Monday Oct 15, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Live From The Show Floor Videos

At shows like Oracle OpenWorld, we like to catch up with the session speakers and other experts with short video clips that we post on our YouTube channel. For Oracle OpenWorld 2012, we put together this handy playlist of server and desktop virtualization related videos:

We were also able to catch up with a few Oracle Linux partners at the Oracle Linux Pavillion. You can find those videos here:

And if you'd like to look at the slides for any of our virtualization presentations or any other Oracle OpenWorld session, have a look at the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 content catalog. There's a lot of great information there!


Monday Oct 08, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Live 2012 Videos

The Oracle virtualization team is back from a very successful Oracle OpenWorld! Hopefully you were able to come to the show and talk with our virtualization experts at the demo booths or in our sessions. But if you didn't, you can get a summary of what we talked about from a number of short videos. In this post, we're going to highlight the Oracle OpenWorld Live videos, and in a future post we'll cover the videos we shot ourselves (once we get them all posted!).

If you missed it, Oracle OpenWorld Live carried keynotes and interviews with all kinds of folks during the show. They also archived these segments so you can watch them at your leisure. I've gone through the videos and selected some that highlight virtualization:

If we missed you this year, we hope to see you at OpenWorld 2013!


Thursday Jul 12, 2012

Oracle Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Part 3

Mini-Series Entry 3 of 3: Server Virtualization Sessions

This is the third entry of a three part mini-series looking at Oracle server and desktop virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.

In our previous entries, we covered the Oracle Virtualization keynote session, hands on labs, and desktop virtualization sessions. Below are four key sever virtualization sessions for you to enjoy at this year's Oracle OpenWorld.

Session ID: CON6814
Ready to get more value from your server virtualization investment? In this practical session, experts from Verizon and Oracle explain how to get the real benefits of IT flexibility, agility, and efficiency by using server virtualization while saving time and money and avoiding hassles. Discover tips and tricks for using Oracle VM 3, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to rapidly deploy enterprise applications in hours or days instead of weeks. Learn about innovations for automating all deployment functions, and hear about best practices for configuring and managing networks and storage. The session will help you save time and money, reduce data center errors, and help you realize the full potential of server virtualization.

Session ID: CON8487
The latest generation of Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) and database technology provides an agile database deployment infrastructure optimized for running on bare metal hardware. The same architecture can be used on Oracle VM to further benefit from template-based deployments or virtualization-based environments in general. Attend this session to understand the key considerations for transitioning to or running Oracle RAC in an Oracle VM-based environment. The session includes a live demo showing how the new deploy cluster tool streamlines deployment of Oracle RAC.

Session ID: CON8727
Many IT organizations need different OS and hardware to address stringent service levels and meet competitive pressures. Oracle VM enterprise-class server virtualization offers a high-performance architecture and the broadest workload support. It provides server virtualization for Oracle's x86 and SPARC architectures plus tight integration support for OSs such as Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Windows. Oracle VM Server virtualization gives users the best combination of price, performance, certification, and advanced features to make the entire software/hardware stack for enterprise applications easier to deploy, manage, and support. This session covers the latest Oracle VM technology updates and transforming your data center to the next level of efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Session ID: CON8734
Virtualization has changed how IT delivers information and business services. As IT organizations migrate from traditional computing data centers to cloud-based infrastructures, traditional virtualization offers only part of what the migration requires. Stacks of enterprise applications driving crucial business services and management orchestrations-hardware to software to cloud-based services-are fundamental ingredients of a successful migration. This session covers Oracle's virtualization and management offering: Oracle VM, its integration with Oracle Linux, and cloud control/lifecycle management with Oracle Enterprise Manager. See how the Oracle VM/Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 11g integration can help you simplify and standardize enterprise application deployment to the cloud.

Session ID: CON8735
You've consolidated your server farms-mail servers-but what about enterprise application workloads, database, business apps? These are crucial and are running on Oracle Solaris, Linux, and Windows. How hard is it to manage this application sprawl? This session shows the benefit of Oracle VM for virtualizing Oracle and how Oracle VM Templates have foundational tools for speeding enterprise application workload virtualization for rapid deployment of applications such as Oracle Database and Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management. You'll learn about recipes for deploying applications with more than 90 predefined Oracle VM Templates for your Oracle applications, in minutes, not days or hours. You'll also hear how to manage virtualized application sprawl with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Session ID: CON7393
Cloud computing can be implemented in several ways: public, private, hybrid, or community. To add to the deployment choices, cloud computing services can be offered as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS), with or without full self-service capabilities. This session lays down the foundations for business cases for going to the cloud, using key common drivers and common use cases.

