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    June 28, 2007

Oracle's ETL direction and OWB

Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

There seem to be some questions around the strategy Oracle will follow around ETL and what OWB's role will be going forward. This is actually described in the OWB roadmap (here).

Click here for the OWB Roadmap

For current customers of OWB and for the many prospects that see the clear value of an Oracle ETL tool, this roadmap discusses where OWB will go in the next couple of releases. Actually most of the features in the roadmap are aimed to come online roughly in the next calendar year (I cannot tell you more specific dates due to legal reasons of course!).

Now the roadmap obviously is a little vague in that it will not describe exact detailed features, but let me assure everyone, OWB will get a lot of really great stuff on top of the already present market leading features (that is a Forrester quote, not an Oracle quote). I think everyone should look at the Forrester Wave in the link and understand the position of all tools in this wave and where they will be going.

I know everyone wants more specifics, so I will try to get you some, which we also did at the ODTUG conference, and which we will run at the BIWA Sig presentations (mark the 11th of July, go here for details). That session is also going to be recorded and I will post that link here as well. Everyone interested in this do dial in!

Some more details then (as a prelude to the webcast):

In the roadmap you will see that OWB will leverage Sunopsis / ODI components, which will allow OWB to combine both the best of the OWB world and the ODI world, allowing you to customize the mappings in the way you can do in ODI. For new and current customers this means that rather than getting worried as to moving to ODI, ODI will come to OWB customers as embedded functionality allowing you to choose! As a current customer this means you can use the new functionality if you need it, but you can happily keep on building regular mappings, and that will NOT go away in OWB. So lets not get worried about migrations, there is no need... you will all get the best of both worlds directly embedded in OWB.

If you are interested in seeing how the ODI KM integration would work in OWB join the webcast, I will be showing this integration live as a demo. In fact we will actually show how you can load data from DB2 into DB2 using OWB and native DB2 code. I will also show you how to customize and import ODI knowledge modules into OWB (future!)...

Some other things, not sure if I can already show this, is the SOA infrastructure support. I think going forward we see more people looking at embedding webservices into a SaaS setup. OWB is of course a prime candidate to generate these webservices. Imagine using the name and address validation as a service across the organization. So we are definitely aware this is something coming into full swing more and more. Hence the roadmap and the features that allow us to create a webservice directly from a mapping (or  a process) in the client. You can also consume webservices of course.

The other thing around SOA, is of course BPEL integration, and the webservices will nicely allow us to integrate into BPEL processes. Actually, today you can use the database webservices features (described on OTN) to do exactly this already, but it will be so much simpler from within the product.

With Oracle focussing squarely on Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, also see the OBI SE One edition which has OWB as a core component, OWB is moving its excellent Discoverer support to OBI EE. This allows you to directly integrate the OWB metadata with the OBI EE repository and dramatically increase productivity... I'll show some of this in the webcast as well, so if you are thinking of either or both tools, do tune in and understand what is coming.

As we go along in development, we will be sharing more and more information and demonstrations on where OWB is going. We figure that showing real software is better than telling you 'greate things are coming, stay tuned'...

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