Friday Aug 28, 2009

Project Wonderland - Explore 3D Virtual Worlds (data sheet)

Here is a new Project Wonderland student ready data sheet - Explore 3D Virtual Worlds. Information about wonderland for education and business collaboration is included - check it out!

Also, if you missed the blog entry on the Wonderland Blog about Marbleous code, check out this video. I'm not a physics expert (or novice, to be honest) but this is an incredible way to learn physics!

Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

MiRTLE: A Mixed Reality Teaching & Learning Environment

Check out this new technical report from Sun Labs:

  • This technical report describes a project to create a mixed reality teaching and learning environment using the virtual world toolkit Project Wonderland. The purpose of this document is to provide details about the background to the project, its goals and achievements. The intended audience for this document is educators, educational technologists, and others interested in the educational applications of virtual worlds.
  • Sun Labs technical reports site
  • Full report on Sun Learning eXchange

Read, learn and participate!

Information Services: Digital Libraries & Research
Sun Learning Services

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Friday Apr 03, 2009

Presentation in Wonderland to STEP Organization

This week was the bi-annual meeting for a learning consortium that Sun Learning Services belongs to called STEP:

STEP: Systems for Training, Evaluation, and Performance. STEP is a small consortium of executives and senior practitioners in training and performance improvement disciplines. Members generally represent medium to large corporations recognized for their excellence in employee development and performance support. The group is intentionally small in order to remain collegial, and crosses industry sectors in order to minimize concerns about what can be shared (though a founding principle of the group is that we only share non-proprietary information). 

Joe Campbell, SLS Director of Employee & Partner Learning, attended this session in person while Nicole Yankelovich, Sun Labs Wonderland Project Lead, Robin Yarmovsky, Senior Information Specialist and myself virtually presented and attended via Wonderland (Sun's open source virtual world toolkit).

Nicole gave the participants at the STEP meeting a tour of Wonderland (Wonderland was projected on a screen in the room and our in-world audio projected in the room). I then proviced an overview of Sun in Virtual Worlds from an information/learning perspective. I flipped my slides in Wonderland for the audience in the room to see. It was very interesting and a great way to hook in those in person and those remotely while showing the power of virtual worlds for connecting and learning!

Here are some pictures from the session. We had great questions and great next steps planned for our own internal learning team (Sun Learning Services - Employee Learning) for working, learning and collaborating in virtual worlds.

Stay tuned!

Digital Libraries & Research - Sun Learning Services

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

Project Wonderland Implementations at Saint Paul College Center of Excellence

Presentation by Kevin Roebuck from Sun Microsystems and Warren Sheaffer from Saint Paul College on Project Wonderland and implementations at Saint Paul College Center of Excellence. PDF of the presentation is available on the Sun Learning eXchange.

Monday Mar 09, 2009

Learn about Project Wonderland - April 16, 2009

Want to learn all about Sun's Project Wonderland, an open source toolkit for building enterprise-grade virtual worlds? Here is your chance to participate in a conversation with Nicole Yankelovich, Principal Investigator, Collaborative Environments, Sun Microsystems Laboratories.

If you are a Sun employee, come learn about Sun's own virtual world toolkit and how you and your teams might be able to leverage this immersive space for Sun's business.

Nicole will talk with you about Project Wonderland and show you how the toolkit is being leveraged in various environments. She will also discuss the .5 release of the toolkite and the changes and exciting features!

Thursday April 16: Nicole Yankelovich, Wonderland 0.5
9.00-10.00 SLT (PT) (noon-1.00PM EDT/18.00-19.00Europe Continental)
Locaion: Train For Success -

Session is held in Second Life in partnership with the Gronstedt Group’s weekly “Train for Success” Second Life sessions. These sessions bring together training and communication professionals globally to explore how leading corporations are transforming workplace performance with virtual worlds.

We hope to see you there!


Friday Feb 06, 2009

Pilot - Internal use of Sun's Project Wonderland

Sun's Digital Libraries & Research team, part of Sun Learning Services, is partnering on an internal pilot of Sun's Project Wonderland with Sun's Services Marketing organization.

