Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

Oracle Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Part 2

Mini-Series Entry 2 of 3: Desktop Virtualization Sessions

This is the second entry of a three part mini-series looking at Oracle server and desktop virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.

In our previous entry, we covered the Oracle Virtualization keynote session as well as hands on lab sessions you won't want to miss. Below are four key desktop virtualization sessions you can also add to your calendar.

Session ID: CON8799
The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Rome, New York, and partner Northrop Grumman provide the foundation of the Secure Access Baseline for the Enterprise (SABER) accredited desktop solution. At SABER’s core are Oracle desktop virtualization products. In this session, representatives from AFRL and Northrop Grumman join an Oracle speaker to discuss the unique security challenges of deploying desktops with extremely strict security requirements and how all organizations can benefit from following the SABER example when deploying their desktop architectures.

Session ID: CON8801
Over the last several years, use of personal devices in the enterprise has dramatically increased, with IT organizations rapidly learning to adapt to this changing landscape of application and desktop access. This session describes how Oracle desktop virtualization can help IT embrace employees’ use of their own devices for work-related activities while making applications, data, and desktops more secure and manageable.

Session ID: CON8802
Using public and private clouds has taken hold as a common way to deploy services to the enterprise. A burgeoning addition to the cloud model is cloud access to desktop applications. With Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software, engineered to work together, a complete desktop cloud solution can be designed for accessing Oracle Applications and other enterprise applications. In this session, learn how a complete cloud-based desktop application access solution can be deployed with Oracle technologies.  

Session ID: CON8733
Oracle VM VirtualBox provides high performance, support for numerous virtual appliances available in the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), multiplatform application development and testing, 2-D/3-D graphics acceleration, and cutting-edge features—including the ability to teleport a running virtual machine between hosts. Oracle VM VirtualBox is a useful tool for developers who need to port code across different operating environments. Because Oracle VM VirtualBox enables hosting of multiple guest operating systems on a single machine, a developer can easily switch operating systems in no time, simply by changing between different desktop windows. In this session, you will understand why it will be your favorite tool as well.

You can read more about these and about 1,700 more Oracle OpenWorld sessions in the content catalog.

Tomorrow, we'll look at server virtualization. See you then!

- The Oracle Virtualization marketing team 

Tuesday Jul 10, 2012

Oracle Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Mini-Series Entry 1 of 3: Hands-On Virtualization

This is the first entry of a three part mini-series aimed at highlighting server and desktop virtualization at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld. 

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 is fast approaching! If you are as excited as we are about the fascinating new Oracle virtualization content featured at Oracle OpenWorld 2012, you won’t want to miss this blog mini-series. We will be highlighting sessions that cover advances and innovations in our products, our product strategy and roadmap, and hands on labs for step-by-step instructions from our field and product experts.

In the blog mini-series you will learn about:

  • The Oracle Virtualization general keynote session
  • Hands-on labs 
  • Key Oracle server and desktop virtualization sessions

In this entry, we will cover the Oracle Virtualization keynote session and the hands-on labs you won't want to miss.

Session ID: GEN8725

Oracle offers the industry’s most complete and integrated virtualization portfolio enabling organizations to realize benefits beyond simple consolidation as they transform their data centers into flexible cloud-based infrastructures. Join Oracle executives and experts to learn about Oracle’s desktop-to-data-center virtualization solutions, such as the OS, with built-in management integration at all layers that can help you virtualize and manage the complete computing environment, from physical servers to virtual servers and applications. This “don’t-miss” session offers details of the latest product updates and strategy; product roadmaps; integration with enterprise applications; and real-world examples of how Oracle server, desktop, and storage virtualization is benefiting customers.

Here are our top picks for Hands-On Labs for Oracle OpenWorld 2012:

Session ID: HOL9907
This hands-on lab demonstrates the performance (using an industry-standard load tester) and roaming capabilities of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Oracle’s Sun Ray Clients, Apple iPad and other clients.

Session ID: HOL9558
This hands-on lab takes you through the planning and deployment of an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environment with Oracle VM as the foundation. It covers a range of topics, from planning storage capacity, LUN creation, network bandwidth planning, and best practices to designing and streamlining the environment for ease of management. Learn from deeply experienced field engineers and product experts.

