Sábado Abr 25, 2009

flisol Porto Alegre

Yesterday happened at Sindicato dos Bancários the Porto Alegre edition of flisol 2009.

About the event...
Our event start 10:00am and finish around 6:30pm. During this time we talked about ubunt, OpenSolaris, Java, debian, PostgreSQL and a session of Q&A about open source. Also we has another room that running in parallel a big install fest with this softwares and operating system and much more! Angel Camacho from Sun came to Porto Alegre just to attend our event and talk about OpenSolaris. Also, Angel help us a lot in the install fest.

The evet's web-site will be remain on the web, maybe for flisol'2010 ;) and your URL it's http://flisol.opensolaris.org.br The official flisol's site it's http://flisol.net. I posted some pictures on my flickr, available here

I'm really don't know for how long time I was involved in event's organization with Felipe Santos from asl.org, but when I note that everything are running (wifi, rooms, install fest, tech-talks). I can note that I was a little be tired
The best part of organized an event it's when everything are done and following what you planed. The worst it's they finish so early. But when everything are finished and organized. I went to a churrascaria with Angel, Ronaldo, Felipe, Oscar and Thomé (the guys that help us during the event) to celebrate this day.

Sexta-feira Abr 17, 2009

A huge mistake...

A huge mistake was done this Friday, April 17. A judge condemned Redrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, Peter Sunde e Carl Lundstroem to 1 year in jail AND to pay around $3.6 million.

Now you thing "but what crime they done? They killed someone?" No, they simple launch a web site where people can share your torrents file. They called Pirate Bay.
For a long time I thing this is an file server with copyright content, and I confess that I did some downloads there :) But when the process give space on the news I understand that Pirate Bay dosen't store anything!!! And this is the wrong idea that a lot of people has about this site. For understand your purpose just read the legal section and about section. Then asking again "what crime the done?"

Ok the entertainment's industry won this match, congratulations... Now a little common sense to know what would happen today. From one side 4 guys that create a web site, another side the movie and music industry with your money.

By the way... the official news I read here

Quinta-feira Abr 16, 2009

Apps of Steel Challenge

Today I give an good notice... At Gary's blog there are a news said we has a new challenge opened :)
This time the challenged was specially for OpenSolaris. The task is, port an package to OpenSolaris and submit. But it's not any package, your package need use one (or more), features of OpenSolaris like ZFS, DTrace and so on...
Sounds good? Simple? Ok, let's move! The deadline is May 8 at 12:00PDT.

Oh the prizes... Well the Winners give a Toshiba OpenSolaris Laptop totaly free!!!
More information available at challenge's site

It's a great chance for community help in development of new OpenSolaris. And it's a good opportunity for who want understand how packing something, and helping in development.

Domingo Abr 12, 2009

flisol at Porto Alegre

Today was officially launch the Porto Alegre flisol's site, http://flisol.opensolaris.org.br
flisol is an international event that happen in all latin america since 2005. The core organization define the date and the local community (like debian, OpenSolaris, java, python, php), organize an flisol edition in your own city. This year the flisol's date is April 25. And here in Porto Alegre will happen in a place called (in portuguese) Sindicato dos Bancários. It's the same place that was happened the OpenSolaris Day 2008

About the event...
From 10:00am to 6:00pm will occur tech-talks done by community guys. It's already confirmed that Angel Camacho from Sun USA come to Porto Alegre talk in our event :)
Parallel the talks will happen an big install fest. We are planning install OpenSolaris, java, debian, ubuntu, MySQL and all open source software that the users need.

Registration for flisol is totaly free and it's available here

Segunda-feira Abr 06, 2009

New quizz at osum

During last week I give an idea to improve osum numbers. I ask my self "why I'm entry in a another social network?" and the answer was "well I need a good reason". Ok at osum you give a good reason, stay in touch with a lot technology guys, sun's engineer and with your friends. But another good reason is because I create 2 quiz. At UFRGS Group I started new discussion for participants create an short phrase including the words Sun, Open Source and the UFRGS (the university name). Everybody that write something with this 3 words are in the quiz. The winner will give a Sun's backpack. At Brazilian OpenSolaris Group I done almost the same thing. But the candidates need to write an phrase including the words Sun, Open Source, OpenSolaris. The winner will give a new Solaris Internals Edition that Eduardo has.

