Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

Deploying Oracle RAC using Oracle VM Templates - An Economic Impact Assessment

Oracle VM application driven architecture is designed to enable rapid application deployment. With the use of Oracle VM Templates, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Database or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) can be deployed in minutes—10x faster than with other solutions.

We are pleased to share the report performed by Evaluator Group:

They studied the creation and use of virtualized server templates as an administrative process for server deployments in an Oracle RAC environment — a process that can be surprisingly complex if done manually within any database environment.

This study was done in two ways:

  • Evaluator Group conducted an independent lab comparison of template creation methods in an Oracle database application environment. We first built templates 'from scratch' and deployed virtualized servers for Oracle RAC under VMware while tracking the time consumed for each step in the process. We then repeated the same process of deploying virtualized Oracle RAC servers, but in this second iteration they used Oracle VM and the templates that are included with Oracle VM to create clones of virtual machines. Again, they tracked the time consumed for each step in this process.
  • They also interviewed an Oracle systems administrator as a basis for additional comparison of building templates in a production environment. For this customer, templates were a “game changer” because of an ability to deploy database and business intelligence services up to twenty times faster for their customers.

Evaluator Group conducted this study of both methods to compare the two on the basis of management complexity, risk resulting from administrative error, and overall time consumed.

To learn more about Evaluator Group's findings, read the paper Evaluate Group Technology Insight Paper - Deploying Oracle RAC using Oracle VM Templates – An Economic Impact Assessment. You can gain the same benefits in your overall production environment with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux, like the customer example shown in the paper.  

Wednesday Feb 04, 2015

New Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database

Oracle VM application driven architecture is designed to enable rapid application deployment. With the use of Oracle VM Templates, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Database or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) can be deployed in minutes—10x faster than with other solutions. Today, we are pleased to announce the latest Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database.

  •  [Feb 2015] Single Instance & Oracle RAC 12c Release 1, including Oracle Grid Infrastructure ( & Oracle Linux 6 Update 6 - Available from My Oracle Support under Patch number 18888811 for 64-Bit Linux
  • [Feb 2015] Oracle RAC 11g Release 2, including Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patch Set three ( & Oracle Linux 5 Update 11 - Available from My Oracle Support under Patch number 14000033 for 64-Bit Linux

    NEW in 2015 Templates:

    • Yum@Deploy support(11gR2 & 12c) - Allows running yum install/update during first boot/deployment and subsequent re-builds.
    • Multi-Diskgroup support for Oracle ASM
    • Support for multiplexed Controlfile & REDO logfiles
    • Default kernel boot is Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel  Release 3 (3.8.13-55), seamless transition to HVM mode
    • Oracle Linux 7, BTRFS & KSplice Ready!

    The Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database provides a framework that fully automates the creation of a Single Instance, Oracle Restart (Single Instance/HA) or Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) configurations in an Oracle VM environment. In a matter of minutes the versatile and powerful Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database can be cloned into any number of VMs which could be deployed as a Single Instance, Oracle Restart (Single Instance/HA) or Oracle RAC of any number of nodes.

    To learn more about use cases for Oracle VM Templates and get in-depth knowledge to easily deploy Oracle Database 12c and Oracle RAC using Oracle VM Templates, please watch the webcast on-demand:

    • Oracle VM Templates Best Practices for Rapid Oracle Database Deployment, register here.
  • Friday Nov 08, 2013

    DON'T MISS: Live Webcast - Nimble SmartStack for Oracle with Cisco UCS (Nov 12)

    You are invited to the live webcast with Nimble Storage, Oracle and Cisco where we will talk about the new SmartStack solution from Nimble Storage that features Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Cisco UCS products. In this webinar, you will learn how Nimble Storage SmartStack with Oracle and Cisco provides a converged infrastructure for Oracle Database environments with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. SmartStack, built on best-of-breed components, delivers the performance and reliability needed for deploying Oracle on a single symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server or Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on multiple nodes. 

    When : Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 11:00 AM Pacific Time

    Michele Resta, Director of Linux and Virtualization Alliances, Oracle
    John McAbel, Senior Product Manager, Cisco
    Ibby Rahmani, Solutions Marketing, Nimble Storage

    SmartStack™solutions provide pre-validated reference architectures that speed deployments and minimize risk. 

      •     The pre-validated converged infrastructure is based on an Oracle Validated Configuration that includes Oracle Database and Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.
      •     The solution components include a Nimble Storage CS-Series array, two Cisco UCS B200 M3 blade servers, Oracle Linux 6 Update 4 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, and Oracle Database 11g Release 2 or Oracle Database 12c Release 1.
      •     The Nimble Storage CS-Series is certified with Oracle VM 3.2 providing an even more flexible solution leveraging virtualization for functions such as test and development by delivering excellent random I/O performance in Oracle VM environments.