Session ID: HOL9559
This hands-on lab is for application architects or system administrators who will need to deploy and manage Oracle Applications. You’ll learn how Oracle VM Templates can turn you into a power user who can virtualize and deploy complex Oracle Applications in minutes. Longtime field-experienced engineers and product experts will show you, step by step, how to download and import templates and deploy the applications.

Session ID: HOL9870
The purpose of this hands-on lab is to demonstrate the functionality and usage of Oracle’s enterprise cloud infrastructure for x86 with Oracle VM 3.x. It covers: 

  • Creation of VMs
  • Migration of VMs 
  • Quick and easy deployment of Oracle applications with Oracle VM Templates 
  • Usage of the Storage Connect plug-in for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance
You can find these and other great sessions on the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Content Catalog. Start checking now to better plan and organize your week at the conference. Then you’ll be ready to sign up for all of your sessions in mid-July when the scheduling tool goes live.

While the hands-on labs allow you to directly interact with Oracle virtualization products, the conference sessions allow you to hear from a wide variety of industry experts on how they're using they technology in real world deployments, solving specific challenges, and more. In tomorrow's entry, we'll start talking about the many conference sessions related to Oracle server and desktop virtualization you can attend during the show. See you then!

- The Oracle Virtualization marketing team

Wednesday Jul 04, 2012

Oracle VM Server for x86 Training Schedule

Learn about Oracle VM Server for x86 to see how you can accelerate enterprise application deployment and simplify lifecycle management with fully integrated support from physical to virtual servers including applications.

Oracle offers a 3 day course Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86. This course  teaches you how to:

  • Build a virtualization platform using the Oracle VM Manager and Oracle VM Server for x86.
  • Deploy and manage highly configurable, inter-connected virtual machines.
  • Install and configure Oracle VM Server for x86 as well as details of network and storage configuration, pool and repository creation, and virtual machine management.

You can take this course as follows:

  • Live Virtual Class - taking the course from your own desktop accessing a live teach by top Oracle instructors and accessing extensive hands-on exercises. No travel necessary. Over 300 events are current scheduled in many timezones across the world. See the full schedule by going to the Oracle University Portal and clicking on Virtualization.
  • In Classroom - Events scheduled include those shown below:



 Delivery Language

 Warsaw, Poland

 6 August 2012


 Istanbul, Turkey

 10 September 2012


 Dusseldorf, Germany

 6 August 2012


 Munich, Germany

 10 September 2012


 Paris, France

 17 October 2012


 Denver, Colorado, US

 30 July 2012


 Roseville, Minnesota, US

 23 July 2012


 Sydney, Australia

 3 September


For more information on this course and these events or to search for additional events or register your interest in an additional event/location, please visit the Oracle University Portal and click on Virtualization.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Oracle VM Moves into Challenger Position in the Latest Gartner Magic Quadrant

Oracle Innovations boost Oracle VM into Challenger Position in Gartner x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure Magic Quadrant

Oracle VM's placement in the just published Gartner x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure Magic Quadrant affirms the Oracle strategy and is also supported by strong customer momentum gains. Optimizations delivered in Oracle VM releases during this last year along with easy software access and low cost licensing have moved Oracle’s placement into the Challenger quadrant in a very short time.

Oracle continues to focus on delivering a strong integrated virtualization with Oracle VM and the managed stack in the following areas:

  • Integrated management with Oracle VM and all layers of the Oracle stack from hardware to virtualization to cloud
  • Application-Driven virtualization with Oracle VM templates for rapid enterprise application deployment
  • Certified Oracle applications on Oracle VM
  • Complete stack solution offering more values to customers

Get a copy of the Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure report to read more about how Oracle VM rapidly moved up in its new position.

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Server Virtualization for Dummies eBook - Get Your Copy Now

Server Virtualization for Dummies eBook - Oracle Special Edition

Get Your Copy Now.

Download your copy nowNeed to virtualize but concerned about complexity of the migration of your applications? Virtualization should make things simpler, from servers to deployment of the application workload.

To learn more about how Oracle’s server virtualization solutions can help you eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and respond rapidly to changing needs, download Server Virtualization for Dummies, an Oracle Special Edition eBook. 

Download your exclusive copy of Server Virtualization for Dummies, Oracle Special Edition today.

Tuesday May 15, 2012

Oracle Virtualization: Live in a City Near You!