  • Outsourcing 
  • Core competency 
  • Portfolio rationalization 
  • Infrastructure consolidation

As we get closer to the event, we'll do another post on the virtualization product demos you'l be able to see at the show. And remember, there are over 1,700 more Oracle OpenWorld sessions in the content catalog.

We look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 on September 30th!

- The Oracle Virtualization marketing team

Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

Oracle Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Part 2

Mini-Series Entry 2 of 3: Desktop Virtualization Sessions

This is the second entry of a three part mini-series looking at Oracle server and desktop virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.

In our previous entry, we covered the Oracle Virtualization keynote session as well as hands on lab sessions you won't want to miss. Below are four key desktop virtualization sessions you can also add to your calendar.

Session ID: CON8799
The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Rome, New York, and partner Northrop Grumman provide the foundation of the Secure Access Baseline for the Enterprise (SABER) accredited desktop solution. At SABER’s core are Oracle desktop virtualization products. In this session, representatives from AFRL and Northrop Grumman join an Oracle speaker to discuss the unique security challenges of deploying desktops with extremely strict security requirements and how all organizations can benefit from following the SABER example when deploying their desktop architectures.

Session ID: CON8801
Over the last several years, use of personal devices in the enterprise has dramatically increased, with IT organizations rapidly learning to adapt to this changing landscape of application and desktop access. This session describes how Oracle desktop virtualization can help IT embrace employees’ use of their own devices for work-related activities while making applications, data, and desktops more secure and manageable.

Session ID: CON8802
Using public and private clouds has taken hold as a common way to deploy services to the enterprise. A burgeoning addition to the cloud model is cloud access to desktop applications. With Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software, engineered to work together, a complete desktop cloud solution can be designed for accessing Oracle Applications and other enterprise applications. In this session, learn how a complete cloud-based desktop application access solution can be deployed with Oracle technologies.  

Session ID: CON8733
Oracle VM VirtualBox provides high performance, support for numerous virtual appliances available in the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), multiplatform application development and testing, 2-D/3-D graphics acceleration, and cutting-edge features—including the ability to teleport a running virtual machine between hosts. Oracle VM VirtualBox is a useful tool for developers who need to port code across different operating environments. Because Oracle VM VirtualBox enables hosting of multiple guest operating systems on a single machine, a developer can easily switch operating systems in no time, simply by changing between different desktop windows. In this session, you will understand why it will be your favorite tool as well.

You can read more about these and about 1,700 more Oracle OpenWorld sessions in the content catalog.

Tomorrow, we'll look at server virtualization. See you then!

- The Oracle Virtualization marketing team 

Tuesday Jul 10, 2012

Oracle Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Mini-Series Entry 1 of 3: Hands-On Virtualization

This is the first entry of a three part mini-series aimed at highlighting server and desktop virtualization at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld. 

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 is fast approaching! If you are as excited as we are about the fascinating new Oracle virtualization content featured at Oracle OpenWorld 2012, you won’t want to miss this blog mini-series. We will be highlighting sessions that cover advances and innovations in our products, our product strategy and roadmap, and hands on labs for step-by-step instructions from our field and product experts.

In the blog mini-series you will learn about:

  • The Oracle Virtualization general keynote session
  • Hands-on labs 
  • Key Oracle server and desktop virtualization sessions

In this entry, we will cover the Oracle Virtualization keynote session and the hands-on labs you won't want to miss.

Session ID: GEN8725

Oracle offers the industry’s most complete and integrated virtualization portfolio enabling organizations to realize benefits beyond simple consolidation as they transform their data centers into flexible cloud-based infrastructures. Join Oracle executives and experts to learn about Oracle’s desktop-to-data-center virtualization solutions, such as the OS, with built-in management integration at all layers that can help you virtualize and manage the complete computing environment, from physical servers to virtual servers and applications. This “don’t-miss” session offers details of the latest product updates and strategy; product roadmaps; integration with enterprise applications; and real-world examples of how Oracle server, desktop, and storage virtualization is benefiting customers.

Here are our top picks for Hands-On Labs for Oracle OpenWorld 2012:

Session ID: HOL9907
This hands-on lab demonstrates the performance (using an industry-standard load tester) and roaming capabilities of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Oracle’s Sun Ray Clients, Apple iPad and other clients.

Session ID: HOL9558
This hands-on lab takes you through the planning and deployment of an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environment with Oracle VM as the foundation. It covers a range of topics, from planning storage capacity, LUN creation, network bandwidth planning, and best practices to designing and streamlining the environment for ease of management. Learn from deeply experienced field engineers and product experts.

