

DOCS is a common repository for use across many Cloud services and can be leveraged for a variety of uses. We plan to leverage our investment of this Cloud tool with other projects, which include pulling in share drive content and integrating to our CRM tool for a standard of record.

Similarly, we plan to leverage the Process Cloud Service technology across other processes. Our approach was to start with one business process, support the organizational change to process automation, then to expand to other processes. Some organizations may take a different approach, but this one made natural sense to us. We are currently mapping a process for environment (VM) provisioning process for our Technology Innovation Center. Future implementations will include processes for procurement approval, new employee on-boarding, event planning, and solution development.

I joined a webcast in November with David Le Strat from Oracle Product Management to share our experience. My recorded portion is in the second half of this webcast. A collection of the Q&A from that session can be found here. A brief video summarizing the benefits from our solution strategy can be found here.

In Summary

For anyone looking at stepping into the Cloud, process mapping and automation is a safe way to start. You can define your process as big or small as you like. You can update the process over time. You can determine how many people to involve in the process from the start. Starting at the right size project for you will help with adoption of the application.

Business Process Management is certainly a way to achieve quick time to benefits. Automating processes in this way provides ancillary benefits like traceability, reporting, cycle time reduction, and process improvement.

When considering a process automation project with BPM tools, consider a manageable scope and grow from there and make sure to include a good communication plan from the start. Stakeholders will want to know what is planned and how things turned out. In addition, the broader organization will want to be well informed along the way.

If any part of this blog article was interesting to you, you may also like other Cloud Computing articles by Mythics. One good summary of the Oracle Cloud Platform Services by Shawn Ruff is in this collection.

Consider connecting with us at Oracle CloudWorld in DC on March 24. Oracle is planning several different areas of interest from HR, Marketing, and Customer Services cloud applications to Back Office and industry focused sessions.

Friday Feb 26, 2016

Webcast: Marketing Asset Management Integrated with Marketing Cloud

Oracle Corporation
WEBCAST Marketing Asset Management Integrated with Marketing Cloud
Drive Marketing Effectiveness with Oracle Cloud Solutions

Organizations are struggling with managing marketing assets across multiple digital channels where content on each channel (web, email, Facebook page, etc.) is created and delivered by different teams of marketers using different technologies.

Join this webcast to learn how you can enable IT to empower Line of Business by putting the power to create rich microsites in their hands -- driving business agility and innovation.
  • Save money by enabling non-technical users to create microsites for content sharing and distribution
  • Reduce approval and process bottlenecks via automation
  • Coordinate marketing asset management across channels
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Live Webcast

Calendar March 2, 2016
10:00 AM PT
/ 1:00 PM ET
#OracleDOCS #OraclePCS #OracleSCS
Mariam Tariq
Mariam Tariq,
Senior Director Product
Content and Process, Oracle
Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services
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All rights reserved.
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Thursday Feb 25, 2016

Partner Webcast: WebCenter Sites Automation Toolkit

You're Invited to attend Redstone's Live Webcast: 'WebCenter Sites Automation Toolkit'
When: Thursday, March 8th at 3:00 PM CDT

The WebCenter Sites Automation Toolkit is a set of tools and systems that enable WebCenter Sites administrators, developers and users to automate processes such as: asset import, asset creation, bulk updates and mirroring of environments with WebCenter Sites 11g and 12c versions. During this live webcast, Redstone will provide an overview and live demonstration of the WebCenter Sites Automation Toolkit. At the conclusion of the live demonstration, we'll field questions from the audience. 

Special Offer
All registered attendees interested in Redstone's WebCenter Sites Automation Toolkit will receive a limited time offer for discounted Toolkit licensing.  Redstone will also make a special announcement at the end of the Webcast regarding a new product offering coming soon!

Webcast Agenda
  1. Automation Toolkit Overview
  2. Solution Demo
  3. Q & A 

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

Webinar: Best Practices for Digital Experience Adoption

Digital experience strategies and technologies are ever-changing in this competitive ecosystem. How does your organization stack up against others in key practices like collaboration and business automation?

Join CMSWire with Oracle for a one-hour webinar to examine the results of a major digital experience and engagement survey. Discover how your industry peers create and manage their content through multiple channels and drive their digital efforts for greater connections with their customers, employees, partners and the general public.

Thursday, February 25th at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET / 19:00 GMT

This webinar will cover:
  • Survey results from over 100 respondents
  • Self-service and business automation practices
  • Social collaboration and content drivers
Register today!

