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Introducing the new startup configuration file for OWB 11.2

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As OWB adopts the Fusion Client Platform (FCP), it is now using the new FCP startup configuration file for specifying the startup parameters for OWB. Unlike previous versions of OWB, where startup parameters are directly set inside the file owbclient.sh (for Linux) or owbclient.bat (for Windows), we now have a specific file named "owb.conf" that stores those startup settings for both Windows and Linux. You can navigate to "<owb installation path>/owb/bin/", and there it is! Just go and take a look at the file.

1. Let's examine "owb.conf"

Below is an example of "owb.conf". "owb.conf" is a text file, and each startup setting is organized per line. Settings are sequence-insensitive, as each of them refers to different meaning. Looking into each line, the setting has such format as "<command> <parameter(s)>", where <command> is FCP specific and <parameter(s)> is specific to each command.

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Here are some useful commands for your reference. All commands are CASE SENSITIVE.

1) AddVMOption

Include command-line option when invoking the JVM. The standard options recognized by Java VM are described on the Java Application Launcher reference pages for Windows and Linux.

2) AddJavaLibFile

Add jar/zip file or directory to classpath for OWB.

3) SetJavaHome

Set the path where JDK/JRE are installed.

4) SetSkipJ2SDKCheck

This parameter is used to specify whether checking JRE installation under JAVA_HOME. If "SetSkipJ2SDKCheck" is set, JRE installation checking is skipped during OWB startup. For OWB, we always set "SetSkipJ2SDKCheck" true.

5) IncludeConfFile

Include another .conf file so that you can allow common or specific configuration to be defined into separate .conf files. For example the preceding "owb.conf" includes "owb-nodebug.conf" which specifies JVM logging setting.

2. JAVA: Out of Memory Error

The default settings in the "owb.conf" that comes with our OWB 11.2 release shall satisfy most of our customers' needs. Occasionally, you may find a need to modify this configuration file.

For example, if you have a huge MDL file that you want to import, you may run into this JAVA error:

Exception in thread "xxxx" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

To get rid of the issue, you can simply increase the maximum Java heap size based on your physical memory. Go ahead and add following line into "owb.conf":

AddVMOption -Xmx768M

There we go! Restart OWB and try import that MDL file again, the new VM setting should be applied and you should be able to import the same MDL file successfully.

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    I cannot believe it. I was just telling my buddy about this. I'll need to share this to him.
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