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ODTUG 2007 - The sessions

Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

Well, this is it again, I did my one day ODTUG in Daytona Beach and now I'm stuck in the airport, so time to quickly write about the conference. As I wrote in an earlier post, we did 2 papers on OWB. One was on data rules and the other was on 11g (and so I guess the cat is out of the bag now. Hence we will start discussing what is new in the releases in anticipation of the release.

Here are a couple of things that should make you all quite happy... the first one is the much asked about DML error logging. It is now in which should be released July-August or so (don't quote me here!) as a patch on both and It will be a regular patch coming via metalink once released. Other cool things are some changes (or should we call them fixes) to the SCD dimension logic based on feedback from the forums and some users. We hope that will solve those issues. As we were working on it we added hierarchy versioning for the SCD dimensions.

Some other things we talked about at ODTUG in the 11g session was the new Siebel connector allowing us to use Siebel as a source or to for example use data profiling on the MDM solutions (Universal Customer Master), and on connectivity, one of the things to take a look at are the new gateways for mainframe solutions that are part of 11g (not OWB but DB of course). They allow a direct solution for Adabas, VSAM and other fun thing.

One of the things I intended to demo (and it worked just before) is the new performance tuning features where you can see the explain plan, statistics and get tuning advice directly in OWB. So rather than copying the SQL from OWB and run it in SQL Plus or SQL Developer you can now just run it from OWB. Gets you a quick first glance at the plan. That feature should be useful to detect big bottlenecks in the early stages of mapping development. To come back to the demo, that nicely failed of course (something always goes wrong in those darn live demonstrations).

While we are in mapping, some nifty thing we (finally) added is support for pseudo columns like rowid and rownum. You can now add these columns into mapping to ensure you can work with rowid's. Since we also worked on the aggregator and allow more cool things to be done in it we can now do some complex federation using views from OWB. I'll do a detailed one on this feature, as it is in the list of "10 things you did not know OWB did".

That is it for now, and as you can see, going to ODTUG next year will get you the best information earliest... the folks in the session did get to actually see all of this (and some even more cool stuff from the roadmap) live and as the first outside of Oracle. So next year, do go to ODTUG. It is a fun conference, it will have a beach (I hope) and you get lots of very useful information from all the folks at the conference.

PS. We will go into more detail on all of these, but for now the ODTUG folks have a leg up :-)

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