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Why Oracle Documents Presenter Should be Your New Favorite Mobile App?

Author: Mark Paterson, Director, Oracle Documents Cloud Service Product Management

If you work in marketing and are looking for better ways to mobilize your sales teams and to provide them with the right collateral you should consider Oracle Documents Cloud Service as part of your Sales Enablement solution.

The way in which Oracle Documents Cloud Service allows you to collect, collaborate, and share collateral through folders is a perfect way to work together as a team on the needed collateral, and an easy way to then share that collateral with the entire sales team. What was missing earlier was a tool that you could provide to each sales team member that would give them a way to effectively present the collateral and engage with the customer.

To solve this, we’ve introduced the Oracle Documents Presenter mobile app. It gives your sales reps a way to present content stored in Oracle Documents Cloud Service from their mobile tablet in a rich and visually appealing way and it ensures that they always have the right up to date collateral available to them.

Here’s how it works…

Build an Interactive presentation

Simply create a folder, add your content, and apply your branding.

Perhaps start with a top level folder called ‘Feature Collateral’ and then add sub folders for each of your company’s products and then sub folders for presentations, success stories, and data sheets.

The team responsible for the collateral can all have it synchronized to their desktop making it really easy to edit and collaborate on it until it is done.

The look and feel of how it will look when presented through Oracle Documents Presenter can be customized by the simple addition of background and folder icon images

Then Publish It

Easily share the folder with your team, your organization, your company. Now everyone has the latest collateral.

When changes are made in the future everyone continues to access the latest and greatest collateral.

You can even surface the folder through your company’s CRM system so that anyone using the CRM can view and download the contextual collateral they need.

Take It with You

Your curated content is always available to present and always up to date.

The sales reps get notified and can then choose to take it with them on their tablets by adding it to their Oracle Documents Presenter list of presentations.

Once they’ve downloaded the presentation to their tablet, they’re ready to go. Even if they’re not connected, the files are there, ready to present.

When changes are made in the future, Oracle Documents Presenter informs the user so they can make sure they always have the most up to date content no matter where they are.

Captivate Your Audience

Wow everyone with dynamic, visually stunning, interactive content that can be presented with customizable branding.

It’s that easy!

Oracle Documents Presenter can be your solution for more than just Sales Enablement.

Perhaps you work in in field service and need to empower your technicians ensuring they have up to date access to critical information, specifications, and training material. Oracle Documents Presenter can enable service organizations to automatically deliver to technician’s tablets the content, interactive forms, or knowledge they need to do their job.

For a quick peek at Oracle Documents Presenter, take a look at this brief product video.

Oracle Documents Presenter is currently available for the iPad (coming soon for Android devices).

Friday Feb 19, 2016

Webcast Replay, Q&A: Driving Innovation with Cloud Self Service and Engagement

Thank you to all who joined us last Wednesday on our live webcast: Driving Innovation with Cloud Self-Service and Engagement; we appreciate your interest and the Q&A that followed. For those who missed it or who would like to watch it again, we now have the on-demand replay available for the webcast here.

On the webcast, our Cloud executive, David Le Strat discussed the key market trends that are driving the transformation in IT's responsibilities and line of business users' engagement. He then went on to discuss some common use cases for collaboration, business automation and self service, and community engagement that we are seeing in the market today and how Oracle Cloud Content and Process solutions address these evolving needs. The value proposition becomes incredibly powerful for Oracle Applications and Oracle SaaS customers as Oracle Cloud Content and Process extends these and other applications' collaboration, self-service and sites communications capabilities. Do give the webcast a watch and you may find use cases that hit close to home.

We also wanted to capture some of the most asked questions and our experts' responses here. But please do follow up with us and comment here if you have additional questions or feedback. We always look forward to hearing from you.

Q. Do you see these solutions being used by IT or by business users? I am in marketing and am wondering how "user-friendly" these solutions are.

A. Cloud solutions are specifically designed to be LoB/user friendly with drag and drop interfaces, easy navigation and template based building. The solutions are also mobile-optimized for anytime, anywhere, any device use and consumption. So, all the convenience you see and experience in your consumer world has now been brought to extend your enterprise content and process collaboration and sites building capabilities. Do try out the free trial at  to experience the ease and intuitiveness first hand. Your IT counterparts will be pleased to have an enterprise-grade, standards-based, pluggable, secure and fully auditable solutions in place that minimize IT reliance and you will be pleasantly surprised at the convenience, ease of use and on-boarding.

