Friday Sep 16, 2011

Oracle Desktop Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Oracle OpenWorld is just around the corner, running the 2nd through the 6th of October. The Oracle desktop virtualization team will be there with lots of content for those interested in how to improve access to applications and desktops through virtualization. Here are some highlights (for the complete list of virtualization and related sessions, please see our Focus On Virtualization document):

Oracle Virtualization General Session
Tuesday, October 4, 10:15 AM, Moscone South 103
This don't miss session features Oracle senior executives discussing the overall virtualization strategy for Oracle. Includes both desktop and server virtualization.

One-Click Access to Enterprise Applications with Oracle Desktop Virtualization
Monday, October 3, 12:30PM, Moscone South Room 252
This session will provide an in-depth explanation of how to use Oracle desktop virtualization with enterprise applications from Oracle and others.

The Essential Development, Testing, and Lab Environment Tool: Oracle VM VirtualBox
Monday, October 3, 12:30PM, Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate C1
For developers, this session will give an overview of the latest Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 (for a sneak peek, have a look at our recent webcast), and will give tips and tricks for using the product in a fast paced development environment.

Oracle Desktop Virtualization: Complete, Open, and Integrated
Monday, October 3, 2:00 PM, Moscone South, Room 302
In this session, we'll be covering how Oracle Sun Ray Clients, Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad are being used in enterprises today. If you're considering deploying VDI, iPad, or thin clients in your organization, this is a can't miss session.

Enterprise Desktop Virtualization with Oracle VM VirtualBox
Wednesday, October 5, 11:45 AM, Moscone South 200
Learn how to Oracle VM VirtualBox is used by large corporations to solve development challenges and as the hypervisor layer for Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

In addition, the entire desktop portfolio will feature demos with Oracle Applications and more in the DEMOgrounds in Moscone South.

If you can't be at the show, you can follow the happenings on Twitter, Facebook, and we'll be posting videos from the show floor on our YouTube channel.

We thank you for your support and hope to meet some of you in person at the show!


Friday Jul 29, 2011

Webcast - How Oracle Uses Oracle Desktop Virtualization

Today, we have made available the material for a webcast that we did live on 07/28 regarding 'How Oracle Uses Oracle Desktop Virtualization'.

Oracle's desktop virtualization portfolio comprises a number of technologies that can help  simplify access for Oracle's Applications, increase security, and reduce TCO. Oracle leverages the products in its portfolio, including Oracle Sun Ray Clients, Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and Oracle Secure Global Desktop, to solve challenges in several internal Oracle deployments. Learn how Oracle desktop virtualization helps Oracle to: 
  • Provide access to CRM applications within a typical call center and support environment inside Oracle 
  • Enable thousands of Oracle's software developers around the world to securely access, centralized development environments. 
  • Enable remote access to Oracle's training sessions
To access the archive for this webcast please go here

Wednesday Jul 20, 2011

Oracle Sun Ray Clients and Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet

One of the more useful combinations in technology is networking and power on the same physical line. This greatly simplifies client deployments, especially for devices that have built-in displays.

It's easy to think of scenarios where it's extremely convenient to need only a network drop to create a workspace: contact centers that need to rapidly expand to deal with busy periods, manufacturing floors and warehouses, point of sale stations, and information kiosks are just several quick examples. Cisco's Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) technology is widely used to provide power to different types of devices in these scenarios, and their new Catalyst 4500E Switch and UPOE splitter allow devices needing up to 60 watts of power to be powered off the UPOE line.

Of course, our Sun Ray Clients are widely known for their ultra-low power consumption (as low as 6 watts for the Sun Ray 3 Client in idle mode, about the same as a traditional nightlight!), but the device is only part of the story. The monitor attached to the device significantly increases the total power requirements for a workspace. Our Sun Ray 3i Client, with its integrated 21.5 inch display, consumes more than 20 watts with its monitor on in typical usage, but this is still quite low and well within the capabilities of the new Cisco switch. This means with the Cisco switch powering your network, you could drop any of our Sun Ray 3 Series Clients wherever you have a network drop, without needing a separate AC power line. Pretty cool stuff.

Read more from Cisco in their press release.


Wednesday Jul 06, 2011

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad:

Oracle Desktop Virtualization is on a Roll!

It's an exciting week for Oracle desktop virtualization! First, we won the two awards I mentioned in yesterday's post, which we couldn't be more proud of. And today, we have two brand new releases to tell you about!

First up, we're answering probably the number one question we've been getting for the last year or so: when can I access my virtual desktop on an iPad? The answer is, right now!

That's right, the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client is now available for the Apple iPad.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means any virtual desktop managed by Sun Ray Software or Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be accessed directly from your iPad. Not only that, you can freely move that virtual desktop between any of our supported devices (this includes all Sun Ray Clients and the growing list of platforms for the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client). It includes some great features for security with VPN support, and gestures to make navigating a full desktop easier on a touch-based device.

