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Proving the Business Value of Data Quality

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It can be tough to show the business value of data quality to stakeholders and sponsors you need to move a DQ effort forward. Dylan Jones over at Data Quality Pro offers some great advice on how to tune up your pitch so you can show decision-makers the impact of DQ across your business, and win the support you need.

There’s a lot to the post, but here’s a couple of key snippets:

Link the information chain to the service value chain. Probably the most powerful technique I have used for building the business case is to integrate a model of how the business drives value with the underlying data. By assessing the information chain that supports this service chain you can build a far more compelling story than simply measuring data quality in isolated data stores. Sponsors like to see that you are not just a data wizard but that you understand their business intimately.

Don't use PowerPoint. I don't know if this is a coincidence but since I dropped it I have had far more success in winning proposals. Eliminating PowerPoint forces you to think of far more creative and engaging mediums.

Demonstrate a link from impacts to evidence using an interactive dashboard linked to data. I typically create a hybrid business model, data model and data quality model populated with full datasets. Using a data visualization tool to present the high level impacts we can then drill-down into the detail as the inevitable barrage of questions come your way…. The sponsors can also take the dashboard away with them to speak with their respective teams which is far more powerful than a PowerPoint file.

Read the rest here at Data Quality Pro.

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