The Network is the Computer -still

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In 1984, John Gage was able to predict the future of computing with the phrase, "the network is the computer". In his visionary mind, he saw how computer networks would accelerate the capability of every device
that will be connected into the network.  Can you imagine iPhone without app-store? or web search without Google? It goes on and on...
Another aspect of this prediction is the ability of the network infrastructure to connect many systems together in order to become a huge computing environment - as we are seeing with the Cloud computing model.
As the system's hardware is more powerful in terms of CPU,  "In-Memory" capability, and advanced operating system virtualization, we see that most of the physical network infrastructure can be
"virtualized" using software without negligible performance degradation.
An excellent example of this capability is the Oracle Solaris 11 Network Virtualization. This allows us to build any physical network topology inside the Oracle Solaris Operating System including virtual network interface cards (VNICs), virtual switches (vSwitches), and more sophisticated network components (for example, load balancers, routers, and firewalls).

The benefits for using this networking technology are exemplified in reducing infrastructure cost since there is no need to invest in additional network equipment.
In addition, the infrastructure deployment is much faster, since all the network building blocks are based on software and not in hardware.
Although we have the flexibility in building rapid network infrastructure, we also need to be able to monitor, benchmark and predict  future growth, so how we can do this?
In the upcoming white paper this is demonstrated using three main use cases: how we can analyze, benchmark and monitor our physical and virtualized network environment.  In addition, we can demonstrate the benefits of using the built in Solaris 11 Networking Tools.
For further reading see  "Advanced Network Monitoring Using Oracle Solaris 11 Tools"

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