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Automatic webrev upload

I will start this one a little bit generically..

Part of standard OpenSolaris/Solaris
development process is code review.
To facilitate a review, a so-called webrev is needed. A webrev is set of HTML/text/PDF pages and documents which
display all the changes between local repository containing the changes and its parent repository. To produce a webrev,
simply switch to a repository and run the webrev script (it is part of SUNWonbld package, which can be downloaded
from OpenSolaris download center.):

$ cd /local/Source/bugfix-314159.onnv
$ webrev

Assuming /opt/onbld/bin is present in your PATH a webrev will be generated under
/local/Source/bugfix-314159.onnv/webrev/ directory.

For OpenSolaris changes, the webrev is usually uploaded to cr.opensolaris.org
(every OpenSolaris member has an account automatically created for him) which serves it under http://cr.opensolaris.org/~OSol_username/
(where OSol_username is your OpenSolaris username) and a request for review with a link to the webrev is sent
to one of the mailing lists relevant to the change.

Dan Price has written a script which produces
RSS feed out of recently uploaded webrevs which is pretty handy substitute for feeds from news/headlines/magazines :)

For a long time I was basically doing the following:

$ cd /local/Source/bugfix-foo.onnv && webrev
$ scp -r webrev cr.opensolaris.org:bugfix-foo.onnv

This had two flaws: first it was slow (because of rcp protocol
over SSH channel
) and second I had to delete it via separate command (use sftp(1) and rename the old webrev to .trash
directory) before uploading new version of the webrev (otherwise couple of permissions errors would follow).

To solve the first problem, rsync (with SSH transport) can be used which makes the upload nearly instantaneous.
Second problem can be worked around by using incremental webrevs. Still, this does not seem good enough for code reviews
with many iterations.

So, the change made in CR 6752000 introduces the following command line options for automatic webrev upload:

  • -U uploads the webrev
  • -n suppresses webrev generation
  • -t allows to specify custom upload target

webrev.1 man page has been
updated to explain the usage. For common OpenSolaris code reviews the usage will probably mostly look like this:

$ webrev -O -U

This will upload the webrev to cr.opensolaris.org under directory named according to local repository name. Further invocations
will replace the remote webrev with fresh version.

But it is possible to get more advanced. After the initial webrev is posted, an incremental webrev can be both generated and posted.
Assuming you're switched to the repository (via bldenv) and we're dealing with 4th round of code review the following
command will perform the task:

webrev_name=`basename $CODEMGR_WS`
webrev -O -U -o $CODEMGR_WS/${webrev_name}.rd4 \\
-p $CODEMGR_WS/${webrev_name}.rd3

The above commands hide maybe not-so-obvious behavior so I'll try to explain it in the table:

| command | local webrev directory | remote webrev directory |
| webrev -O -U | $CODEMGR_WS/webrev/ | cr.opensolaris.org/~OSOLuser/`basename $CODEMGR_WS` |
| webrev -O -o \\ | $CODEMGR_WS/my_webrev/ | cr.opensolaris.org/~OSOLuser/my_webrev |
| $CODEMGR_WS/my_webrev | | |
| webrev -O \\ | $CODEMGR_WS/fix.rd2/ | cr.opensolaris.org/~OSOLuser/fix.rd2 |
| -p $CODEMGR_WS/fix.rd1 \\ | | |
| -o $CODEMGR_WS/fix.rd2 | | |

Basically, without the -o flag webrev will generate the webrev to local directory named 'webrev'
but it will upload it to the directory named after basename of local repository.
With the -o flag webrev will use the name of root directory of the repository it is called from for both local and remote
storage. This is done to keep the default behavior of generating local webrev to directory
named 'webrev'. At the same time, uploading different webrevs to the same remote directory named 'webrev' does not make sense.

NOTE: This behavior is also valid in the case when not enclosed in a repository via ws or bldenv,
I have just used $CODEMGR_WS to express root directory of a workspace/repository.

Also, now it is possible to call webrev from within Cadmium Mercurial plugin, so all webrev commands can be prefixed with hg.

All in all, it was fun dealing with webrevs of webrev. I am looking forward to more entries in the RSS feed :)

NOTE: It will take some time before the changes appear in SUNWonbld packages offered by the download center
so it's better to update the sources from the ssh://anon@hg.opensolaris.org/hg/onnv/onnv-gate repository
and build and upgrade the SUNWonbld package from there.

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