After one week... a lot of candidates with his phrase. It was time to choose the winners. I found in the web the random.org and insert the participant's ID. The site choose the winner for me :)

And the winners are:

Fabio Prochnow from UFRGS, he give the backpack

Willian Bonifacio he live at Rio de Janeiro (Eduardo send his book by mail)

The UFRGS Group grow up with that initiative. Now we are in 79 members, almost target ;)

This is Fabio, the backpack's winner

Domingo Abr 05, 2009

GeJun's meeting

Last Saturday happened at unisinos another GeJun's meeting. If you don't know what means that, I'm explain.. GeJun is an study group focus on Java's technology. Every Saturday around 20 students went to his university to talk, learn and discuss about Java. During the week everybody post his doubt at osum forums. Me and Ronaldo Prass try to help his studies using the Jedi's project.
Some results start happened, we can observe that some students has facility to develop in Java in another hand some asking about frameworks and open source projects.

Every meeting we try to distribute some give aways for the best questions. And during the week we note that some students published some piece of code trying to explain topic learned last week, or simple share his discovery. And for those guys we trying give an t-shirt for recognition his skills and his initiative to share something. Well during last week Francine published at osum an very nice Java class to explain to her classmate how use Java.Util.Scanner (here is the post). And for this work we give an t-shirt for her, congratulations.

Ronaldo and Francine

Sábado Mar 28, 2009

Unisinos Java Users Group

Every Saturday morning I woke up earlier, take an train and going to Unisinos. It's a university near 30km from Porto Alegre. The goal is to meet Ronaldo Prass and the GeJun to talk about Java using the JEDI material. (GeJun stands for Java Study Group at Unisinos)

Last semester around 2 or 3 guys study with us. But this Saturday was different... Around 20 people participated to discuss, learn and explain his experiences.
Before the meeting Ronaldo publish at OSUM 2 tasks to solve using Java. The first guy that answer give an t-shirt. And during the meeting I distribute Sun's pens for who create some class.
In summary it was a good Saturday morning and I give an good surprise!

Quinta-feira Mar 26, 2009

Porto Alegre OpenSolaris march's meeting

Yesterday happened at bourbom shopping the monthly meeting. We have 2 good reason to do an meeting inside the shopping:

#1: In my opinion meeting in public areas showing the OpenSolaris t-shirts and notebooks can show the system.
(some guys think that OpenSolaris is a rock band)
#2: The shopping offers a good wifi :)

About the meeting...
Participated localy: João CEP, Ronaldo Prass, Ricardo Severo, Leandro Nunes and Cristiano Basso. Participated by irc Rafael Vanoni, Marcelo Leal.
Some talks of meeting including:
- the rumors of IBM and Sun and what this fusion impact in OpenSolaris Project's
- Organize the tasks for fisl10
- Planning the OpenSolaris Tour'09 (coming soon)
- Explain what is the flisol in Porto Alegre, and what is the PoaOSUG tasks

From left to right: Vitório Sassi, Cristiano Basso, João CEP, Ronaldo Prass, Ricardo Severo and Leandro Nunes

Segunda-feira Mar 02, 2009

How do I configure the OpenSolaris to play my mp3?

Every week someone send a mail for the mailing-lists or in the forums asking how configure your system for listen the mp3 files. Well this is very common, principal for the guys that using linux and has accustomed with synaptic pakage manager.
Brian Leonard write at the observatory an good article to answer the question of mp3 files in the OpenSolaris 2008.05, it's available here. And João CEP, member of PoaOSUG write another article in your blog explaining how configure the OpenSolaris 2008.11 to listen your mp3 files. The article it's available here (in Portuguese).
Hope can help ;)

Sexta-feira Fev 27, 2009

Porto Alegre OpenSolaris Users Group Febreary's meeting

Yesterday happened the the Febreary's meeting of Porto Alegre OpenSolaris Users Group. This time we done the meeting in a public place, inside the shopping :)
The reason is because we lost the old place that the meetings happened, and because this place it's more casual. Then people are confortable to talk your ideas and discuss anything. Off course, the shopping has a wifi, so we can use the irc for "talk" with guys that dosen't live in Porto Alegre.

