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    June 5, 2007

Making Multi-Configuration easier in 10.2 OWB

Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

One of the powerful concepts in OWB today is the fact that we allow for multiple configurations (it is part of EE ETL option!). In 10.2 the concept while present (you may have seen the DEFAULT_CONFIGURATION stuff on your status bar) is a bit hidden. This expert (which becomes a menu in the tool and can be placed on the right mouse menus) makes some of the concepts more visible and usable.

For example you can now (with the expert in place) see the configuration values for an object (or object type, lets say table) across the configurations. You can think of Default -> QA env -> Prod Env, and then view the parallel settings for a table in a simple spreadtable.

Lots of goodies in this one, so do take a look at it.

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