Sunday Dec 29, 2013

Presentations from Oracle & ilOUG Solaris Forum meeting, Dec 18th, Tel-Aviv

Thank you for attending the Israel Oracle User Group (ilOUG) Solaris Forum meeting on Wednesday. I am posting here presentations from the event. I am also pointing you to the dim_STAT tool, if you are looking for a powerful monitoring solution for Solaris systems.
The event was reasonably well attended with 20 people from various companies.

The meeting was broken up into two sections: presentations about Solaris eco system, Solaris as a big data platform with Hadoop as a use case; and comparison between Oracle Solaris and Linux and a customer use-case of Peta-scale data migration using Solaris ZFS.

I am posting here responses and links for the topics that came up during the evening:
During the meeting the participants asked us, “how can we verify if an application which is running in Solaris 10 will run smoothly in Solaris 11 and how to build an application that will able to leverage the new SPARC CPUs”.
For this task you can use the Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker which enables you to determine the Oracle Solaris 11 “readiness” of an application by analyzing a working application on Oracle Solaris 10.
A successful check with this tool is a strong indicator that an ISV may run a given application without modifications on Oracle Solaris 11.
In addition, you can analyze and improve the application performance during the development phase using Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3

Another useful tool for performance analysis is the Solaris DTrace. You can leverage the DTrace Toolkit which is a collection of ~200 scripts that help troubleshoot problems on a system. You can find the latest version of these scripts from /usr/demo/dtrace in Oracle Solaris 11.
Another topic that came up was, “How to accelerate application deployment time by using pre-built Solaris images”.
For this task, you can use Oracle VM Templates which provide an innovative approach to deploying a fully configured software stack by offering per-installed and per-configured software images.
Use of Oracle VM Templates eliminates the installation and configuration costs, and reduces the ongoing maintenance costs, thus helping organizations achieve faster time to market and lower cost of operations.

During the Solaris vs Linux comparison presentation, the topic that received the most attention from the audience was, “ What are the benefits of Oracle Solaris ZFS versus Linux btrfs?” 
In addition to the link above, here is a link to COMSTAR which is a Solaris storage virtualization technology.
Common Multiprotocol SCSI Target, or COMSTAR, a software framework that enables you to convert any Oracle Solaris 11 host into a SCSI target device that can be accessed over a storage network by initiator hosts.

In the final section of the meeting, Haim Tzadok from Oracle partner Grigale and Avi Avraham from Walla presented together the customer use case of Peta-scale data migration using Oracle Solaris ZFS.
Walla is one of the most popular web portals in Israel with an unlimited storage for email accounts.
Walla uses Solaris ZFS for their Mail server storage, the ZFS feature that allows them to reduce storage cost and improve DISK I/O performance is the ZFS ability to change the block size (4 KB up-to 1 MB) when creating the file system.
Like many Mail systems you have many small files and by using the Solaris ZFS ability to change to the ZFS default block size you can optimize your storage subsystem and align it to application (Mail server).
The final result is DISK I/O performance improvement without the need to invest extra budget in superfluous storage hardware.
For more information about ZFS block size
A big thank-you to the participants for the engaged discussions and to ilOUG for a great event!
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Monday Dec 09, 2013

Presentations from Oracle Week 2013

Thanks for attending the Oracle week 2013, the largest paid IT event in Israel with 140 technical seminars and 1800 participants.


Oracle ISV Enginerring ran two seminars Built for Cloud: Virtualization Use Cases and Technologies in Oracle Solaris 11 with two Oracle partners Grigale and 4NET Plus and Hadoop Cluster Installation and Administration – Hands on Workshop

I am posting here presentations and link to the Hadoop hands-on lab, for further reading on Hadoop and Oracle Solaris.

A big thank-you to the participants for the engaged discussions and to the organizers from John Bryce especially Yael Dotan and Yaara Raz for a great event!


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