        Friday Oct 18, 2013

        Oracle Virtualization Friday Spotlight - October 18, 2013

        Opening The Oracle VM Templates Blackbox

        Oracle VM Templates give you the efficiency of speed and the assurance of no guess work. For those in the know, Oracle VM Guest Additions is a great way to empower you to do more interesting things with the Templates. Today’s blog article is to share the secrets with those who are not content with just treating Oracle VM Templates as a black box.

        Oracle VM Guest Additions is a set of packages that can be installed on the guest operating system of a virtual machine running in the Oracle VM environment. These packages provide the tools to allow bi-directional communication directly between the Oracle VM Manager and the operating system running within the virtual machine. OK here’s where the ‘power-user’ part comes in…. This gives your fine-grained control over the configuration and behavior of components running within the virtual machine directly from Oracle VM Manager. You now have the ability to see and direct what goes on inside your VM from Oracle VM Manager.

        • Get a reporting on IP addressing
        • Use the template configuration facility to automatically configure virtual machines as they are first started
        • Send messages directly to a virtual machine to trigger programmed events
        • Query a virtual machine to obtain information pertaining to previous messages

        Enough of the theory!

        To get hands-on how-to’s and talk directly with the product expert on Oracle VM Guest Additions, Robbie de Meyer, or Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database and RAC Template expert Saar Maoz, join us for the Oct 24th live webcast. You can also read more about the Oracle VM Guest Additions in the whitepaper.

        Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

        Overstock.com, Data Intensity, State University of New York on why Oracle VM is best for Oracle Database and Oracle Applications

        Just five days left to Oracle OpenWorld! This is a great opportunity to attend sessions in the virtualization track and hear directly from customers on why Oracle VM is best for Oracle Databases and Oracle Applications.

        Oracle VM Templates are powerful tools that can transform daily IT individuals into IT heroes. Hear from Oracle engineering architects to learn how we built in the power of automation to allow for repeatable auto deployment of Oracle Database and Oracle Applications. In CON9555 hear from Oracle experts on creation of templates for Oracle Database, single instance deployments and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) deployments. In the same session, also hear from the Overstock.com web operations team on how they are able to benefit from application deployment with Oracle VM Templates.

        In CON11257, hear from Oracle ACEs on best practices for virtualizing Oracle E-Business Suite. In the same session, hear from the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne team on deployment using Oracle VM Templates. For enterprise applications, high availability is key, join us in CON11258 and hear from Data Intensity on best practices for building a highly available virtualized infrastructure with Oracle VM. For more on the combined power of Oracle VM Templates and Enterprise Manager 12c, checkout CON9584 and hear how State University of New York, one of the largest university systems in the US, uses Oracle VM and Enterprise Manager 12c to enable self-service provisioning and publish applications as cloud services.  

        Anxious to put all that you’ve heard to work, you can join us in the Hands On Lab session HOL9982. In this one hour step-by-step instructor led class, you’ll be guided by Oracle’s long time field experts and Oracle VM Templates architects. By the time you are done with the lab, you will have deployed a 4 node RAC cluster. You'll get access to so much knowledge and practical hands on experience that you can put to use immediately, it's more than enough reason to justify your attendance at Oracle OpenWorld!

        Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

        New reasons why Oracle VM is best for Oracle Databases

        Many thanks to those who stopped by our booth #330 at VMworld! For many of you, we will meet again at Oracle OpenWorld in just a few short weeks. Virtualization related content at Oracle OpenWorld can be found in our Focus On Virtualization document.

        We received quite a few inquiries and interest from long time Oracle Database users looking to migrate from physical to virtual environments. Following up on our discussion on why Oracle VM is best for Oracle Database are new releases of the Oracle VM Templates that fully automate the creation of Single Instance, Oracle Restart and RAC configurations. Wim’s detailed blog showcases the elegance and simplicity of the templates.

        How does deploying Oracle Database using Oracle VM Templates different from deploying Oracle Database with traditional virtualization technology? The complexity and intricate dependencies of Oracle Database deployment is fully encapsulated in a simple script that you can run. Simply, we’ve done the work so you don’t have to. You can deploy the Oracle Database single instance or in a clustered environment in a matter of minutes…..the right way!

        The Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database are completely pre-configured, pre-tested and pre-packaged in a VM along with Oracle best practices so you have peace of mind that you can indeed deploy and forget. As for performance, read what independent benchmark findings have to say in the Revera benchmarks in a side-by-side comparison, or the most recently posted benchmark results on Oracle Database performance on Oracle VM from Open Universities Australia.

        For more information on the new templates visit the Oracle VM Templates home page on OTN

        For a more interactive learning option, there are a couple of opportunities coming up soon that you can take advantage of. First, Saar Maoz will be hosting a webinar this Thursday (8/29) where he will be discussing Oracle VM Templates and Oracle Database. Head on over to the Real Application Clusters Special Interest Group to learn more and register.

