Sábado Fev 21, 2009

Brazilian's Carnival

Last night official started another edition of Brazilian's Carnival. During 4 days and night everybody stop their jobs just to celebrate something that I really never understand :)
Ok we live in a free country... If you are interested in this topic the wikipedia.org has a good article that try explain this popular party. It's available here
So... happy holiday

Sexta-feira Fev 20, 2009

About Open Source...

Here in Brazil the topic Open Source is very popular. Everybody talk about Open Source at class, at work, with friends and so on... Including Brazil is one of reference in Open Source around the world. We have the fisl in Porto Alegre, that is one of major Open Source's event.
Ok this is an premise and nobody has doubts (I guess).

Some days a go I saw an article on the web very very similiar that an article writed by me. This is not the first time that I saw some copies of text, article and include sites! Well... I don't know, but my idea about open source is if I read something and extend the idea or show another side or put my opinion AND show the credits. Well it's ok. But... if I just used the idea and not show the author, well in my opinion this kind of work has another name...
If you has an idea to extend something or put another point. It's ok, share your point. But why don't reveal the credits???

I know there are a lot of open source licences, the most populars are GPL that is used for linux, CDDL used for OpenSolaris and the BSD that's used for FreeBSD.
An great iniciative is the creative commons iniciative that available flexibel license. You can read more here (in portuguese) :)

Domingo Fev 15, 2009

Nomination for Contributor

Last week the guys of advocacy group done the nominations of new contributors. For my surprise I was indicate for a core contributor.
Now me, Bruno Souza and Rafael Vanoni are the first Brazilians contributor of OpenSolaris Adocacy Group. And for sure, we are keep working hard for devlopment, spread and crateing new users group.Tanks for nominated
You can find more contributors at here

Domingo Nov 23, 2008

A day in the life of duke

Nice video of duke

Quinta-feira Nov 20, 2008

Student Review Contest -- result delayed

The results of MySQL and glassfish contest are delayed :( The official schedule was November 21, but unfortunately the organization change this date for November 25.
Ok just some days waiting... If you are interested in some cool contest looking at student zone and for the result of MySQL and glassfish contest click here

Quarta-feira Nov 19, 2008

Time for fun


Domingo Nov 09, 2008

Another OpenSolaris cool stuff

I won this gift in the Brazilian edition of Sun Tech Days this year. Now I have an bottle opener and the glass :)

Terça-feira Set 02, 2008

Just a normal day at company

Time for fun ;)


Quinta-feira Jul 10, 2008


Freedom, the word that used in a lot of wars
Today I'm free, the semester in my university end. I'm officially in vacation, but just the class the ambassador's work never stop. Another meetings, tech-talks, studies and events will continued during the month. Until the August 4, when the class re-start.
But today, just today, I will get up late :)

Terça-feira Mai 27, 2008

The table of equivalents

Ronaldo Prass, a guy of group post in his blog a cool link to a table of equivalents, replacement windows software in linux.
At tech-talks always have someone new in the \*NIX operating system who ask for your favorite software run in linux or OpenSolaris or FreeBSD or whatever. This table came a facility tool for everybody (users, developers, sys admin).
Tanks Ronaldo!

Sábado Mai 10, 2008

Mother's day

Today is celebrated the mother's day in Brazil. I know in Argentina this holiday is celebrate in different date, and I really don't know in another countries.
So... happy mother's day!!!

And thanks to Tom for the image :)

Quinta-feira Mai 01, 2008

The great flood

"And one day God said to Noe: construct a big boat and put a couple of animals to preserve of the great flood. One thousand of days raining..."

God dosen't waring nobody (as I know), this time. But the big flood was send to Porto Alegre in this Friday. Raining the most part of day and the traffic was a big caos. People waset't going to the job, class was canceled and so on.
At cesup wasen't different, but we have one more problem. One of the pipes of the our air-conditioning was stuffiness. So you can imagine the problem...
The water start to fall for the walls of the center. Fortunately the water not access our cluster and everything was ok. It's just a fright.
The worst of the history is to take a bus to going to the campus in the rain and take 3 "showers of rain" just to go done a dummied test. Ok life going... (in portugues: Segue o baile...)

Quinta-feira Fev 28, 2008

Hello World

Finnaly I started my tech blog. As everithing in technology, this start with single "Hello Wordl"

Vitorio Faria Correa Sassi


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