Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Data Integration Track Session Schedule: Wednesday 22 September

Here are the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Data Integration Track events for 22 September.

S317489: Lifetouch Improves the Quality of Its Customer Data with Oracle Data Quality

Colleen McDonald; Brian Olson; Ancil McBarnett
Moscone West L3--Rm 3020 22 September, 10:00-11:00
Data quality is increasingly becoming an important factor that helps improve business performance, shorten product and distribution cycles, and improve customer satisfaction. With Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator and Oracle Data Profiling, companies can improve their data governance programs to establish cleansing rules as part of their integration processes. In this session, hear how Lifetouch Portrait Studios improved its customer care programs by architecting a single consistent view of its complete customer data, using Oracle’s data integration and data quality solutions. Hear best practices of Lifetouch's name and address cleansing, which leveraged a combination of matching, merging, and data profiling.

S317418: Achieving Continuous Availability: Retail Decisions Case Study
Christopher Uriarte; Andras Belokosztolszki; Alok Pareek
Moscone West L3--Rm 3020 22 September, 11:30-12:30

Oracle GoldenGate offers bidirectional and heterogeneous data replication technology and enables continuous availability for mission-critical environments. This session presents an overview of the Oracle GoldenGate product and focuses on Retail Decisions’ use of Oracle GoldenGate in implementing multimaster (active-active) database configurations for continuous data availability. In addition, the session discusses the key benefits Retail Decisions gained from its active-active database implementation for a geographically distributed environment.

S317269:Oracle Data Integrator Technical Deep Dive
Christophe Dupupet; Jyotin Gautam; FX Nicolas
Hotel Nikko--Nikko Ballroom III 22 September, 11:30-12:30

This new generation of Oracle Data Integrator sets the standard for high-power data integration while maintaining exceptional ease of use.
This architecture-based session will supply detailed examples of how Oracle Data Integrator should be deployed in highly available, high-security enterprise environments. We'll also take a hands-on look at the new developer-driven features that make Oracle Data Integrator the most productive data integration tool in the market. Finally, we'll examine how Oracle Data Integrator has been improved to enable a simple, powerful, and lightweight framework for embedding ETL services inside applications, middleware, and database technology, with examples of how Oracle is doing exactly that.
S317389: Customer Panel: Innovations in Data Integration Architecture
Dan Jackson; Kiran Vankamamidi; Dain Hansen
Moscone West L3--Rm 3020 22 September, 13:00-14:00

Hear from industry experts how they have revolutionized their business through innovations in real-time business intelligence/data warehousing with a comprehensive approach to data integration. The customer panel includes enterprise architects and other data integration professionals from leading companies. Learn about some of the pressing drivers organizations face for keeping data accessible, up to date, and clean. This session interactively discusses key business benefits of real-time data integration, best practices for building a data integration center of excellence, and considerations for selecting the right set of technologies within data integration.
S317367: Turkcell Transforms Its Business with Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Exadata
Faith Feran; Gurcan Orhan; Ugo Pollio
Moscone West L3--Rm 3020 22 September, 16:45-17:45

Turkcell is the leading telecommunication operator in Turkey and is ranked third in Europe. It standardized on Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition to help consolidate operational systems of different vendors, databases, and operating systems to maintain, analyze, and track behavior for its comprehensive network infrastructure. Turkcell also leveraged Oracle data warehousing solutions and Oracle Exadata technology for its operational data stores and data mart queries as well as data mining. In this session, you’ll learn about some of the best practices Turkcell leveraged for rapidly transforming its network operations data into accelerating business value.
S317407: Oracle GoldenGate Architecture Deep Dive
Scott Corbin; Jagdev Dhillon
Hotel Nikko--Peninsula 22 September, 16:45-17:45

Oracle GoldenGate log-based replication solutions deliver high volumes of transactional data between heterogeneous systems in subsecond latency with negligible overhead on the infrastructure. The technology enables real-time data integration for operational BI as well as high-availability solutions for mission-critical databases.

Learn about the Oracle GoldenGate product architecture from the lead architect. This session will cover the Oracle GoldenGate internal product architecture and its advantages as well as general replication topics. Discussion topics will include transaction integrity, checkpointing for guaranteed data delivery, replication topologies and strategies, conflict detection and resolution, and more.

For more details see: Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Agenda.


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