Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

Webcast: Enterprise Desktop Virtualization with Oracle VM VirtualBox

One of our most popular sessions at Oracle OpenWorld this year focused on using Oracle VM VirtualBox in enterprise environments. Oracle VM VirtualBox is used as the default virtualization engine in our Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure product, which can be used to host thousands of user desktops across a large organization. Oracle VM VirtualBox also allows you run multiple operating systems on your desktop or laptop PC, so it's ideal for accessing applications that aren't available on your preferred platform, creating testing and development environment, and a host of other purposes.

Our speakers are Dirk Grobler, Software Development Director and Andy Hall, Product Management Director. Here is a video clip of Andy talking about using Oracle VM VirtualBox for VDI, recorded at OpenWorld this year:

To learn more about Oracle VM VirtualBox and how you can use it in the enterprise, join our live webcast this Thursday, December 15 at 9AM PT:

Wednesday Jul 20, 2011

We're Hiring! - Oracle Server Virtualization Best Practices / Product Management

We continue to grow the Oracle VM Server Virtualization Product Management team and we're looking for excellent candidates for a position in the Best Practices Development part of the group.  In Best Practices Development, you would be working with customers, Sales, Support, and Consulting on nearly a daily basis to help customers, or prospective customers evaluate and adopt the product leveraging best practices.  This is a highly technical, "hands-on" job that is also customer facing.  People in this role typically have sales consultant, support analyst, and/or professional services backgrounds but also may come from other backgrounds.

The position can be found by going here or going to the Employment Opportunities Job Search page, clicking on 'Advanced Search' and typing the job opening number IRC1575643 (include 'IRC'... ) in the 'Keywords' field. Click Search.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Monday Feb 07, 2011

We're Hiring! - Server and Desktop Virtualization Product Management

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on here at Oracle in general but the server and desktop virtualization group in particular is deeply involved in executing on Oracle's strategy for delivering complete hardware-software solutions across the company, so we're expanding our team with several open positions. If you're interested and qualified, then please send us your resume.

The three positions in Virtualization Product Management can be found by going here or going to the Employment Opportunities Job Search page, clicking on 'Advanced Search' and typing the job opening numbers (include 'IRC'... see below) in the 'Keywords' field. Click Search.

Current openings are...
IRC1457623: Oracle VM Product Management
IRC1457626: Desktop Virtualization Application Solutions Product Management
IRC1473577: Oracle VM Best Practices Implementation Engineer (Product Management)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday May 29, 2009

Oracle VM Blog: Upgrading Oracle VM Template for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control from 10g R4 to 10g R5

I read the OTN Virtualization discussion forum. There's a question about upgrading the Oracle VM Template for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control from 10g R4 to 10g R5. The question was answered and you can refer to the Metalink Doc ID 805706.1.

If you don't have access to My Oracle Support, you can still prepare yourself for a smooth upgrade by applying the workarounds or fixes described in the Known Issues section of the Readme file of the Oracle VM Grid Control Template 1.0 Media Pack for x86 (32 bit, from the Oracle E-delivery site. You don't need to download the entire template again, except for the small Readme file. Once you resolve the known issues, you simply follow the instructions provided by Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g R5 Readme to perform the upgrade.

I also want to share more information about the Oracle VM Templates relating to Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 ( was released in March 2009. It introduces the Oracle VM Management Pack, providing a comprehensive management solution that spans the entire lifecycle of applications and their virtual infrastructure, including end-to-end monitoring, configuration management, and lifecycle automation of virtualized infrastructure to capture and maximize the benefits of virtualization.

Oracle VM Templates are pre-installed and pre-configured software packaged as Oracle VM virtual machines (VMs) complete with an OS (Oracle Enterprise Linux). Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5 ( and R4 ( have been provided for customer downloads from Oracle E-delivery site. Customers download and copy the software images onto the server that has Oracle VM installed on it, import and deploy the Template VMs and, after answering some one-time queries relating to the customer's desired environment within a short period of time you will have a fully installed and configured Oracle Enterprise Manager environment without having to install products from scratch. In most cases, deployment times for Oracle Enterprise Manager can be reduced from days to hours.

For new deployments, I'd recommend that you directly download and deploy the Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g R5 ( However, users who have been using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R4 ( created from Oracle VM Template may want to upgrade the instance to 10g R5. The detailed instructions are documented in the Metalink Doc ID 805706.1.

Thursday Mar 26, 2009

Top-Down Application...and Virtualization...Management

Was just reading an article over at Virtual Strategy Magazine entitled "Taking the Server Out of Application Management" by Jasmine Noel.

She makes some good points that align with what we're seeing and hearing as well -- that virtualization management can make life harder for App Admins if you don't have the right tools or processes for dealing with the fact that you no longer know where your app might be physically.

I agree with this. Oracle's particular approach to virtualization is all about how we can be the absolute best at solving this particular problem: how can we do virtualization / management specifically for the purpose of making applications (and their middleware, databases, OSes, etc.) actually easier to deploy, manage, and support? Because, the good news is, virtualization can actually make things much easier for apps admins when you use things like Oracle VM Templates (pre-built virtual machines) to deploy your golden images rapidly. By the way, the Oracle VM Management Pack for Enteprise Manager that just came out is a huge step in this direction to manage the entire stack together. I'll try to blog about that separately soon, but you can check that out here...http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/017955_EN

You can find the article at the link below. Let us know what you think: how can we make virtualization so that it actually makes your life as an apps admin or DBA better?



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