Quarta-feira Ago 05, 2009

OSUM Brazil now on twitter

The OSUM community in Brazil created a channel on twitter.
Following the OSUM Brazil at http://twitter.com/osum_brasil

Sábado Ago 01, 2009

Another contest

Last week was announced the Sun Studio Blogging Contest. In this edition the 1st prize will recivie U$500,00 American Express Gift Cheque. Sounds good?

Ok, here are the instructions...
Download the Sun Studio 12 update 1 click here
Develop some cool app, use the new features, debug, find problems
Write everything! Take a look in the new features
Then post your notes in your blog (show the code is a good idea).

You dosen't have a blog? Register at http://osum.sun.com and create your personal blog. Keep in mind that you must write in English

Contest starts: June 23, 2009
Contest deadline: August 14, 2009
Judging period: August 14-September 4, 2009
Winner announced: September 14, 2009

For more information check the contest site

Good luck!

Sexta-feira Jul 31, 2009

OSUM new look

Today was released the new look for osum the social network develop by Sun Microsystems and focus on technology students.
The osum's goal is create a nice and funning place where students and professionals can share his experiences. OpenSolaris, Java, MySQL or VirtualBox are just some topics discussed at osum. Subjects like linux or open source are referenced too.

If you aren't an osum member, register now at http://osum.sun.com

Terça-feira Jul 14, 2009


Another OSUG was born in Brazil, ValeOSUG was droves by Renato Puccini and his classmates of FATEC University, in Sao Paulo state. A couple of weeks a go, Renato came to Porto Alegre for fisl10. He learned a lot about OpenSolaris, and now created other OSUG :)
It's very good to know that there are more guys working, discussing, hacking and learned about OpenSolaris in Brazil. His initiative need to be "broadcast" to encourage more people in Brazil and south america!

If you want subscribe the ValeOSUG mailing list, click here

Sexta-feira Jul 10, 2009

Back to work

After a couple days of fisl now I'm back to work :)
Yesterday night I meet Dionatan Moura and Leandro Nunes to discuss the next PoaOSUG activities, probably in August first week. Also we reserve some time for "hacking the system". First I show some tests that I done with the amp-dev package (now available in the default opensolaris IPS server). After I showed some tests with ZFS using usb sticks (I love that).

Pictures can be found here

Sábado Jun 27, 2009

Video with Lula

I don't know the reason, but it's impossible upload my videos to osum. So I put the video with president here.
This video was produced by the Slackware Users Group yesterday when the president visit the PoaOSUG and br.opensolaris.org stand.

Sexta-feira Jun 26, 2009

Picture of the Day

The Porto Alegre OpenSolaris Users Group and br.opensolaris.org are participating in fisl10, in Porto Alegre.
Well, today was a special day. The Brazilian President visited us, and the best part... we gave him an OpenSolaris hat and a t-shirt, and he walked away wearing the hat.

Quinta-feira Jun 11, 2009

Casual meeting

Today happened the first PoaOSUG "casual meeting" where laptops are not allowed :)
I just send a mail for our list that said "I'll be in the bar drinking beer at 6:30pm . If someone want drink with me and talk about OpenSolaris, feel free". In fact I really dosen't have any plans, just talk with the guys of group. The result: Dionatan, Leandro and Rafael came to bar, Cristiano said that he dosen't saw the mail... We done a kind of brain storm for the next meetings and next tech-talks. Also we discuss some actions for the fisl10 that will occour from June 24 to June 27 in Porto Alegre.
It was a very nice meeting.

From left to right: Vitorio, Dionatan, Rafael and Leandro

Terça-feira Jun 09, 2009

CommunityOne West

Last week I visited the city of San Francisco, to attend the CommunityOne West. During 5 days I meet the OpenSolaris leaders from other countries and can talk about OpenSolaris future, challenges, goals and what the communities need to groing up. Also I can show the Brazilian communitie and explained our challenges and goals. In fact, it was 5 amaizing days. Also I can participated of OpenSolaris 2009.06 launch :)
I need to say tank you Teresa and Bruno, tank you every OpenSolaris leaders for discussions, tank you Jim for the tips.

Myslef and Jim Grinzansio
I publish another pictures here and here

Quinta-feira Mai 21, 2009

An very nice visit

A few moments a go, Bruno Souza departure back to home. Monday Bruno call me and said "hey! tomorrow I'm arrive in Porto Alegre" then I had little time to organize some meetings and a extra meeting of OpenSolaris group to discuss the OpenSolaris tour'09. This meeting, in particular, happened at churrascaria :)
During 2 days I give another opportunity to talk a lot of OpenSolaris, Java, Open Source and off-course fisl10

From left to right: Vitório Sassi, Leandro Nunes, Bruno Souza, Bruno Schmitt, Roanldo Prass
Diogo Bohm was present too, but he need to go home earlier

Sexta-feira Mai 15, 2009

The regulation of Internet in France

Yesterday the French politics approved yours Internet's regulation, with the lobby of Carla Bruni (singer, model and French First Lady).
According the text that I read in BusinessWeek and CNN everybody that use P2P for illegal purpose will be notified by the government in the first and second use. And in the third time the user will be blocked in your ISP and will be prohibited to sign any contract with another provider, also the user will be forced to keep paying your actual ISP.

The regulation needs to be approved by the CE. But I was thinking... How the French government will detect who are use P2P for illegal reasons? And how the government will define what is illegal reason? I'm not sure, but this subject might think in privacy problems.
Here in Brazil our government are discuss an similar law. Unfortunately the Brazilian's regulation has some obscure details. Nobody knows this details for explain to the community.

Quarta-feira Mai 13, 2009

Do you want a new T-Shirt?

Another contest was announced today, the Sun Software Library Contest. You can give a new T-shirt, free!!! It's simple, Review your favorite applications in the Sun Software Library and get a free t-shirt.
The Sun Software Library is an online catalog of commercial and open-source applications on Sun technologies from over 9,000 companies, organizations, or individual developers. Use the powerful search and tag browsing features to find the applications you use. Write a review for an application in the Sun Software Library and get a free T-Shirt.

Sounds good? But don't be lazy, write your review right now because the t-shirts are limited.

Sábado Mai 09, 2009

Bad times

Last Saturday happened another GeJun's meeting at Unisinos. In totally are 21 students learned what is consists an class, method, attributes, inheritance and some Java concepts. But this meeting was different... Ronaldo Prass one of the group's founder and responsible for the numbers at Unisinos needs to lay off, unfortunately.
They are allocated in several projects in his work and dosen't have time for the meetings. Ronaldo promise that he will keep sending mail in the mailing list and discuss virtually.

But as said in the song "we can't stop the show"
And for this reason I'm assume the meetings at Unisinos, with the support of another "old-guys" in group. Márcio Leal, Felipe Gross and others will help conduct the java classes and we will continue using the Jedi's project.

Tanks Ronaldo!

Quinta-feira Mai 07, 2009

JavaOne 2009 contest

Do you want going to JavaOne?
Check out this video and learn how you can going to JavaOne west 2009

Domingo Mai 03, 2009

OpenSolaris advertisement


Vitorio Faria Correa Sassi


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