Sunday Apr 07, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.63 now available!

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Secure Global Desktop version 4.63. This version includes several bug fixes and also updates to components of the Oracle Secure Global Desktop web server. Specifically, the Oracle Secure Global Desktop web server now supports Apache HTTP Server 2.2.24, OpenSSL 1.0.0.k, mod_jk 1.2.37, Tomcat 6.0.36 and JDK 1.6.0_43.

For information on downloading Oracle Secure Global Desktop version 4.63, please visit here

Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

Announcing Oracle VM Manager CLI 2.2

We are pleased to announce that Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI) 2.2 has been released to Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) and Oracle's Public Yum Repository.

The Oracle VM Manager CLI 2.2 is the updated version to work with newly released Oracle VM Manager 2.2, and it can also work with Oracle VM Manager 2.1.5. The CLI is written in Python and uses the Oracle VM Manager Web Services API to communicate with Oracle VM Manager. You can use the CLI to perform the same functions as Oracle VM Manager, such as managing all your server pools and guests. The CLI commands can be scripted, thus bring more flexibility to help customers deploy and manage Oracle VM environment.

1. Download required RPMs from ULN or Oracle's Public Yum Repository.


ULN Channel / Public Yum Repository
ovmcli-2.2-9.el5.noarch.rpm el5_i386_oracle_addons and el5_x86_64_oracle_addons

el5_i386_addons and el5_x86_64_addons

2. Install the RPMs onto a server running Oracle Linux 5:

# rpm -Uvh ovmcli-2.2-9.el5.noarch.rpm python-ZSI-2.1-a1.el5.noarch.rpm

3. Configure CLI by running "ovm config". The user will be asked for the following information:

- Oracle VM Manager hostname

- Oracle VM Manager port number

- Deploy path (use default)

- Location of vncviewer (required for vncviewer command)

- Enable or disable HTTPS support (depends on Oracle VM Manager setup)

4. Oracle VM Manager CLI is now ready for use. Just type the command "ovm". For example,

# ovm help
# ovm help all
# ovm -u admin -p password svrp ls
# ovm -u admin -p password shell 

See additional resources:

Thursday Jun 18, 2009

Announcing Oracle VM 2.1.5

We are pleased to announce the availability of Oracle VM 2.1.5, bringing customers and partners the benefits of better interoperability with the new Oracle VM Manager Web Services API.

In addition, the latest Oracle VM 2.1.5 release has integrated accumulated bug fixes, security update, and enhanced hardware drivers to help customers confidently deploy Oracle VM with more robustness, better security, higher performance, and broader hardware support.

Both the Oracle VM Server and Manager (ISO image files) are freely available for customer download at Oracle E-Delivery site.

The Oracle VM Server can also be updated via ULN (Unbreakable Linux Network). For Oracle VM Manager, you'll need to download the Oracle VM Manager media, and perform Install, Uninstall, or Upgrade task by executing the script.

To learn more about Oracle VM and how to upgrade to Oracle VM 2.1.5, you can read Oracle VM Documentation and also refer to the following blogs provided by Roddy Rodstein:
* Blog: How to update an Oracle VM Manager
* Blog: How to update an Oracle VM Server

You can sign up here to receive notification on software update delivered to ULN for Oracle VM, or you can browse the email archive.

More Blogs
* Roddy Rodstein: Oracle releases Oracle VM 2.1.5
* Sergio Leunissen: New Oracle VM 2.1.5 Web Services API
* Wim Coekaerts: Oracle VM Manager CLI and Web Services API , Oracle VM 2.1.5

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