Accelerate your Oracle DB startup and shutdown using Solaris 11 vmtasks

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last week I co-presented the Solaris 11.1 new features at the Solaris user group.
I would like to thank the organizers and the audience.
You can find the slide deck here.
I presented the following Solaris 11.1 new features:
1. Installation enhancement adding iSCSI disks as boot device and Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) and Auto Service Request (ASR) registration during operating system installation

2. New SMF tool svcbundle for creation of manifests and the brand new svccfg sub-command delcust

3. The pfedit command for secure system configuration editing

4. New logging daemon rsyslog for better scalability and reliable system logs transport
5. New aggregation option for the mpstat , cpustat and trapstat commands in order to display the data in a more condensed format
6. Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) which extends network virtualization features into the physical network infrastructure
7. Data Center Bridging (DCB) which provides guaranteed bandwidth and lossless Ethernet transport
for converged network environments where storage protocols share the same fabric as regular network traffic

8. VNIC Migration for better flexibility in network resource allocation

9.  Fast Zone updates for improved system up-time and short system upgrades

10. Zones on shared storage for a faster Solaris Zones mobility
11. File system statistics for Oracle Solaris Zones for better I/O performance observability

12. Oracle Optimized Shared Memory
The Solaris 11 feature that got the most attention was the new memory process called vmtasks.
This process accelerates shared memory operation like : creation locking, and destruction.
Now you can improve your system up-time because your Oracle DB startup and shutdown are much faster.
Any application that needs fast access to shared memory can benefit from this process.
For more information about vmtasts and Solaris 11.1 new features

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