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Oracle Corporate Wiki Page for Oracle Warehouse Builder Now Available

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There is now a public Oracle Wiki at http://wiki.oracle.com/. We have created a wiki page for Oracle Warehouse Builder here:


Like any wiki page, this page will be permanently under construction, and subject to reorganization or cleanup as the development of the content warrants.

Wikis-- especially corporate wikis-- are a tricky business. On the one hand, users and corporate staff can share information and let the wisdom of crowds emerge. On the other hand, a company can pitch up a wiki, call that their support strategy, and in essence tell their customers "Our product documents and supports itself. Isn't Web 2.0 fun?" This is certainly not Oracle's intention.

The OWB section of the wiki is intended to be a useful adjunct to traditional avenues of support for and communication with customers, a space in which Oracle and our customers can learn from each other, and compile the best of what has been thought, said and done about using and extending Warehouse Builder. But the existing support forums and other resources will continue to be available as well, no worries.

Oracle employees and customers can interact on the Wiki by posting new pages, or by contributing to discussion threads attached to each page. As an example of the cooperation that the Wiki is meant to facilitate, we're setting up a collection of user-contributed OWB utilities and experts, at:


Over time, this may take the place of the existing OWB Utility Exchange. If you have OWB-related tools and utilities to share, you can publish them there, or host them on your own web sites and simply add links to the OWB Wiki.

We also encourage OWB users to add other types of content to the wiki -- edit the main OWB wiki page, create new pages, or to suggest in the threads at the bottom of the page possible areas for new content to be added. If you have links to other OWB-related material on the Web, feel free to add them.

Note: So far, Wiki visitors/contributors from outside Oracle seem to be mostly using threads attached to pages, much as they used the OWB support forums on OTN. The OTN forums aren't going away, and users should continue using them. The OTN forums are in many cases monitored by Oracle PM, support and developers, among others. The wiki page discussion threads may not be as closely tracked, and should really be reserved for discussion of what's on (or should be on) the wiki page.

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  • Matt Topper Monday, December 10, 2007
    Hey guys, the direct link didn't work for some reason. The link should be:
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