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The Tale of the Wish Tree

Sun Microsystems and Dr. Dobb's request the pleasure of your company for this invitation only event on December 12, 2007, 4 PM SL - 7 PM SL. The evening features the Sun Wishing Tree, live performance by Starr Singer, and DJ spins by Adrienne Arliss. Sun and Dr. Dobb's/CMP staff will be present to share the seasons hopes and wishes with you.

Wednesday, December 12th - 4PM SL - 7PM SL
Dress: Formal / Magical
And so the story goes.....

Once in a land far to the North, within the Mystical Woods, there ruled a beautiful Queen named Anora, who ruled over her kingdom with grace and gentleness. Her subjects, the peaceful people of the mystical wood lived in happiness and joy.

One year while the flowers were in bloom an unknown sadness came over the woods and her subjects became lost and distressed, many tried to cure the sadness that befell the once happy kingdom, knights rode far and many did not return, searching for the answer, many gatherings, many celebrations, but none would raise the spirits of the people nor the Queen who was now sad and lost as well. Wise men came responding to her plea, but none knew the answer, none could help, the Queen became ill and all mourned for her.

One winters day, the Captain of the guard came to the woodsman, seeking more wood for the Queen’s fire, the woodsman responded, “My friend, I will gather the wood for the Queen as asked, but heat from a fire will not remove her chill, her illness is of the heart.” “Aye, this I know woodsman but what else is there to do, I am afraid we are lost." At that moment the two men hearing a faint sound in the distance, looked upon one another with disbelief, then darted towards the source, running as fast as they could down the wooded path, the sound grew louder as they approached a cottage, the home of the lake keeper. The two mighty men stopped in amazement of what they saw and heard, there playing in the snow, chasing a bright yellow butterfly was a child laughing.

“What are you doing?” the Woodsman asked the child. Smiling, the little girl responded "I am playing". “Why?” the Captain uttered in a confused voice, “just because” the little girl replied, smiling, the two Men looked upon one another in confusion. “You must come with us, you must come and see the Queen.” said the Captain. Smiling and bursting out in a gleeful scream, the little girl jumped up and down in excitement, the two men amazed at the behaviour of the girl, took her by the hands and hurried her down the path and past the frozen lake where her Father was Keeper, they hurried her around the wooded trail past the Governor’s home, knowing that no one was there, all were keeping vigil over the beautiful Queen Anora.

The three rushed across the marbled bridge where the wisest of Owl’s stood guard, they hurried up the frozen path to the Palace where the Queen and her subjects were, the Captain opened the entrance with a touch of his hand and shouting for all to come and see, to hear the sounds of the little girl. His shouts mixed in with the playful laughter of the little girl as they quickly entered into the Queens Hall. “Come! Come! All of you! Come see the child who is happy and joyful!” shouted the Captain of the Guard!

People started rushing into the Queens hall, gathering around and murmuring among themselves. Guardsmen, Diplomats, Wise men, Ladies in waiting, the Queens Governor and Her Ministers, all came in and looked with amazement upon the child, who was smiling and laughing at all the excitement happening around her. “What is this?” asked the Governor in a confused state, the Captain stepped forward, the little girl still holding the thick hand of the woodsman, swinging her very tiny hand back and forth in his. “My friend the Woodsman and I were about to gather wood for the Queens fire, when we both heard this strange sound in the distance, we ran to see what it was, when we came upon the lake Keepers daughter, playing and laughing with a yellow butterfly!” The courtesans gasped in disbelief, the Ministers looked on in ridicule. The Governor looked upon the smiling child in curiosity, asking her what she was doing, the girl responded, "playing Sir!” The people all around began talking very loud amongst themselves, causing rumbling echoes throughout the palace, “Send for her Father!” commanded the Governor, “he will answer for this…this…happiness” a guard ran out of the Hall.

As the loud voices and chatter grew among the courtesans questions, disbelief and fear were growing among the people, the smile of the girl began to wane and she began to lean back into the woodsman, who looked down upon the girl. The Captain of the Guard turning, also saw the child’s smile begin to fade, he quickly yelled for people to be silent, but the people did not listen, the Governor and the Ministers were arguing amongst themselves. The little girl let go of the Woodsman hand and covered her ears from all the shouting and overwhelming echoes. At that moment, Queen Anora entered the Hall, pale and drained, all seeing the Queen enter, quickly fell silent and kneeled before her. The Governor, the Ministers, The Captain of the Guard, the Woodsman and the little girl knelt and bowed their heads towards their Queen, as she slowly moved to the throne. Sitting down she looked out over her subjects, her face sad and distraught, lowering her head in exhaustion, a few rose hurrying to aid her. Raising her hand to them, they ceased and returned to their place, looking towards her Captain, the Queen in graceful tones asked him “what is this that has happened, my dear friend?” “We have found a child, the daughter of the lake keeper, laughing and playing in the snow with a yellow butterfly, my Queen.” He replied.