It's been a very busy time for virtualization here at Oracle! One of the things we really like doing is getting out at trade shows to meet and talk to customers and show them our solutions first hand. 

We've been at a number of shows recently. Here is a short list of shows we've done just in the last few weeks:

Collaborate 12 (Oracle user community)
ICMI ACCE 2012 (contact centers) 

A recurring theme at these shows is how we can help customers deploy applications faster. One of the key benefits of Oracle Virtualization (both server and desktop) is that your Oracle Applications and virtualization (and servers and storage!) are all from the same vendor. This helps everything work together smoothly, which can cut down your test/deploy/fix time considerably.

Here are some pictures from ICMI ACCE 12:

And here are some pictures from Collaborate 12:

We hope you can get out to one of these trade shows and see our products in action! Speaking of which, we're getting close to our presence at BriForum London, May 23-24. We'll have live blogs from the show floor, Twitter and Facebook updates, nearly live videos on our Oracle Virtualization YouTube channel, and more. If you're going, we hope to see you there!


For more information, please go to the Oracle Virtualization web page, or  follow us at : 

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Monday Apr 23, 2012

Collaborate12 Starts Today!

We're very proud to be showing off Oracle Virtualization at Collaborate12 in Las Vegas, starting today! We have quite a few virtualization sessions for you to see. Here are a few highlights:


11:00AM, Session 543 - Virtualization Boot Camp: Oracle VM Consolidation and Path to the Cloud on the Cisco Unified Computing System
2:30 PM, Session 835 - Be Effective, Bring Your Own Device!


4:30 PM, Session 832 - Virtualization Boot Camp: What's New with Oracle VM Server for x86


3:00 PM, Session 831 - Oracle Virtualization Strategy and Roadmap 

There are 13 virtualization sessions in total at Collaborate12, click here for the complete list

You can also see demos of Oracle VM and Oracle desktop virtualization in the demo area. We hope to see you there!


Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

New Oracle VM Hardware Certifications

We've received inquiries from the community on certification of Oracle VM 3.0 on HP Proliant systems. We're pleased to update that we've recently completed certification of the HP Proliant systems for Oracle VM 3.0.

The newly certified systems are:

  • ProLiant DL980 G7 Hewlett Packard Oracle VM 3.0 x86_64
  • ProLiant BL680c G7 Hewlett Packard Oracle VM 3.0 x86_64 
  • ProLiant BL465c G7 Hewlett Packard Oracle VM 3.0 x86_64 
  • ProLiant BL460c G7 Hewlett Packard Oracle VM 3.0 x86_64 
  • ProLiant DL380 G7 Hewlett Packard Oracle VM 3.0 x86_64

See this Oracle VM Certified Hardware page for more details.

For more information, please go to the Oracle Virtualization web page, or  follow us at : 

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Monday Mar 19, 2012

Oracle Virtualization Newsletter, March Edition: Hot off the Press

The March edition of the Oracle Virtualization newsletter is now available. Articles include:

  • Take the Oracle VM Survey
  • Geek Week review of Oracle's VDI on
  • Webcast: Simplify Oracle RAC Deployment with Oracle VM, March 20
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox Commercial Licensing
  • Links to the latest technical whitepapers
  • Training
  • Upcoming Events

Read it here.

Subscribe to the newsletter. 

Tuesday Mar 13, 2012

Webcast: Deploy Oracle RAC in Minutes with Oracle VM Templates

Join us for the webcast titled, "Simplify Oracle RAC Deployment with Oracle VM", being held on March 20th at 9am PT.

While Server virtualization is becoming more common practice, the deployment of enterprise application workloads continues to remain a complex and time consuming endeavor for IT. Oracle VM is specifically designed to help IT accelerate and simplify enterprise application deployment and management. Using Oracle VM pre-built templates, complex application deployments, updates and upgrades can be reduced from days/weeks to minutes and hours; including the deployment of Oracle (Real Application Clusters (RAC)) Database environments. Learn how you can:

  • Deploy an Oracle (RAC) Database environment in minutes with Oracle VM templates
  • Create, deploy or convert existing systems into highly available cluster environments
  • Instantly respond to changing demand by relocating resources between servers


  • Ronen Kofman – Product Management Director, Oracle 
  • Markus Michalewicz – Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Day and Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time: 9am PT

Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Oracle VM 3 customer survey - your feedback is important to us

Dear Customers,

In a constant effort to improve Oracle VM we would like to collect feedback from our customer about their experience with Oracle VM and their opinion about how to improve the product. This survey is targeting users who have gained some hands on experience with Oracle VM 3 and can be specific about the features they find important and useful and what feature they would like to see more of or improve.