Session ID: HOL9559
This hands-on lab is for application architects or system administrators who will need to deploy and manage Oracle Applications. You’ll learn how Oracle VM Templates can turn you into a power user who can virtualize and deploy complex Oracle Applications in minutes. Longtime field-experienced engineers and product experts will show you, step by step, how to download and import templates and deploy the applications.

Session ID: HOL9870
The purpose of this hands-on lab is to demonstrate the functionality and usage of Oracle’s enterprise cloud infrastructure for x86 with Oracle VM 3.x. It covers: 

  • Creation of VMs
  • Migration of VMs 
  • Quick and easy deployment of Oracle applications with Oracle VM Templates 
  • Usage of the Storage Connect plug-in for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance
You can find these and other great sessions on the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Content Catalog. Start checking now to better plan and organize your week at the conference. Then you’ll be ready to sign up for all of your sessions in mid-July when the scheduling tool goes live.

While the hands-on labs allow you to directly interact with Oracle virtualization products, the conference sessions allow you to hear from a wide variety of industry experts on how they're using they technology in real world deployments, solving specific challenges, and more. In tomorrow's entry, we'll start talking about the many conference sessions related to Oracle server and desktop virtualization you can attend during the show. See you then!

- The Oracle Virtualization marketing team

Monday Oct 10, 2011

Virtualization Session Slides for Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Thanks to everyone who made Oracle OpenWorld 2011 a great success! If you missed the show or want to review content you saw during the sessions, you can now download many of the presentations from the OpenWorld site here:

Most of the virtualization sessions can be found by simply selecting Oracle Virtualization (under "Server and Storage Systems") in the Track field. Or if you'd prefer, keyword searching and other mechanisms are available as well.

This site is open to the public, not just OpenWorld attendees. So even if you weren't able to join us in San Francisco, you can go download PDFs of the content that was presented. 

Thursday Sep 29, 2011

Optimize Workload Performance on SPARC T4 Systems with Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Early this week Oracle launched SPARC T4 Servers and SPARC SuperCluster T4-4. With Oracle VM Server for SPARC, the built-in server virtualization solution on SPARC T-Series systems, you can use dynamic CPU threading controls to optimize workload performance on SPARC T4 systems.

These threading controls enable you to specify the number of hardware threads to be activated per core. CPU performance can be optimized for CPU-bound workloads by tuning CPU cores to maximize the number of instructions per cycle (IPC). Or, CPU performance can be optimized for maximum throughput by tuning CPU cores to use a maximum number of CPU threads. Existing applications can take advantage of the SPARC dynamic threading performance benefits without having to be rewritten or recompiled.

To learn how to use CPU threading controls to optimize CPU performance on SPARC T4 platforms,  read the white paper:

To learn more about server virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld (Oct 2-6, 2011), check out the blog: Virtualization Reality Highlights Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle Applications and Oracle Desktop Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

One of the things that comes up often with Oracle desktop virtualization is how it works in conjunction with Oracle Applications. This makes sense, of course, since 65,000 customers worldwide use Oracle Applications to help achieve their IT goals. As the adoption of desktop virtualization continues to grow, the key decision factor for many companies today is how well desktop virtualization integrates with their applications.

We've mentioned before how Oracle Web Applications are certified for use with Oracle Desktop Virtualization, and if you're coming to Oracle OpenWorld 2011, you'll have an opportunity to learn first hand how it all works and ask questions of Oracle experts. First, I recommend registering for this session, hosted by myself and Mohan Prabhala:

One-Click Access to Oracle Applications with Oracle Desktop Virtualization (Session #15612)
Monday, October 3, 12:30PM
Moscone South, Room 252

Second, be sure to visit the DEMOgrounds in Moscone South where all of the desktop virtualization demos will be displaying Oracle Applications:

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Clients, S-156
Oracle Secure Global Desktop, S-158
Oracle VM VirtualBox, S-146

The festivities kick off on Sunday night, be sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube to get live updates throughout the show.

Tuesday Sep 27, 2011

Oracle VM at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

If you're interested in server virtualization, please go have a look at our post over on the OpenWorld 2011 blog where we describe some essential Oracle VM Sessions. Hope to see you in San Francisco next week!

Friday Sep 16, 2011

Oracle Desktop Virtualization at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Oracle OpenWorld is just around the corner, running the 2nd through the 6th of October. The Oracle desktop virtualization team will be there with lots of content for those interested in how to improve access to applications and desktops through virtualization. Here are some highlights (for the complete list of virtualization and related sessions, please see our Focus On Virtualization document):

Oracle Virtualization General Session
Tuesday, October 4, 10:15 AM, Moscone South 103
This don't miss session features Oracle senior executives discussing the overall virtualization strategy for Oracle. Includes both desktop and server virtualization.

