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OWB 11gR2 – Metadata change management

David Allan

OWB when generating objects to the Oracle database can generate create, drop/replace and upgrade/alter scripts for the primary objects in the database. This has been in the product for a long time now, there is metadata reconciliation services both into and out of the tool. This can be thought of as part 1 since we will look at managing change from OWB to the database.

To upgrade a table you must use the Control Center Manager and select the upgrade action;


There are certain privileges that this operation needs that by default are disabled, so if you try and upgrade a table without them you will get the following error;


Now what? Well there is some setup that should have been done in addition to the install of the repository. The detail is actually in the deployment job audit which you can find in the control center manager and I think is mentioned in the documentation (note to go dig it out).


If you look into the detail of the error (see image above) it states that you must run the script owb/rtp/grant_upgrade_privileges.sql this needs to be run as a privileged user and the script has  parameter which is the schema you wish to grant the privilege to. Below I am granting privilege to the SALES schema;


After you enable these privileges now you are ready to go, when you upgrade there is an additional tab 'Impact Report' where you can see detailed information about the upgrade. Its important to know about this because the world of upgrade has many different scenarios, this will give you lots of information that will help understand what is going on.


You can also see the script with the ALTER statements, in the example I ran through for example one change was to add a new column CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION;


So...hopefully if you hit the RTC-5270 error you know what to do now.

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