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    May 31, 2007

Additional info on Running mappings from OWB browser

Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

Got some questions on the previous post. I actually used the execution job reports to start the mapping in question. The only problem with that is that mappings (and process flows of course) only show up there after they have been run once before. Now in development that nicely works of course, but if you work in hosted (and even non-hosted) production environments the mapping gets deployed, but not executed until the schedule kicks in or until you go in as operations staff and run via the browser...

That is where we end up in catch-22 as to but in order to run it, it needs to have run once before... Well that is actually not true. It is just the path I took in this instance, but in OWB browser land many roads lead to Rome (or to executing mappings)...

So here is another way. I'm using a different mapping, which has been deployed from the control center (as if it were production) but has not been executed. I'm actually starting this from the location, which makes sense for DBAs or operations personnel, since they will understand the physical schema.


The location report allows me to Filter on the Object types (they are a bit funny, but overall make sense) and then in this case I sorted on the last deployed time stamp. You can see my NVR_RUN_B4 mapping is listed on top now. I can now click on the object and get to the deployment history:


However since this is a mapping (and this works also with process flows) you now have the option to start the mapping (upper right corner). Hit start and you get the familiar parameter screen as shown here:


From now on you can either choose to run via the 'Location route' or use the execution history. I'd be happy to get feedback on this... I think it might make sense to have a report of executable objects in general and you can run these, but not sure how many folks out there use this functionality a lot or for a large number of executions.

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  • Eric Tuesday, June 5, 2007
    It is a very usefull feature when you don't have a scheduler for the process flows yet. You can find any process flow or mapping you need to execute and start it from the browser. And incidentally get it to run on the server instead of your client.
    Also useful in a test environment when not all mappings are 'quite up to quality requirements'. You can use this to start halfway some overall process flow. Just to be able to continue when some minor error has occurred that you will fix later.
    We use it all the time.
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