The library team (as we call ourselves) will be conducting a workshop in this internal instance of Wonderland, for Sun employees to learn about market and competitive information services. Part of the session will be slides and part will be live demo in this engaging and dynamic virtual world setting.

Participants will also be able to learn from pre-programmed bots in this open library space as well as interact with internal library resources via the Firefox browner in-world.

A key benefit we see is that the attendees will not only have the opportunity to learn, but to interact with each other as a community drawn together by their shared interest in market and competitive information.

This is a pilot so we hope to learn a lot about how we can leverage this for employee learning of library resources, information and knowledge sharing and more dynamic/immersive experiences related to information.

Wish us luck!

Digital Libraries & Research Team!

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Sun Labs Feature Story on Contrarian Mind Nicole Yankelovich

Check out the Sun Microsystems Laboratories Feature Story this month on Nicole Yankelovich, Principal Investigator, Collaborative Environments, and Lead for Project Wonderland.

Making Connections: Researcher Designs Better Ways of Working Together When Apart

Also, visit Sun Immersion Special Interest Group at:

Tuesday Jan 06, 2009

Sun's CEC 2008 in Second Life

The Sun in Second Life (SL) Core team had a fun time being part of the CEC (Customer Engineering Conference) 2008. CEC is a Sun employee conference and this year the focus as a bit different.

The CEC in SL team, led by Debra Winters from GECCO, was chartered to provide learning opportunities for those engineers at Sun unable to attend CEC in person. The team streamed in live the CEC keynote sessions from Las Vegas and provided several other learning opportunities. A huge opportunity was when Hal Stern, Sr. VP of Global Engineering at Sun, came into Second Life and conducted two chat sessions for remote employee attendees only. Huge thanks to Dana Fagerstrom, Joe Bianco and World2Worlds for making that all possible! 

Here is a synopsis of the activities that took place at the CEC 2008 conference in Second Life. This component was targeted to those engineers, and anyone within Sun, that could not be at the CEC physically in Las Vegas.

Creating an immersive Safari exerpience! We held two live sessions at the Library & Research space in Second Life for employees to learn more about Safari Books Online and new features like the Safari Bookbag, ITIL content and full PDF downloads. We had about 20 or so folks for each of those sessions. We also had a Safari experience where folks could walk a safari path or jump on a zebra to roam a safari-like space while learning about key benefits of the Safari eBook platform that is already funded for employees by Sun Learning Services.

Teach Technology for Change -- Alice, Greenfoot, & BlueJ Attendees learned more about these cool open source Java education tools and how Sun employees are getting involved in the efforts! Jessica Orquina, Sun Corporate Marketing, gave a very eye-opening and fun session on these topics.

Author Chat with authors from HOT new Sun Microsystems Press book - Assemble the Social Web with Zembly We had two of the authors from this new book on Zembly talk to folks about the power of social media and where Zembly plays a role to help enable the leveraging of these applications. And, this book was not yet in print but available via the Safari Rough Cuts service to all Sun employees - check it out!

Solaris Certification Presentation and Gameshow Gary Fluitt from Sun Learning Services went through a few key slides about Solaris Certification - it was very informative. Then he invited members from the audience to come on the virtual stage to participate in a gameshow where the first to push the button to answer a Solaris Certification pre-test question, won! Learning and fun - what a combination.

The MySQL session was rescheduled and happened in late November - Understanding the Popularity and Growing Emergence of MySQL. This MySQL learning session was presented by Senior MySQL instructor, George Trujillo.  It was great!

We hope it was informative, fun, and engaging for those not able to attend the CEC session live in Las Vegas! Look for more learning opportunities in the future in both Second Life and Wonderland!