Q. Does Oracle Documents Cloud work with your WebCenter Content Management?

A. Yes. To avoid information silos, Oracle Documents Cloud Service integrates with your source of record, your existing content management system like Oracle WebCenter Content so that the content you have access to and you share is in sync with your source of record. We recommend you look at IDC paper on Hybrid Content Management that addresses this very point.

Q. To confirm, the idea with Sites Cloud is to build interactive sites?

A. Yes. Oracle Sites Cloud Service enables users to build microsites and community sites that brings together people, content, processes and even conversations. Integration with Oracle Documents Cloud ensures that content is being leveraged from Oracle Documents Cloud content repository. Processes can be kicked-off, tracked, worked on via integration with Oracle Process Cloud from within Sites and conversations can be easily embedded again as part of Oracle Documents Cloud Service. Do check out  for more information.

Q. Is Documents Presenter available as part of Oracle Documents Cloud Service or is this a separate application to be purchased?

A. The Presenter app is available as part of Oracle Documents Cloud Service. The Presenter app allows you to curate relevant content available in Oracle Documents Cloud Service, and present it in visually appealing format right off your iPad. You can view a short video on Presenter here.

Q. Will Cloud Documents be integrated with Oracle SaaS Apps to facilitate the collaboration in the Cloud?

A. Yes. It is integrated with Oracle SaaS apps like Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud and we will continue to extend such integration capabilities. Oracle SaaS and Application customers will find great synergies and ease in leveraging Oracle Cloud Content and Process with their existing investments.

Q. Can we view some demos of the solution for marketing or sales?

A. Yes, very much so. Please reach out to your Oracle account rep or connect with us via Comments here on this blog and we would be happy to go through each of these use cases with you in detail or any that is more closely related to your specific needs. Thank you for your interest.

Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Webcast: Next-Generation Accounts Payable Automation and Dynamic Discounting

Oracle Corporation
Next-Generation Accounts Payable Automation and Dynamic Discounting
Transform Your Accounts Payable and Supply Chain into a Profit Center

Invoice processing is time-consuming and expensive work. This is especially true if invoicing involves inefficient paper-based processes, manually-conducted approvals and manual data-entry into the financial system. These inefficient methods affect the bottom line by increasing costs, creating liability & accrual blind-spots and causing other cash management, reconciliation & reporting challenges.

Change the game with the Next-Generation of A/P Process Automation and learn how to:
  • Automate up to 90% of invoice processing with automated 2/3-way match and automated invoice creation with all major ERP business applications
  • Streamline operations with best practice workflows, eliminating paper, manual data entry and associated errors
  • Get real-time visibility into your end-to-end process with 360º Analytics, including Compliance, Automation and Efficiency metrics
  • Dynamic Discount Management enables organizations to save an additional 1 to 2% of annual spend
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Live Webcast

Calendar February 23, 2016
10:00 AM PT
/ 1:00 PM ET

Chris Preston
Chris Preston,
Senior Director Digital Experience, Strategy & Business Development, Oracle

Nilay Banker
Nilay Banker
Founder & CEO
Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services
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Monday Feb 15, 2016

Don't Miss: Live Webcast TOMORROW on Cloud Content Use Cases

A quick reminder - you are invited for tomorrow's webcast! Don't miss Oracle Cloud executive, David Le Strat on this live webcast as he discusses real world use cases of how Oracle Cloud Content and Process solutions are driving IT innovation, business agility and business user empowerment by extending an organization's capabilities around collaboration and engagement, self-service and business automation. Register today and learn how your organization can drive multiple use cases from the same solution set. 

Oracle Corporation
WEBCAST Driving IT Innovation with Cloud Self-Service and Engagement
Re-defining IT’s role in Line of Business user empowerment

With 90% of IT budget still being spent on “Keeping the Lights On”, over 40% of organizations are now seeing lines of businesses taking on IT projects. Shadow IT projects, however, mean– additional integration, security and maintenance overheads and, service response lag times.

Join this webcast to learn how IT can leverage cloud to empower lines of business users, drive business agility and still maintain security and integrity. You will hear about:
  • Oracle’s holistic approach to collaboration, self-service and engagement
  • Demonstration of real life use of cloud solution for business user empowerment
  • Customer success stories and usage patterns
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Live Webcast

Calendar February 17, 2016 10:00 AM PT
/ 1:00 PM ET
#OracleDOCS #OraclePCS #OracleSCS

David Le Strat
David Le Strat,
Senior Director Product
Content and Process, Oracle

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

Partner Webcast: 5 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Legacy Portal & Content Environments to Oracle WebCenter 12c

5 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Legacy Portal & Content Environments to Oracle WebCenter 12c

Thursday, February 25, 2016 | 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST 

Too many companies still rely on legacy systems, or other outdated platforms, that are not capable of supporting the new demands of modern business. By effectively addressing the issues of transitioning from fragmented and disparate applications to a single integrated global system, your system will lower total cost of ownership and avoid end-of-life support and maintenance deadlines.

