Hadoop Cluster with Oracle Solaris Hands on Lab at Oracle Open WORLD 2013

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If you want to learn how-to build a Hadoop cluster using Solaris 11 technologies please join me at the following Oracle Open WORLD 2013 lab.
How to Set Up a Hadoop Cluster with Oracle Solaris [HOL10182]

In this Hands-on-Lab we will preset and demonstrate using exercises how to set up a Hadoop cluster Using Oracle Solaris 11 technologies like: Zones, ZFS, DTrace  and Network Virtualization.
Key topics include the Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce.
We will also cover the Hadoop installation process and the cluster building blocks: NameNode, a secondary NameNode, and DataNodes.
In addition how we can combine the Oracle Solaris 11 technologies for better scalability and data security.
During the lab users will learn how to load data into the Hadoop cluster and run Map-Reduce job.
This hands-on training lab is for system administrators and others responsible for managing Apache Hadoop clusters in production or development environments.
This Lab will cover the following topics:
    1. How to install Hadoop

    2. Edit the Hadoop configuration files

    3. Configure the Network Time Protocol

    4. Create the Virtual Network Interfaces

    5. Create the NameNode and the Secondary NameNode Zones

    6. Configure the NameNode

    7. Set Up SSH between the Hadoop cluster member

    8. Format the HDFS File System

    9. Start the Hadoop Cluster

   10. Run a MapReduce Job

   11. How to secure data at rest using ZFS encryption

   12. Performance monitoring using Solaris DTrace

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