Looking toward the girl, the Queen looked upon her with eyes of sadness, “she is not playing, or laughing now Captain”, “no, my Queen” he responded with a faint voice. “Come here my child” said Queen Anora, the little girl looking up at the queen smiled and jumped up and ran towards her, falling into the Queens lap, hugging her. The Queen shocked, returned the hug with a faint sparkle appearing in her eyes. “Why are you not sad my daughter?” she asked, “because I am happy your Majesty.” the little girl answered. “What made you happy?” the Queen asked in great interest, “The butterfly did?” the girl replied smiling to the Queen. ‘The butterfly?” the Queen asked confused. Murmurs ran through the court, but quickly fell silent as the Queen looked upon them. Returning her eyes back upon the child, “How did the butterfly make you happy my daughter?” she asked. “I wished for it to come” smiled the girl, “I wished for the butterfly to come and it did” said the now joyful girl, “How did you know the butterfly would come, my daughter?” “I just knew, your Majesty, I knew the butterfly would come!” “How?” asked Queen Anora, “My Father always says, make a wish and imagine the possibilities, to always believe, to always have hope.”

mystical woods

The Queen's eyes widened at the words of the little girl , the answer had come, the answer was there, the word was clear, hope! The Queen closed her eyes and softly spoke words that only the little girl could hear and opening her eyes, standing up from her throne a smile grew upon Queen Anora's face, tears began to run down her cheeks as her smile grew wide and a soft laugh began to come forth from her. “Hope!” she spoke to all that were there, “Hope, is the key and what is hope but the belief of things unseen, or untouched. The belief that there is good when you go to sleep and good when you awake, there is no reason to fear when there is hope of goodness, when there is hope of love, when there is hope of faith!”

Queen Anora, standing there at her throne, having taken the little girls hand into hers, stood regal and beautiful as her tears seemed to wipe away the illness from her soul. “Woodsman!” The man fell to the floor before her, “Take my fastest steed and go into the deepest part of the Mystical wood and bring back the most beautiful tree you can find.”, “Yes, my Queen!” he responded quickly and ran out of the palace. “bending down to the girl, the Queen brushed the little girls hair to the side and smiling to her, the Queen asked the child of the Lake Keeper “daughter, would you wish for more butterflies to come?” Smiling and clamping her hands together in excitement, the little girl closed her eyes and began to speak softly.

“Open the chamber doors!” commanded Queen Anora! The guards quickly obeyed and as they opened the great doors of the palace, the Queen stepping down off the dais of her throne, walked forward, the cold snowy air blew in. Looking out passed her chamber doors, she stood there waiting for a time and soon a joyful laugh began to come from her as colorful , brilliant butterflies, began to fly into the hall and fly around the people, the little girl and the Queen were laughing, the people were confused, the Captain of the Guard stood watching in amazement as the butterflies danced about the Queen and the small child.

The Woodsman soon returned with a beautiful tree, standing it before the Queen. Queen Anora looked out upon her subjects and declared “My people! Make your wish and imagine the possibilities, have the hope it will come to pass!” “I wish for My people to not be in fear! to be joyful and safe always." One of the butterflies, came down from dancing amongst the people and rested upon the tree before them. Soon the people began to smile and spoke their own wishes, with each one a butterfly settled upon the tree. Soon laughter began to be heard throughout the hall then throughout the palace, then it could be heard throughout the Mystical Woods, then throughout the world.

Make a wish and believe in the possibilities!

Written by Chriistopher Carter and Fiona May

Celebrate the season, share your wish, and find your heart's desire in Sun's Winter Wonderland.

Sun Microsystems and Dr. Dobb's request the pleasure of your company for this invitation only event on December 12, 2007, 4 PM SL - 7 PM SL. The evening features the Sun Wishing Tree, live performance by Starr Singer, and DJ spins by Adrienne Arliss. Sun and Dr. Dobb's/CMP staff will be present to share the seasons hopes and wishes with you.

Add your wish to the wishing tree and share your thoughts and desires with all those present and those that will come after.

Wednesday, December 12th - 4PM SL - 7PM SL
Dress: Formal / Magical
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