Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Preview: Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge

Originally posted by Jake Kuramoto on The Apps Lab blog.

Noel (@noelportugal) and I have been working on something new for OpenWorld (@oracleopenworld) for quite some time, and today, I got the final approvals to go ahead with the Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge.

The skinny.

The Challenge is a modified hackathon, designed to run during OpenWorld and JavaOne (@javaoneconf), and attendees of both conferences are welcome to join and compete for the single prize of $500 in Amazon gift cards.

There’s only one prize, so bring your A-game.

The Challenge begins Sunday, September 30 at 7 PM and ends Wednesday, October 3 at 4 PM.

You can and should register now, but we won’t begin approving  registrations until Sunday at 7 PM. For legal reasons, you’ll need to register with a corporate email address, not a free webmail one, e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, ISP-provided mail, etc. If you work for a competitor of Oracle, sorry but you’re not eligible.

Everything you need is in the cloud, including support, but if you need help or have questions, visit office hours in the OTN Lounge in the Howard Street tent Monday, October 1 and Tuesday, October 2 4-8 PM to get help from the product team.

The judging begins Wednesday, October 3 at 4 PM. To be considered for the prize, you’ll need to attend to demo your working code to the judges.

Attendees with badges from either OpenWorld or JavaOne are welcome in the OTN Lounge, so you’ll need one of those too.

Did I mention, register now?

Be sure to check out Jake's original post for the long-winded explanations.

Oracle OpenWorld Preview: JavaOne Social Developer Program

Originally posted by Jake Kuramoto on The Apps Lab blog.

If you’re heading to San Francisco later this month for JavaOne and are interested in learning about building social applications for your enterprise, you should plan to check out the Social Developer Program, organized and hosted by Roland Smart who recently joined Oracle after the Involver acquisition.

The program runs from 10 AM to 3:30 PM on Tuesday, October 2 at the San Francisco Hilton and features speakers from Oracle,, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Sociable Labs. The focus is on the emergence of social within the enterprise and ends with a hackathon.

That last bit got your attention? Thought it might. Here’s the skinny:

In this session the staff of the Oracle Social Developer Lab will present some social development tools that make integrating social functionality into your apps easier to achieve. This session kicks off a week-long hack to build an application using OSDL code. A winner will be selected and profiled in Java Magazine.

I don’t have any more details on the prize, which is sure to be epic, so you’ll just have to attend the program. In the meantime, check out their Facebook page for more information.

See you in San Francisco.


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