Sun in Second Life and CEC team 2008

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

Intro to Wonderland Videos and Sun's Immersive Special Interest Group

If you are interested in learning about Sun's Project Wonderland, take a look at these short and well made videos (they are a guide to Wonderland):

Also, to keep informed and involved in what various organizations and educational communities are doing in Wonderland, please join the Sun Immersive Special Interest Group (SIG) on Ning.

Thanks -


Friday Oct 31, 2008

Wonderland 0.5 Release!

Check out these wonderful new videos about Sun's Project Wonderland! Wonderland is an open source 3d virtual world toolkit. You can also join the Sun Immersion Special Interest Group on Ning to see all the projects that the education community is exploring with Wonderland.

I am so excited about the Wonderland 0.5 release and can't wait to explore the possibilities for Sun's internal communications, collaboration, knowledge sharing, learning events and more! 

In addition, here is a blog entry by Clever Zebra on Why Sun's Project Wonderland Changes Everything.


Digital Libraries & Research - Sun Learning Services

Monday Sep 15, 2008

Lots of interest in Wonderland - wonderful!

Nicole Yankelovich presented a few weeks ago at the Train for Success weekly session in Second Life. She shared with the group (which reached capacity) the vision of Sun's Wonderland project, examples of uses of Wonderland, features and much more. There were great questions and interaction during the 1 hour session where Nicole walked her avatar next to each slide as she presented (a new format of presenting that Anders Gronstedt was trying during these sessions).

The session was recorded so if you missed it and want to hear the session, you can at the Gronstedt Group website (they host the Train for Success weekly sessions).

There are also many videos and resources available on the Wonderland website if you are interested in learning more about Wonderland. For Sun employees, we are hoping to have Nicole talk with Sun employees in-world sometime in October as well.

Have fun learning!

Christy (SL: Violet Portola)

Tuesday Aug 26, 2008

Discover Wonderland

Join us on August 28th, 2008 at 9am PT at the Train For Success island (brought to you by the Gronstedt Group) in Second Life to hear from Nicole Yankelovich about Sun's Wonderland virtual world environment. See the Wonderland blog - Wonderblog for more information.

Locaion: Train For Success -

More details at the Gronstedt Group site.  

Hope to see you there!

Christy (SL: Violet Portola) 

Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Jonathan Kaplan on Innovation Insider

Jonathan Kaplan, Sun Microsystems Labs, discussed Project Wonderland, MPK20 (Sun's Virtual Workplace), and Project Darkstar during the Sun Innovation Insider radio program today (August 6, 2008). Listen to Jonathan's interview

And, speaking of Project Wonderland, you can come listen to Nicole Yankelovich from Sun Microsystems during the Gronstedt Group's weekly "Train for Success" session in Second Life. Nicole will be talking in-world about Project Wonderland and MPK20. This session is in Second Life on Thursday, August 28, 9-10am SLT (PT) - mee details here.

Enjoy -

Christy (SL: Violet Portola)

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

OpenSolaris Chat is a Success!

Yesterday around 40 attendees came together in SecondLife to chat with Tim Cramer, Glynn Foster, David Comay and Stephen Hahn about OpenSolaris.  Attendees posed some great questions for the panel, and had an engaging conversation that could have continued all day.

For a transcript of the conversation, check out the SDN blog entry.

Also don't forget to check out and if you are interested in hearing more about a community website for core developers check out

Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

Nicole Yankelovich Keynotes at Life 2.0

This morning, Nicole Yankelovich (the Principle Investigator for Collaborative Environments program at Sun Microsystems Labs) the keynote speaker at Life 2.0 this morning! Nicole talked about Project Wonderland, an open source toolkit for building 3D virtual worlds for business and education collaboration. Over 120 people came to listen to Nicole speak, ask questions, learn, and interact with each other. It was a great presentation / conversation!


If you were unable to attend Nicole's keynote and want to learn more about Project Wonderland here are some cool videos to watch:

MPK20: Sun's Virtual Workplace 

Project Wonderland's Virtual Telephone

Also, Nicole and her team recently started a blog about their work. Check out Wonderblog!

Jessica Orquina
(SL:  JAButterfly Sands)



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