Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

Is that Sun's Santa Clara Datacenter in your Browser?

A few months ago I became lead for the corporate work we do in virtual world environments. Today I've got the the first significant event happening since I got this baton and started running with it. 

We're hosting an event for our industry analysts. We're going to have 3D virtualized models of Sun's Santa Clara, California datacenter. Our industry analysts are going to be able to "see" by joining us in the virutal world or by experiencing it on the web. So in a pretty real sense, we're delivering the Santa Clara, California datacenter in a browser. Pretty cool, eh?

So while the event is technically for industry analysts, pls feel free to peek in on it, even if you don't technically qualify as an industry analyst. I won't tell. :-)

The opportunity to participate in-world is by invitation only to these industry analysts, and that has sold out. So if you want in on this game, you  need to watch and participate on the web.

Sun execs Greg Papadopoulos and Dean Nelson are featured speakers.

What are they going to talk about?

Datacenter consolidation. We've done a bunch of big announcements around this. It's all really good stuff.

But what I think is super cool about this event is that we're going to be taking advantage of the unique attributes associated w/a virtual world environment to tell this story.

We're doing things like being able to "show" the heat coming off the servers and how the innovation that the Sun Services organization is delivering to our customers manages it.

after shot of datacenter showing how we manage heat

So while your man-on-the-street might not really get what a HUGE big deal heat and energy is in the datacenter, these hot shot techno celebs running the datacenters totally get that. And this is a neat way for us to show our industry analyst community what the issues are and how innovation from Sun is addressing them for customers in a unique and compelling way.

I'm pretty pumped. I think it will be fun.

Check it out!

Then, let me know what you think!



Tuesday Jul 22, 2008

STEP comes to Sun

On July 17th Sun welcomed members of the organization STEP: Systems for Training, Evaluation, and Performance to the Meno Park campus as well as to SecondLife. STEP is a small consortium of executives and senior practitioners in training and performance improvement disciplines.  Attendees generally represented medium to large corporations recognized for their excellence in employee development and performance support.

Robin Yarmovsky represented Sun Learning Services and lead the group in a training on Sun's activities and initiatives in virtual worlds/Second Life which was then followed by a live demo of SecondLife with Sun employees, Jessie Orquina, Robin Williams, and Natalie Ajluni.

The live demo concluded at Club Java where all the presenters avatars and two STEP members joined for Q&A and a birthday party celebration for one of the STEP members!

It was a pleasure to meet so many people interested in SecondLife!

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

We Rocked

April 29th - I woke with real trepidation about the day ahead!!  Our first employee event in Second Life - not only that we were going to stream the event to those employees who could not attend inworld.  

We had roped in Chris Melissinos our Chief Gaming Officer to host the event (that guy is incredible - not only did he do an outstanding job hosting but also acted as DJ, streaming in a few of his favourites sounds during the breaks).  Trinity 3 an incredible jazz band kicked off the day with some incredible live music - dancing at 7am in the morning is definitely good for the soul!. 

Bill MacGowan - EVP People & Places was the first on the agenda, followed by Rich Green - EVP Software, Marten Mickos - SVP Database Group, Scott McNealy - Chairman, Karie Willyerd- CLO & VP Sun Learning Services, Jonathan Schwartz - CEO & President, Don Grantham - EVP GSS, John Fowler - EVP Systems, Lin Lee - VP Global Communities, Mary Cay Kosten - VP Global Customer Services, Liz Matthews - Software Marketing, Mike Dillon - EVP General Counsel, Ingrid Van Den Hoogen - SVP Brand Marketing and finally Hal Stern - DE & VP Global Systems Engineering.

Not only did we have a formal agenda but all through the day employees inworld had the opportunity to have some fun as well, from skiing and skating at Alpine Resort, Racing cars on some of the fastest tracks in SL at Racers Island to participating in building classes, a dukes quest and an egg hunt on our own islands.  (The golden egg has not been found - its still out there hidden on one of our public islands)

We are still experimenting with virtual environments - as someone said to me we took the plunge with this event and it was a totally amazing experience!

Just to give you an idea of the size of the build - the complex sat on 4 islands and is reportedly the biggest building in SL


Jonathan Schwartz & Chris Melissinos.

This was not only an amazing experience it created a real buzz around the possibility of these virtual environments.  Keep your eyes open for what is happening in Second Life around JavaOne!

I will leave you with my most embarassing moment of the day.

In preparing the Employee Egg Hunt

Fiona May: "need to sort these eggs out and I will go lay them"


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