Saturday Nov 16, 2013

Bring Oracle VM Environment Up to Date

We incorporate our customer's feedback and bug fixes into the regular updates. It's very beneficial to use the latest update of Oracle VM releases.

Oracle VM 3.2  (Oracle VM Manager and Oracle VM Server for x86) is the current stable release, which has with all the advance management capabilities built-in. 3.2.6 is the latest patch update. You can review the list of bug fixes and enhancements here.

For those customers who are running Oracle VM Server for x86 release 2.2, we recommend you to migrate to the latest Oracle VM 3.2. See the resources below to help with the migration:

If the customers have to stay with Oracle VM 2.2 for an extended period of time, please be sure to update Oracle VM server for x86 to the latest 2.2.3, which is the final update of the 2.2 server release. Oracle VM Server for x86 release 2.2.3 is the server only update,  which has integrated cumulative bug fixes since the 2.2.2 server release.

To review the list of bug fixes, please review the announcement email archive at To receive notification on the software update delivered to Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN, for Oracle VM, you can sign up here

Oracle VM support subscription is an integrated part of customer's successes. Customers enjoy the benefit of the industry-leading global support 24x7 for their server virtualization implementation, and receive access to patches, fixes, and updates via ULN and My Oracle Support

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Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

Oracle VM 3.2.3 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC updates

We've released the latest Oracle VM 3.2.3 patch updates, which are available for download from My Oracle Support. Oracle VM Server packages are also available from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (Oracle VM Sever 3.2.1 Patch Channel or Oracle VM 3 Latest Channel). The patch updates include all the accumulative bug fixes that have been integrated since 3.2.1 release.  See the download instructions:

Download Instructions

  • Oracle VM Server for x86 3.2.3 server ISO, search patch ID 16410428; and also available from ULN -
  • Oracle VM Manager 3.2.3 upgrade, search patch ID 16410417
  • Oracle VM Agent 3.2.3 for SPARC, search patch ID 16694949

We also released updated patches for Oracle VM 3.1.1 - Oracle VM Manager 3.1.1-625 and Oracle VM Server 3.1.1-612. The download instructions are available from the above OTN download page. You can apply the patches to your Oracle VM 3.1.1 environment; but we highly recommend you upgrade Oracle VM 3.1.1 to the latest Oracle VM 3.2 update.

To upgrade Oracle VM environment, please refer to the Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide for details.

Meanwhile, we also updated Oracle VM Server for SPARC software.

  • The 3.0 release has been integrated into Oracle Solaris 11.1 SRU, refer to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 1501435.1]  from My Oracle Support. To use with Oracle VM Manager 3.2, please download Oracle VM Agent 3.2 for SPARC, search patch ID 16694949.
  • For Solaris 10, search patch ID 15682381, and apply the latest ldmd patch 150011-03

Additional Information

Oracle VM documentation is available on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

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