        And If you'd like to learn how to deploy a 4 node RAC cluster within 1 hour, join Oracle field implementation experienced experts in a 1 hour step-by-step hands on lab at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 for this session: 

        Monday Aug 19, 2013

        Open Universities Australia uses Oracle VM to Virtualize Oracle Database and PeopleSoft

        Open Universities Australia Realizes Valuable Savings and Simplifies IT with Oracle VM

        Deploys Virtualized Oracle Database and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Applications to Production, Development and Disaster Recovery Environments in Campus-Wide Infrastructure Upgrade

        Read the entire press release.

        Open Universities Australia (OUA) director of ICT, Anthony Russo, was faced with a 3 year cycle of systems upgrade. With tightening budgets to meet growth targets, needing to deliver on cost efficiencies while staying within constraints of existing license footprints and implementing a zero outage operations model, Anthony had to re-evaluate his traditional IT approach with bare metal computing.

        Virtualizing Oracle Database and Oracle PeopleSoft Campus applications were a remote option for Anthony due to fear of loss in performance and managing the complexity of the environment with a small IT staff. The environments that would be affected were the hosted development, and cloud based environments for both Production and Disaster Recovery.

        However, the looming hardware refresh and software upgrade costs of over $300,000 convinced Anthony to evaluate Virtualization.

        Oracle VM claims as the best virtualization technology for Oracle Database and enterprise applications workload were not sufficient data to decide on this important refresh. Anthony embarked on a performance testing validation exercise. To his surprise, his own performance results debunked the performance myths about virtualizing database workloads -- in fact in some cases virtualized workloads on Oracle VM performed better than even on bare metal!

        As for the fear of complexity introduced to his IT process by virtualization, this was also debunked with Oracle VM Templates and Oracle Enterprise Manger 12c. His IT team provisioned a multi-node Oracle RAC environment all within a few hours using the Oracle VM Templates with pre-configured Oracle Database, RAC and Oracle Linux. With Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, the team is able to manage and monitor Oracle VM servers and virtual machines across multiple locations from a single console.

        Anthony shares his report findings in a whitepaper “ Oracle VM on Oracle Real Application Clusters, Physical vs. Virtual Database” hosted by the Independent Oracle User Group. Here is a sample of some of the key findings in the report:

        To access the complete report, visit the IOUG Website sign up for a Free Associate Membership and join the Cloud Computing SIG.

        Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

        Oracle VM at the IOUG Virtualization SIG – Online Symposium

        Join the Oracle VM product managers and product experts for a day full of best practices and information on the latest product updates. A sampling of what you can expect:

        • Best practices from a customer’s perspective on deployment of Oracle VM and Oracle RAC.
        • How to simplify and accelerate the onboarding of your applications to the cloud with Oracle Virtual Assemblies and Enterprise Manager 12c.
        • The latest how-to and demo of DeployCluster Tool on Oracle VM 3.

        Date: Tomorrow, November 7th, 10am CDT – 2:50pm CDT

        Thursday Oct 18, 2012

        Two Upcoming Server Virtualization Webcasts

        We have a couple of interesting server virtualization webcasts coming up that you might be interested in. Have a look: 

        Webcast 1: October 23rd, 9 am PST

        Virtualized Infrastructure Simplified with Oracle VM and NetApp Storage and Data Management Solutions
        Point-and-Click Interface Deploys Virtualized Data Infrastructure in Minutes 

        Provisioning and deploying a virtual data infrastructure can be costly, time-consuming, and prone to error. Oracle VM and NetApp joint solutions, however, give you a single point-and-click interface to deploy your virtualized data infrastructure seamlessly in minutes. Join us in this live webcast to learn more from product experts and view a product demo.
        Webcast 2: November 14th, 9 am PST

        Report Shows Oracle VM Up to 10x Faster than VMware vSphere 5 in Time to Deployment

        Time is your IT department’s greatest commodity. So when a new report reveals that your IT staff can deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) up to 10 times faster than a traditional install performed with VMware vSphere 5, it’s newsworthy. Join us in this live webcast to learn how you can realize your time savings.

        Register (for free!) here

        Friday Aug 24, 2012

        Oracle VM Templates Enable Oracle Real Application Clusters Deployment Up to 10 Times Faster than VMware vSphere

        Oracle VM - Quantifying the Value of Application-Driven Deployment

        Oracle VM - Quantifying the Value of Application-Driven Deployment

        The recently published report by the Evaluator Group, “Oracle VM – Quantifying The Value of Application-Driven Virtualization,“ validates Oracle’s ease of use and time savings over VMware vSphere 5. The report found that users can deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters up to 10 times faster with Oracle VM templates than VMware vSphere. Using Oracle VM templates users can deploy E-Business Suites nearly 7 times faster than VMware vSphere.