One-Click Access to Enterprise Applications with Oracle Desktop Virtualization
Monday, October 3, 12:30PM, Moscone South Room 252
This session will provide an in-depth explanation of how to use Oracle desktop virtualization with enterprise applications from Oracle and others.

The Essential Development, Testing, and Lab Environment Tool: Oracle VM VirtualBox
Monday, October 3, 12:30PM, Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate C1
For developers, this session will give an overview of the latest Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 (for a sneak peek, have a look at our recent webcast), and will give tips and tricks for using the product in a fast paced development environment.

Oracle Desktop Virtualization: Complete, Open, and Integrated
Monday, October 3, 2:00 PM, Moscone South, Room 302
In this session, we'll be covering how Oracle Sun Ray Clients, Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad are being used in enterprises today. If you're considering deploying VDI, iPad, or thin clients in your organization, this is a can't miss session.

Enterprise Desktop Virtualization with Oracle VM VirtualBox
Wednesday, October 5, 11:45 AM, Moscone South 200
Learn how to Oracle VM VirtualBox is used by large corporations to solve development challenges and as the hypervisor layer for Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

In addition, the entire desktop portfolio will feature demos with Oracle Applications and more in the DEMOgrounds in Moscone South.

If you can't be at the show, you can follow the happenings on Twitter, Facebook, and we'll be posting videos from the show floor on our YouTube channel.

We thank you for your support and hope to meet some of you in person at the show!


Wednesday May 25, 2011

Call for Nominations: Oracle Technologist of the Year!

Is your organization using Oracle products to deliver unique business value? Are key individuals in key roles doing more with your organization’s technology than anyone in the business thought possible?

If so, submit a nomination today for Oracle Technologist of the Year Awards. Formerly Oracle Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards and now part of Oracle’s prestigious Oracle Excellence Awards program, these awards honor Oracle technologists for their cutting-edge solutions using Oracle products and services. Winners are selected based a compelling story of technology leadership and innovation that differentiates them from others in their roles.

The 10 winners will be selected across 10 award categories. A customer, their partner, or an Oracle representative can submit the nomination form on behalf of the nominee. To share your use of Oracle solutions and how they help your organization drive business innovation download entry form from this site . Customers may submit nominations for multiple categories. There is a specific category for nomination of Oracle Technologist of the Year: Virtualization Archiect.

The awards will be presented during Oracle OpenWorld 2011 (October 2–6) in San Francisco.

We would love to see nominations from our customers!

Saturday Sep 18, 2010

Join us at Oracle OpenWorld!

Things have been very busy around Oracle lately...we are getting ready for one of the biggest IT industry conferences, Oracle OpenWorld (Sept. 19-23, San Francisco) which also includes three co-located events -- JavaOne, Oracle Develop and MySQL Sunday.

If you are planning to be at OpenWorld, please be sure to take advantage of a huge amount of Virtualization content being delivered in executive keynotes, Oracle and partner sessions and demopods, as well as many customer events.

Don't Miss Session:
Title: Oracle's Virtualization Strategy with Wim Coekaerts, Senior VP of Linux and Virtualization Engineering
Day and Date: Monday, Sept. 20th at 12:30pm
Location: Moscone South Room 102

Check out the Oracle Virtualization activities at a glance.

Hope to see you at Oracle OpenWorld!



Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

Oracle VM Blog: Linux and Virtualization Sessions at OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld 2009 will be held in Moscone Center, San Francisco on Oct. 11-15, 2009. Don't miss the many exciting Linux and Virtualization activities at Oracle OpenWorld, including expert-led sessions, technology demos, partners, customers, keynotes, and more! Use this daily planner as a checklist to get the most out of your week and visit and for more!

Friday Apr 10, 2009

Oracle VM Blog: Oracle OpenWorld Tokyo - We're Big in Japan

Just finalized a couple of presentations for Oracle OpenWorld in Tokyo coming up very soon on April 22nd through April 24th. There will be two sessions presented by my esteemed colleague Sergio Leunissen (Oracle VM Best Practices SS02-107 on April 23rd and an Oracle VM Overview on the 24th SS03-114).

Note there is also a success story presented by one of our solution partners in SS02-105 on the 23rd. The agenda for that day is here (this opens a PDF...). And an HA-oriented presentation (SS03-151) on the 24th. Schedule for the 24th is here (again, opens a PDF).

Unfortunately, I won't be there but I think you'll find the Oracle VM sessions interesting and useful.


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