Friday Jun 08, 2012

Keep Oracle VM 3 Up to Date

Oracle VMMore and more customers turn to Oracle VM 3 to virtualize their enterprise applications. Oracle VM support subscription is an integrated part of their successes. Customers enjoy the benefit of the industry-leading global support 24x7 for their server virtualization implementation, and receive access to patches, fixes, and updates via Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN). For customers running Oracle systems, Oracle VM support is included in Oracle Premium Support for Systems at no extra cost, and customers receive comprehensive systems coverage that includes single point accountability for Oracle server and storage hardware; integrated software (for example, firmware); and operating system software (Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM).

To run a successful virtualization infrastructure, it's important to keep Oracle VM 3 environment up to date by leveraging Oracle VM support resources. 

  • Oracle VM Server Updates: You can easily upgrade Oracle VM Server using a Yum repository. You can download the latest server patch updates from ULN. To receive notification on the software update delivered to Oracle ULN for Oracle VM, you can sign up here. For information on setting up an Oracle VM Server Yum repository and using Oracle VM Manager to perform the upgrade of Oracle VM Servers, see Updating and Upgrading Oracle VM Servers in the Oracle VM User's Guide
  • Oracle VM Manager Updates: Get the download instructions at OTN, and apply latest Oracle VM Manager patch. Be sure to review the patch README before you apply the patches.
  • Support customers have access to extremely valuable knowledge notes from My Oracle Support. They are the first to receive useful tips to help address issues in Oracle VM deployments. For example,
    • Upgrade to Oracle VM 3.1.1 using Yum Repository may cause network configuration scripts to be renamed causing network failure after reboot (Doc ID 1464126.1)
    • Oracle VM server reboots after network becomes unresponsive due to deep C-State power management setting (Doc ID 1440197.1)
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Thursday Mar 08, 2012

New Commercial License for Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox is the world's most popular open source cross-platform virtualization software, with over 63 million downloads. There is a vibrant user community at, where users of all types congregate and provide support for each other, with participation from Oracle development.

For customers who are interested in using a fully supported version that can be rolled out across their enterprises, we have introduced commercial licenses and support for Oracle VM VirtualBox. Here's how it works:

Oracle VM VirtualBox Enterprise - Named User Plus
  • Oracle's standard Named User Plus licensing, $50 per named user
  • Minimum license purchase quantity:  1 Named User Plus
  • Support is available at standard Oracle support pricing rates
  • Minimum license quantity required to obtain support:  at least 100 named users

Oracle VM VirtualBox Enterprise - Per Socket

  • Oracle's standard processor licensing, $1,000 per processor socket
  • Minimum purchase quantity: 1 socket
  • Support is available at Oracle's standard support pricing
  • Minimum license quantity for support: 1 socket
Oracle VM VirtualBox also remains free for personal use  (Terms, conditions and restrictions apply). This new enterprise offering simply allows enterprise customers needing commercial licensing and support a way to get it. Before purchasing licenses or support, please carefully review the information regarding supported operating systems and applications found in these documents:
To purchase Oracle VM VirtualBox Enterprise:

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