About the meeting...
Participated localy me, Ronaldo Prass and Leandro Nunes. And participated by irc Rafael Vanoni, Ricardo Severo, Marcelo Leal and Cristiano Basso.
Basically 2 topics are discussed:
- Sun University Days
- fisl10

The Sun University Days is a event that will happen in some cities of Brazil, including Porto Alegre. And the fisl10 is the Freedom Software Forum that happen all years in Porto Alegre too. A serie of ideas are emerging, and a lot of work too... But it's ok ;)

From left to right: Vitorio, Ronaldo and Leandro

Quinta-feira Fev 26, 2009

HP and Sun Microsystems Sign Multi-year Partnership Agreement for Solaris on HP ProLiant Servers

After 4 days of vacation, because of carnival's holliday. It's time to back of work!

Today I recivied from Dimas an great news. According the New York Times Journal Sun and HP sign an agreement that said in summary, every HP ProLiant server will be delivery with Solaris or OpenSolaris.
Now the IBM and HP delivery yours servers with Solaris or OpenSolaris. Also the Toshiba already delivery some laptops with OpenSolaris built in.
In my personal opinion this is great! More people using Solaris and/or OpenSolaris will increase the users groups and more techincal discuss will be created and community will be better and more and more and more...

Now... it's time to schedule the next talks, next events to show for this new users the power of system that they have in his servers :)

By the way.... the full notice at New York Times is available here

Sábado Fev 21, 2009

Brazilian's Carnival

Last night official started another edition of Brazilian's Carnival. During 4 days and night everybody stop their jobs just to celebrate something that I really never understand :)
Ok we live in a free country... If you are interested in this topic the wikipedia.org has a good article that try explain this popular party. It's available here
So... happy holiday

Sexta-feira Fev 20, 2009

About Open Source...

Here in Brazil the topic Open Source is very popular. Everybody talk about Open Source at class, at work, with friends and so on... Including Brazil is one of reference in Open Source around the world. We have the fisl in Porto Alegre, that is one of major Open Source's event.
Ok this is an premise and nobody has doubts (I guess).

Some days a go I saw an article on the web very very similiar that an article writed by me. This is not the first time that I saw some copies of text, article and include sites! Well... I don't know, but my idea about open source is if I read something and extend the idea or show another side or put my opinion AND show the credits. Well it's ok. But... if I just used the idea and not show the author, well in my opinion this kind of work has another name...
If you has an idea to extend something or put another point. It's ok, share your point. But why don't reveal the credits???

I know there are a lot of open source licences, the most populars are GPL that is used for linux, CDDL used for OpenSolaris and the BSD that's used for FreeBSD.
An great iniciative is the creative commons iniciative that available flexibel license. You can read more here (in portuguese) :)

Domingo Fev 15, 2009

Nomination for Contributor

Last week the guys of advocacy group done the nominations of new contributors. For my surprise I was indicate for a core contributor.
Now me, Bruno Souza and Rafael Vanoni are the first Brazilians contributor of OpenSolaris Adocacy Group. And for sure, we are keep working hard for devlopment, spread and crateing new users group.Tanks for nominated
You can find more contributors at here

Quinta-feira Fev 05, 2009

OpenSolaris medias

Yesterday I recived some 2008.11 OpenSolaris medias from Teresa and Jim (tanks a lot). Also inside the box there was an Visa Debit Card. This gift will be use for PoaOSUG in some tasks that will be defined during next meeting.
One more time, tanks Teresa and Jim.


Vitorio Faria Correa Sassi


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