Here's an example: say you work in a healthcare environment and have a Sun Ray Client at the nurse's station. You can login to your Windows (or Solaris or Linux) virtual desktop from that Sun Ray Client and access whatever applications you have access to. You can then grab your iPad, go to a different office, and pick up your desktop right where you left off. Or if you forget your iPad, you can login to your virtual desktop from pretty much any PC in the office. It's really amazing stuff.

Another great example is for contact centers. Each year, many contact centers have to increase their capacity by a large amount to deal with the holiday buying season, but the setup time for adding new workstations for each agent is very costly. This year, those folks can be given iPads and then immediately access applications like Oracle's Siebel CRM without even needing a PC or monitor.

For the last example, I was at an Oracle function in the UK a couple of weeks ago where one of our sales consultants gave a presentation running on his Windows virtual desktop in his office in Australia. That's about 10,000 miles away, over a WiFi connection in a hotel. And it worked great.

Now that good quality access is available almost everywhere via WiFi or 3G, having a centrally managed desktop that you access from wherever your are is a reality. And with the performance and security of the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad, I know we'll see more and more people adopt this truly mobile way of working.

The second thing that's being announced today is the latest version of our Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure product. This software contains everything you need to setup a VDI environment, including management tools, a high performance hypervisor to run the virtual machines, and access via Oracle Virtual Desktop Client compatible systems and Sun Ray Clients. The latest release includes role based administration, a streamlined installer, better performance, support for more platforms and virtual desktop environments and more. Have a read through the press release.

And as always, for the latest updates on the Oracle desktop virtualization portfolio (and Oracle virtualization in general), be sure to follow us on Twitter: (updated link, thanks for the comments!)

Or become a fan on Facebook:

Tuesday Jul 05, 2011

Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients win two awards!

We're very proud to announce our Sun Ray 3 Series Clients have won the 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award for Computer Equipment from the Industrial Designers Society of America. This is a prestigious award recognizing the fantastic industrial design of the Sun Ray 3 Series Clients and we are extremely proud of the recognition. Previous winners in the computer equipment category include Apple's 15-inch Macbook Pro and Macbook, Western Digital's My Book and My Passport hard drives, and many more. Have a look at the 2011 winners here:

You can also read the press release from us here:

And hot off the presses, we were just awarded the the Green Good Design 2011 award from The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Have a look at the page below and click the Green Good Design 2011 Awards link to see the complete list:

It's a very exciting time for Oracle desktop virtualization and we're excited to be recognized by these industry organizations for the excellent design of the Sun Ray 3 Series Clients. Many thanks to our incredibly talented design team!

If you'd like to learn more about our desktop virtualization products, click any of the links in the desktop virtualization category on our Oracle Virtualization page.


Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Webinar This Thursday

If you're interested in learning about the latest trends in virtual desktop infrastructure and how these trends relate to our Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure product, please join our free webinar this Thursday at 9AM Pacific Time. You can register here.


Monday Jun 13, 2011

Oracle Desktop Virtualization with Oracle Applications for Contact Centers

[Read More]

Friday Jun 10, 2011

Desktop Virtualization for Contact Centers at ICMI ACCE

If you're involved with contact centers, I'm sure you know about the ICMI ACCE Conference & Expo going on next week in New Orleans. Oracle will be there showing our customer relationship management and contact center technologies, including desktop virtualization. In fact, all of the demos at the booth will be done on Sun Ray Clients using Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Desktop virtualization and thin client devices such as Sun Ray Clients are a perfect match for contact centers where security of data and mobility of the user are key requirements. With integrated smart card readers on our Sun Ray Clients, contact center users can instantly move their sessions between locations, which is a boon for the fast paced, over subscribed environments of most contact centers.

Have a look here for more info on our presence at the show and we hope to see you there!

Tuesday Jun 07, 2011

Public Sector Customers Benefit from Desktop Virtualization

Organizations in the public sector (including national and local government, justice and public safety, defense, education, and more), share similar concerns about security and accessibility of data. Oracle's desktop virtualization solutions can help meet these challenges by providing a desktop management solution that keeps sensitive information off of laptop and desktop computers and maintains it in the datacenter, where it can be more easily protected and managed by IT.

In fact, the entire desktop environment can be hosted in the datacenter and users can access their desktops remotely from Oracle Sun Ray Clients or their existing Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs.

Check out our new webpage that lists a number of assets showing the value of desktop virtualization for public sector customers, including how other public sector customers are benefitting:

  • Gunsan City Hall Cuts Power Consumption by 50%, Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Colorado State University Powers Eco-Friendly Learning Environment with Oracle’s Sun Servers and Sun Ray Clients

    Get more details here.

  • Wednesday May 25, 2011

    Solving Remote Access Performance Problems

    Many companies would benefit from consolidating applications and data into what is called a Global Single Instance (GSI). In fact, Oracle did this several years ago and today benefits greatly from reduced IT overhead and increased productivity. From a desktop virtualization perspective, you could even look at VDI and server hosted virtual desktops as a Global Single Instance of the desktop environment. These two technologies can work hand in hand to bring even greater benefits to your organization.