This survey is specific to Oracle VM for x86.

Here is the link to the survey:

Kind Regards,

Oracle VM Product Management Team

Implementing Secure Live Migration with Oracle VM Server for SPARC

One of the notable benefits that customers are using Oracle VM Server for SPARC is the ability to migrate an active domain to another host machine while maintaining application services to users. In addition, on-chip cryptographic accelerators deliver secure, wire speed encryption capabilities for live migration – without any additional hardware investments.

We published a white paper to illustrate the complete process of implementing secure live migration with Oracle VM Server for SPARC, including the creation and configuration of guest domains as well as the storage configuration and layout plus software requirements that were used to demonstrate the secure live migration between two SPARC T4 systems running Oracle Database workloads on Oracle Solaris

To learn more about Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle's virtualization solutions, please visit

Thursday Feb 02, 2012

Using Oracle VM Server 3.0.3 SDK

We released the Oracle VM Server 3.0.3 SDK which is delivered as Oracle VM Templates. The Oracle VM Server SDK Template provides an environment for third party drivers to be built for the Oracle VM Server for x86. This environment is being provided because the Oracle VM dom0 (management domain) only contains a minimum set of packages, and it does not provide the additional development packages needed for building modules. 

With the Oracle VM Server SDK, you can easily build a device driver for Oracle VM Server 3.0.3:

1) Set up a running Oracle VM environment including Oracle VM Manager 3.0 and Oracle VM Server 3.0. Refer to Oracle VM Documentation for additional details.

2) Download Oracle VM Server 3.0 SDK from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Select "Oracle VM Templates" from the "Select a Product Pack" pull-down menu, and choose "x86 64bit". Then locate the Oracle VM Server 3.0.3 SDK. Be sure to read the README. 

3) Import the Oracle VM Template for Oracle VM Server 3.0.3 SDK from Oracle VM Manager, and clone the VM from the imported template. Refer to the documentation: Managing Virtual Machines for specific instructions of importing the template and cloning a VM from the template.

4) Start the VM  - connecting to VM console and provide the network setting (DHCP or static IP, hostname, etc).

5) Log into the VM, download the driver and uncompress the driver source files. Then you are ready to build the driver for Oracle VM Server.

Note that Oracle provides support for third party drivers which have been developed by partners in the Oracle Partner Network. For drivers compiled by customers or partners using the SDK but that are not a part of the Oracle Partner Network, Oracle will provide a "reasonable effort" level of support as described by Oracle's "un-certified configuration" support policy. However, Oracle does not provide updates for any drivers built for Oracle VM Servers that have not been distributed by the Unbreakable Linux Network. To become an Oracle Partner, please refer to the page of Oracle VM Knowledge Zone for Partners.

Friday Jan 06, 2012

Virtualization Review 2012 Reader's Choice Awards

We're very excited to share with you that Oracle virtualization has been recognized in Virtualization Review's 2012 Reader's Choice Awards! Have a read through the article here.

Products from our portfolio were awarded the "Preferred Products" designation in three different categories:
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 
  • Thin/Zero Client Computing

It's an exciting start to 2012! Many thanks to our customers and everyone who voted for us, we couldn't do it without you!


Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Live Webcast, Dec. 6: Enterprise Clouds with Oracle VM

Mark your calendar! On Tuesday, Dec. 6th at 9am PT, we are hosting a live webcast with Oracle VM experts.

Enterprise Clouds with Oracle VM

Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 9 AM US PT

The ability to create a cloud leveraging public or private infrastructure has been hampered by the lack of availability of practical, cost-effective choices for server virtualization. In this session, you will learn how Oracle provides a single virtualization solution for your entire infrastructure, and how Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder help you manage Oracle Applications across the cloud. Also find out how virtualization was leveraged to transform IT for Oracle University and support more than 350,00 students in more than 40,000 classes each year. Those lessons have paved the path to private cloud computing inside Oracle.

Adam Hawley, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle
Dan Herrup, Principal Systems Engineer, Oracle Corporate Citizenship

Register Now.


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