Wednesday Dec 09, 2009

Updating the 'Bundled' v3 Instance on Mac OS X

This entry is here to let folks that google for answers find one.

There is an issue that affects folks that are on Mac OS X, use NetBeans 6.8 and try to use the 'View Update Center' item on the GlassFish v3 domain that was installed and registered in the IDE automatically. The primary symptom of this issue is the following dialog box:
A dialog that has the following text message: Components list could not be refreshed successfully. The following catalog files have incorrect permissions... The available components list may not be accurate or complete.
You can find out more details about the issue (including the work-around) by reading through the bugzilla entry.

Saturday Sep 19, 2009

Check-in like a Pirate

My contributions to International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Sunday May 03, 2009

WebBeans, GlassFish v3 and NetBeans 6.7

A new jar appeared in the GlassFish v3 distro recently for WebBeans. Enterprise Java projects that target GlassFish v3 can start to use the APIs that are part of the jar.

You will need to use the new marker module or the command-line switch to enable the support for v3 in NetBeans 6.7.

Saturday May 02, 2009

Using GlassFish v3 in NetBeans 6.7... now even easier

I have described a magic flag that allows folks to register GlassFish v3 builds in NetBeans 6.7.

Some folks have been using this flag and demonstrating the power of Java EE 6.

Others have asked for an easier way to activate the functionality. So, I got off my good intentions and implemented a marker module that lets the user activate the functionality.

The module is available in the 'Dev' update center, today.

After you install the plugin, 'GlassFish v3 Enabler', the IDE will restart and you will be able to work with v3 as I described earlier.

Friday May 01, 2009

Debug usability improvement for v3 servers

Sometimes, it is easy to be blind to an obvious use-case.

In this case, I had gotten so 'trained' to Debug a project, that I completely forgotten about how hard it is to attach the debugger to the server when the user does a 'Start in Debug Mode'.

Luckily, someone made it clear and I was able to make the situation a bit better, by exposing a new Server property for servers based on the GlassFish v3 code.

The property, Address to use, starts off undefined. The first time you debug a project or start the server in debug mode, the port is selected, if you haven't defined it already. After the value is set, it remains constant unless you...

  • uncheck the 'Address to use' check box
  • change the value by hand.

While I was working on this, I discovered something that surprised me. If you start the JPDA debugger with a bogus address (when you are using the socket transport), the JVM and debugger will start. A random port is selected and you can proceed. I like interfaces that are forgiving and try to succeed where I have failed.

I was pretty excited about this at first, but soon realized that I could not leverage this 'forgiveness' in the IDE.

Oh, well.

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

SIP Application Development and 6.7

I recently tried to load the SIP Application development support modules into a recent 6.7 build and there were some modules that would not load. There is an issue tracker entry with the gory details for the curious.

The problem was easy to track down, so I have updated the SailFin build to create modules that can be loaded into 6.7.

To get the updated modules, you should follow these directions.

Monday Mar 16, 2009

Now Compatible! NetBeans and JDK 6 Update 12

We ran into an embarrassing spat of issues when JDK 6 Update 12 was released. Some sloppy coding practices that had not been causing issues with earlier JDK releases came up and bit us. Ouch!

A lot of folks got the wake-up call and scrambled to address the problems... and have helped roll a new release of NetBeans... 6.5.1. Once you download this new release, you should be able to use JDK 6 update 12 and NetBeans together.


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