TekStream brings tribal knowledge of BEA WebLogic Portal, BEA AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI), WebCenter Interaction (WCI), Plumtree, Stellent, Universal Content Management (UCM), Optika, Imaging and Process Management (IPM), and FatWire into one centrally manageable platform, Oracle WebCenter.

With the recent introduction of the Oracle WebCenter 12c platform, here are 5 things that you should consider when upgrading your legacy environment.
  1. How do I know if I need to upgrade?
  2. How long will an upgrade or WebCenter implementation take?
  3. What's the difference between Oracle WebCenter 12c and what I'm currently using?
  4. How much will my project cost?
  5. What will be delivered with an upgrade?

Our specialized, three-step assessment, called QuickStream, aligns business stakeholders and IT organizations using a proven and practical methodology. By providing answers to critical questions like the ones above before a project begins, QuickStream helps organizations avoid the negative business outcomes of IT project failures due to unmet quality, cost and expectations.

Register Today

Monday Feb 08, 2016

Live Webcast: Driving IT Innovation with Cloud Self Service and Engagement

Oracle Corporation
WEBCAST Driving IT Innovation with Cloud Self-Service and Engagement
Re-defining IT’s role in Line of Business user empowerment

With 90% of IT budget still being spent on “Keeping the Lights On”, over 40% of organizations are now seeing lines of businesses taking on IT projects. Shadow IT projects, however, mean– additional integration, security and maintenance overheads and, service response lag times.

Join this webcast to learn how IT can leverage cloud to empower lines of business users, drive business agility and still maintain security and integrity. You will hear about:
  • Oracle’s holistic approach to collaboration, self-service and engagement
  • Demonstration of real life use of cloud solution for business user empowerment
  • Customer success stories and usage patterns
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Live Webcast

Calendar February 17, 2016 10:00 AM PT
/ 1:00 PM ET
#OracleDOCS #OraclePCS #OracleSCS

David Le Strat
David Le Strat,
Senior Director Product
Content and Process, Oracle

Monday Jan 25, 2016

Advisor Webcast:WebCenter Content 12c, Documents Cloud Service and Hybrid ECM

ADVISOR WEBCAST: WebCenter Content 12c, Documents Cloud Service and Hybrid ECM


  • Wednesday, February 17, 2016 08:00 AM (US Pacific Time)
  • Wednesday, February 17, 2016 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time)
  • Wednesday, February 17, 2016 05:00 PM (Central European Time)
  • Wednesday, February 17, 2016 09:30 PM (India Standard Time)

This one hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who use WebCenter Content. This session will focus on new release information including WebCenter Content 12c, Documents Cloud Service and Hybrid ECM. We will also briefly discuss the future roadmap for WebCenter Content.

Topics Include:
Overview of new features of WebCenter Content 12c

  • WebCenter Imaging embedded
  • Digital Asset Management improvements
  • Content UI improvements
  • Desktop Integration Suite improvements

Overview of Documents Cloud Service

  • File Access/Sync
  • Application Integration
  • Document Collaboration
  • Security

Overview of Hybrid ECM

  • Integration with on-premise WebCenter Content
  • External Collaboration

Duration: 1 hr

Current Schedule and Archived Downloads can be found in Note 740966.1

WebEx Conference Details

Topic: WebCenter Content 12c, Documents Cloud Service and Hybrid ECM
Event Number: 599 080 471
Event Passcode: 909090

Register for this Advisor Webcast:

Once the host approves your request, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.

InterCall Audio Instructions

A list of Toll-Free Numbers can be found below.

  • Participant US/Canada Dial-in #: 1866 230 1938   
  • International Toll-Free Numbers
  • Alternate International Dial-In #: +44 (0) 1452 562 665
  • Conference ID: 25721968


Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

CMSWire: Collaboration, Digital Experience and Engagement Survey

We invite you to take CMSWire’s survey on collaboration, digital experience and engagement. During this 10-minute survey, we’ll seek input around how your organization is:
  • driving social collaboration around content;
  • delivering digital experiences across multiple channels; and 
  • providing self-service and business automation 

We’ll also explore your needs around self-service and engagement, as well as which tools your organization currently uses for content collaboration, social conversations, websites and self-service. 