        "Oracle VM’s application-driven architecture was built to enable rapid deployment of enterprise applications, with simplified integrated lifecycle management, to fully support Oracle applications. Our testing has demonstrated 90 percent improvement deploying Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g R2 using Oracle VM Templates and a similar improvement of 85 percent for the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.1. This clearly shows that Templates can provide real value to customers and should become an essential component for enabling rapid enterprise application deployment and management," said Leah Schoeb, Senior Partner, Evaluator Group.

        Read the Press Release

        Get a copy of the Evaluator Group Report: Oracle VM – Quantifying The Value of Application-Driven Virtualization

        Tuesday Mar 13, 2012

        Webcast: Deploy Oracle RAC in Minutes with Oracle VM Templates

        Join us for the webcast titled, "Simplify Oracle RAC Deployment with Oracle VM", being held on March 20th at 9am PT.

        While Server virtualization is becoming more common practice, the deployment of enterprise application workloads continues to remain a complex and time consuming endeavor for IT. Oracle VM is specifically designed to help IT accelerate and simplify enterprise application deployment and management. Using Oracle VM pre-built templates, complex application deployments, updates and upgrades can be reduced from days/weeks to minutes and hours; including the deployment of Oracle (Real Application Clusters (RAC)) Database environments. Learn how you can:

        • Deploy an Oracle (RAC) Database environment in minutes with Oracle VM templates
        • Create, deploy or convert existing systems into highly available cluster environments
        • Instantly respond to changing demand by relocating resources between servers


        • Ronen Kofman – Product Management Director, Oracle 
        • Markus Michalewicz – Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

        Day and Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

        Time: 9am PT

        Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

        Oracle VM Template for Oracle RAC 11g Webinar Slides & SIG Info

        Thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of you that joined us today for the Webinar on how to use Oracle VM Templates to create a fully configured 2 node RAC 11g cluster in about 30mins.

        For those of you that missed it....

        • A PDF of the slides are already available here
        • An on-demand playback of the webinar should be posted in the next day or so, so check back here (www.oracle.com/virtualization) by going to the "Events" section on the right hand side for this and other past webinars.
        • Plan to attend a 2hr extended version of this, including hands-on demo time sponsored by the RAC SIG (Special Interest Group).  See here for details.

        Monday Nov 08, 2010

        Deploy A Highly Available Virtualized Infrastructure with Oracle VM and Oracle RAC

        Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 16th at 9am US PT as we discuss how the combination of Oracle VM server virtualization and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) enables the benefits of a virtualized data center infrastructure for highly available applications.

        In this session we will cover technical details of how to use and deploy Oracle RAC in an Oracle VM environment, and create a production ready multi-node virtual environment in a fully automated way. Attend this session to understand how you can benefit from the most highly-available, grid-ready combination of Oracle VM and Oracle RAC.

        Get more info and register here.


        Sunday Sep 12, 2010

        More Oracle VM Templates to Accelerate Application Deployment

        We have a few new Oracle VM Templates that are available for customers to download, as pointed out in Wim's blog.

        Oracle VM template is a fully pre-installed, pre-configured virtual machine that can be downloaded onto an installed Oracle VM server. An Oracle VM Template may include a single virtual machine, with a single Oracle product such as a single-instance database or WebLogic Server or multiple VMs with multiple Oracle products to facilitate rapid deployment of even the most complex composite applications such as Siebel CRM, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, or E-Business Suite.

        Customers benefit from the rapid application deployment with Oracle VM Templates; for example, they can deploy new technology to their customers 90% more quickly, eliminating a previously cumbersome manual process. To learn more, you can watch the flash demo.

        Here's a list of new templates that were newly added over the last few months:
        For a complete list of available Oracle VM Templates, please visit:

        Tuesday Mar 16, 2010

        Best Practices around Oracle VM with RAC: RAC SIG webcast - Thursday, March 18th -

        The RAC SIG will be hosting an interesting webcast this Thursday, March 18th at 9am pacific time (5pm GMT) on:

        Best Practices around Oracle VM with RAC

        The adaptation of virtualization technology has risen tremendously and continues to grow due to the rapid change and growth rate of IT infrastructures. With this in mind, this seminar focuses on configuration best practices, examining how Oracle RAC scales & performs in a virtualized environment, and evaluating Oracle VM Server's ease of use.

        Roger Lopez from Dell IT will be presenting.

        This Week's Webcast Connection Info:
        Webcast URL (use Internet Explorer):


        Voice can either be heard via the webconference or via the following
        dial in:

        Participant Dial-In 877-671-0452
        International Dial-In 706-634-9644
        International Dial-In No Link http://www.intercall.com/national/oracleuniversity/gdnam.html

        Intercall Password 86336


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