Friday Oct 09, 2015

Friday Spotlight: How to find your Cloud-in-a-box in San Francisco?

Attending Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco is like walking through the famed FAO Schwarz toy store or the LEGO store. There are so many cool and fantastic products that wow you. If you are on a mission to find your cloud-in-a-box at this conference, let the Hero 6 team help you navigate through the sea of 60,000 people and thousands of sessions.

Meet Hero #1: ICA AB Group, one of the largest retail companies in the Nordics region, covering Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 

On Monday October 26th morning, you attend the Private Cloud Appliance Roadmap and Insights from Engineering [CON8762] at the Intercontinental Hotel. Hero #1 explains how Oracle Private Cloud Appliance was used to set the new benchmark within ICA and how this Engineered System became the “standard platform” for all database and application deployments.

You run into Hero #2: Atos Nederland B.V., an international leader in digital services and Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games.

Always a fan of the Olympic games, you attend the Atos Virtual Oracle Computing Hotel: Private Cloud Appliance in a Flexible Service Wrapper [CON7886] to hear Hero #2 talk about how he created the “Virtual Oracle Computing (VOC) Hotel" with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. The VOC hotel offers guests 4 different room sizes and aligns Oracle license cost with the CPU cores you actually use.

On Tuesday October 27th, you want to hear about Oracle’s Virtualization vision and attend the General Session: How Oracle Linux and Virtualization Power the Cloud [GEN9486] with Senior VP Wim Coekaerts. This General Session takes place at the Park Central hotel.

You then hurry over to the Intercontinental Hotel to meet Hero #3: Secure-24, a leading Service Provider in North America.

During the session Transforming Application Delivery with Private Cloud Appliance [CON2528], Hero #3 will discuss how Oracle Private Cloud Appliance combined with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance helped this hero achieve performance improvements while reducing delivery costs by 90 percent for Oracle workloads running on both Linux and Windows.

Still in pursuit of your cloud-in-a-box, you go back to the Intercontinental hotel on Wednedsday October 28th to meet Hero #4: Xait, a leader in Oil and Gas Collaborative Authoring Solutions with headquarter in Norway.

And Hero #5: Tier1, a North American consulting and support organization 

In the Real-World Insight: Private Cloud Appliance in Action [CON8765], you hear about best practices and learnings from these vastly different heroes when they deployed Oracle Private Cloud Appliance for a range of traditional and cloud workloads.

Happy with what you have heard from 5 different customers, you head off to the Oracle Customer Appreciation Event to hear the music of Elton John and Beck while enjoying the 360-degree views of the San Francisco and Oakland skylines.

Ah, on the last day of the conference Thursday October 29th, you go to Moscone South to meet the last Hero: Accenture Enkitec Group

Hero #6 provides the last use-case in the session on Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle Exadata for High-Volume Financial Services Systems [CON5175].

Wait, one more session to attend All-Flash Cloud—Simplify Deployment Using Private Cloud Appliance with Oracle All Flash FS [CON8066] to complete your search for a cloud-in-a-box.

It’s been a whole week of fun. You've found what you were looking for through all the sessions with the Hero 6 team. Good bye San Francisco.

Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

Oracle Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Part 1

It's that time of year again when you have a unique opportunity to meet and talk with Oracle's virtualization experts at Oracle OpenWorld. This is the first of a series of blogs where we'll discuss virtualization related activities happening at this year's show.

The theme of this year's show is "The Future Begins at Oracle OpenWorld", and the content we've put together for you is reflective of that. We have sessions, demos, hands on labs, and many opportunities for you to meet with our executives, developers, technical staff, and more, and learn everything you need to know about Oracle virtualization.

In this first blog of the series, I'd like to highlight some of the virtualization sessions in the main OpenWorld virtualization track:

General Session: Oracle Virtualization Strategy and Roadmap (GEN9535)
In this can't miss session, you will get details of the latest product updates and strategy, product roadmaps, integration with enterprise applications, and real-world examples of how Oracle server, desktop, storage, and network virtualization are benefiting customers.

Building a World-Class Public and Private Cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager (CON3449)
In this session, you will learn about Oracle VM application-driven virtualization with Oracle VM Templates and integrated total cloud control management with Oracle Enterprise Manager. You’ll hear from Korea Telecom about how it is experiencing the ease and speed of delivering cloud infrastructure and application services in its enterprise. 

Best Practices for Deploying Highly Scalable Virtualized Oracle Applications (CON11257)
This session introduces a systematic methodology for migrating existing Oracle E-Business Suite applications and Oracle’s JD Edward EnterpriseOne applications from a physical server environment to a virtual environment. Hear experts from Dell and Oracle about how to plan, size, and identify the best techniques for using Oracle VM Templates to simplify your application migration or consolidation. 

Best Practices for Virtualizing Oracle Database with Oracle VM Templates (CON9555)
With Oracle VM Templates—preconfigured, pretested, and certified for Oracle Database and Oracle applications—you can virtualize your database and applications with ease and peace of mind. In this session, learn about Oracle VM Templates from experts from and Oracle.

The Real Benefits of Private Clouds with Oracle VM (CON9545) 
In this session, you will gain practical insight into quantifiable savings delivered by application-driven virtualization, which enables simplified management and application deployment that is 7x to 10x as fast. You will also hear how Time Warner Cable achieves real savings deploying private clouds with Oracle VM. 

Implementing Secure Access to Oracle Applications and Critical Data  (CON9547)
Oracle Secure Global Desktop is an ideal tool for providing secure remote access to nearly any application, including Oracle Applications and even custom, in-house software. Attend this session to hear experts from Airbus and NHS Lothian discuss how they use Oracle Secure Global Desktop to provide secure access to their critical applications and data.      

This is just a sampling of the many sessions you have to choose from. We'll talk more about other sessions you can attend, the hands on labs, and demos in future entries. Until then, feel free to have a look through the Content Catalog (search on "virtualization" or other related terms to see what piques your interest!).

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