In partnership with Oracle, we are conducting this survey so we can give you and your peers a picture of how businesses are engaging with customers, employees, partners and citizens. By participating, you will have the option to receive the survey results once they are available, and see how your efforts compare to others in the industry.

Bonus: Survey respondents will have a chance to win one of two free 2-day passes to CMSWire's DX Summit 2016. Winners will be contacted via email.  

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and insights. Take the survey now!

Friday Jan 15, 2016

The Cloud Shakes Up Status Quo IT

Chris Murphy
"Today, the number-one reason organizations are not moving to the cloud is security. However, tomorrow, security will be one of the most important drivers to move to the cloud." With that prediction, Oracle CIO Mark Sunday sets the tone for our 11 cloud predictions, which suggest that IT teams that remain overly wary of the cloud risk getting trampled in 2016.
Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) offers another example of changes to come. In the past, even cloud-friendly CIOs have thought, "ERP's the last thing we'll move to the cloud." Now, as digital business models demand a more nimble operating foundation—think of how the video game industry's payment models have changed as gamers buy online instead of in stores—cloud ERP looks like the answer.

Other predictions revolve around rising demand for cloud-based integration, an upheaval in the tech supplier landscape, and the expected 100 percent shift of dev and test to the cloud. Do you have your own predictions? Let's talk about it on Twitter @murph_cj.
—By Chris Murphy, Oracle Director of Cloud Content

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

Cloud Solutions for State Boards and Commissions

By Mitchell Palski – Oracle Fusion Middleware Specialist
Managing documents within state boards and commissions can be paper and process intensive. Often times, these applications are initiated with paper forms, internal documents are tracked in spread sheets, and approvals are sent through external workflows as faxes or email-attachments. Some processes will be focused on certifying new applicants; others will just be for circulating internal documents (such as a Code of Conduct). These processes require notifications, auditing, appointment scheduling, data evaluations, document collaboration and management, application integration and more.
Examples of state boards and commissions include (but are not limited to):
  • Accountancy
  • Architects
  • Barber Examiners
  • Chiropractic
  • Cosmetology
  • Dentistry
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Optometry
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Real Estate
  • Veterinary
  • And more… 
What issues need to be addressed?


  • Applicants have no awareness of their application status
  • High-volumes cause overhead that can’t be managed appropriately
  • Documents get lost and workflow gets delayed
  • Once accepted, users have to be given access to internal systems manually 
Internal documents:

  • Collaboration through email leads to multiple versions of the same document
  • No visibility into which employees have complied with policy and opened documents
  • Documents are hard to find and can only be accessed from desktops/laptops


  • Education requirements can’t be accurately monitored
  • Organization does not have high-level progress-tracking of all members
  • Difficulty storing, maintaining, and finding documentation

Flexible and Simple Applications with Oracle Cloud

All of these processes have common needs but differ in their requirements – in their process, their data, and their needs for documentation. Some boards will have a high enough volume of cases to justify the need for a full-featured COTS solution. In other cases, budget and IT restrictions will cause certain organizations to either continue to depend on manual paper-based processes or to search for cost-effective alternatives.

Oracle Documents Cloud Service (ODCS) can safely and securely store your electronic documents so that when paper-forms are used for applications or as supplementary documents they can be associated with the applicant’s request. Oracle Process Cloud Service integrates with ODCS to automate document workflow, including review and approval, automated routing, dynamic and manual task assignment, and process performance metrics.

Oracle provides an integrated suite of digital collaboration services that enables business users to collaborate efficiently, automate disparate business processes, coordinate tasks, and interact via mobile and social interfaces—all with complete security and control. Oracle’s cloud collaboration platform ensures faster turnaround of requests and decisions. Users can securely store content in the cloud, tie it to their source of record and collaborate online—anywhere, anytime, and from any device—through shared folders and conversations.


Monday Dec 21, 2015

Season's Greetings!

We want to wish you Season's Greetings and thank you for your continued partnership! We'll be back in 2016 with new assets, programs and education on Oracle WebCenter, BPM and Oracle Cloud Solutions. 

Happy Holidays! - The WebCenter Team


Oracle Cloud Content and Process power the next wave of productivity, mobile efficiency, and workgroup innovation. Only Oracle offers an integrated suite of content, process and sites cloud services that enable business users to easily collaborate anywhere, simplify business automation, and communicate more effectively.


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