    One of the biggest problems with a GSI or any sort of centralization of apps and data is that users need to access that server hosted information in a way that is not an impediment to getting their jobs done. Most of us involved with desktop virtualization have seen situations where a remote environment is just too slow to be usable. However, Oracle desktop virtualization, in combination with GSIs, can help solve this remote access performance problem. Come hear our own Craig Bender discuss Global Single Instances and Oracle desktop virtualization at our free webinar tomorrow:

    Gaining Control of Your Business Systems With Global Single Instances and Oracle Desktop Virtualization
    May 26, 2011 - 9AM Pacific Time

    An archive will also be available at that same URL about 24 hours after the show if you can't make it in real-time.


    Tuesday May 17, 2011

    Teleworking with AT&T, Oracle, and Avaya

    Recently, AT&T announced, along with Oracle and Avaya, telework solutions for federal agencies. You can read the press release here:

    This is a really exciting project, so I'l tell you a bit about it.

    If you're like most folks in the private sector, you've been given opportunities to telework at some point or another. This basically means that you work (frequently or infrequently) outside the office and leverage technology to ensure that you stay productive. Things like routing your office phone to your home or mobile phone, getting remote access to files and data, all the way to recreating the office experience in your home with a virtualized desktop, are included in teleworking. Because of the completeness of our portfolio (including hardware thin clients, software virtual desktop clients that will run on PC, Mac, or Linux, virtual desktop management and hosting software, etc.), Oracle desktop virtualization is a natural fit for these types of deployments.

    Teleworking provides a number of benefits, such as:
    • Reducing operating expenses, both in terms of desktop management as well as with items like power consumption and office space costs.
    • Providing an easier to path to disaster recovery and business continuity due to centralized data and applications.
    • Increasing employee satisfaction by allowing greater work from home and work from remote office flexibility.
    • Reduction in overall green footprint by moving to a virtual desktop model that doesn't require power hungry PCs and allows people to work from almost anywhere (which, in turn, helps them save on fuel costs and reduces the overall need for travel).
    • Increased security by ensuring that all data is centralized and never left on laptop and desktop computers.
    • And more...

    Unfortunately, up until now, employees of the federal government have had little ability to telework. Due to the need for high security and policies that were strictly defined and updated infrequently, the federal government has largely been unable to leverage these advantages. That will change in the near future, as laws in the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 start going into effect. This act grants federal employees eligibility to telework and requires federal agencies to come up with telework policies, measures, and goals on teleworking. Next month, employees of the federal government will find out if their job is eligible for some form of teleworking.

    To create teleworking solutions for federal agencies, AT&T, Avaya, and Oracle created solutions for three types of users: on-demand (for business continuity and emergency preparedness), full time (for users who telework frequently), and part time (for users who telework occasionally). Technologies from the three vendors incorporated into the solution are things like broadband network access, security services, cloud computing and desktop virtualization, mobility services, VoIP, unified communications, and more. Oracle is excited that Oracle desktop virtualization, including Oracle Sun Ray Clients, Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and Oracle Secure Global Desktop, will provide the key desktop-related pieces of the various solutions.

    If you've been wondering if moving to a virtual desktop model is right for your orgnanization, the fact that the US government has adopted new policies promoting its use throughout their agencies should be a positive indicator for you. Oracle is a pioneer in desktop virtualization, having released our first thin client device (as Sun) back in 1999. Have a look at and some of our customer references to learn how other companies are using desktop virtualization in their organizations today.


    Friday Apr 22, 2011

    Real World VDI with Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    A lot of our customers are interested in desktop virtualization, but still being a relatively new technology, there isn't much real world deployment information out there. Customers want to know things like how it can really help their businesses, and how do things like video streaming work in a live deployment. They're also interested in the nuts and bolts of managing a virtual desktop environment.

    We decided to try and answer some of these questions by getting one of our experts in the field do a webinar on doing VDI in the real world. Jeff Reilly, Sales Principal Sales Consultant for desktop virtualization at Oracle, has been involved with hundreds of deployments over the years and can answer these and many more questions. Jeff will cover the business problems that customers were trying to solve and specifics on how they solved them with desktop virtualization, and what they've learned from the process. This will be an information packed webinar, you won't want to miss it.

    Register for the free webinar here!

    The webinar is on Thursday, April 28 at 9AM PT. If you do miss the live webinar, you can watch a replay starting about 24 hours later at the same URL, but you'll miss the opportunity to ask questions of Jeff live. But either way, if you're interested in deploying VDI, this is a can't miss webinar.

    Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

    New VDI Training Course now available!


    We're pleased to announce the availability of a new, hot-off-the-press Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Training Course delivered by Oracle University.

    This was produced using only the finest brains and is generally regarded as the best training course on Oracle VDI that has ever been offered.


    - FB

    Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

    HIMSS 2011 and New Press Release




    We're here at HIMSS 2011 in booth 1651. If you're at the show, tomorrow (Wednesday) is the final day for the exhibits, so come over and see all of the Oracle demos displayed on Sun Ray Clients. It's extremely cool!

    Also, we did a press release here at the show about caregiver mobility with Wolf Medical Software. Have a read here.

    Wolf Medical Software did a press release themselves, too. You can read their press release here.


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