Tuesday Apr 20, 2010

Rapidly Deploy Oracle Applications with Oracle VM Templates

Oracle today announced Oracle VM Templates for a number of Oracle Applications including

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1

  • Oracle's JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.0

  • Oracle's PeopleSoft 9.1

These Oracle VM Templates, based on Oracle Enterprise Linux, provide pre-installed and pre-configured enterprise software images that help eliminate the need to install new software from scratch, offering customers a time-saving approach to deploying a fully configured software stack.

Learn more about Oracle VM Templates

Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

Oracle VM Templates for 3rd Party Software

Oracle VM Templates are complete, pre-installed and pre-configured software packaged as Oracle VM virtual machines (VMs) complete with an OS (Oracle Enterprise Linux). Customers enjoy the benefits of faster application deployment with Oracle VM Templates - for Oracle software as well as non-Oracle software.

Zeus Technology recently announced the availability of the Zeus Traffic Manager Template - a pre-installed, pre-configured virtual machine, for Oracle VM. The Zeus Traffic Manager is an enterprise-class, layer-7 load balancing and application traffic management solution. It is now available for download as an Oracle VM Template.

Just download and copy the Oracle VM Template image(s) onto your server that has Oracle VM installed on it, import and deploy the Template VM(s) and, after answering some one-time queries relating to the customer's desired environment (DHCP or static IP, passwords, etc.) within minutes you will have a fully installed and configured application environment that you know is completely correct without having to install products from scratch.

To learn more, please visit Oracle VM Templates web site.

Friday May 29, 2009

Oracle VM Blog: Upgrading Oracle VM Template for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control from 10g R4 to 10g R5

I read the OTN Virtualization discussion forum. There's a question about upgrading the Oracle VM Template for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control from 10g R4 to 10g R5. The question was answered and you can refer to the Metalink Doc ID 805706.1.

If you don't have access to My Oracle Support, you can still prepare yourself for a smooth upgrade by applying the workarounds or fixes described in the Known Issues section of the Readme file of the Oracle VM Grid Control Template 1.0 Media Pack for x86 (32 bit, from the Oracle E-delivery site. You don't need to download the entire template again, except for the small Readme file. Once you resolve the known issues, you simply follow the instructions provided by Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g R5 Readme to perform the upgrade.

I also want to share more information about the Oracle VM Templates relating to Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 ( was released in March 2009. It introduces the Oracle VM Management Pack, providing a comprehensive management solution that spans the entire lifecycle of applications and their virtual infrastructure, including end-to-end monitoring, configuration management, and lifecycle automation of virtualized infrastructure to capture and maximize the benefits of virtualization.

Oracle VM Templates are pre-installed and pre-configured software packaged as Oracle VM virtual machines (VMs) complete with an OS (Oracle Enterprise Linux). Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5 ( and R4 ( have been provided for customer downloads from Oracle E-delivery site. Customers download and copy the software images onto the server that has Oracle VM installed on it, import and deploy the Template VMs and, after answering some one-time queries relating to the customer's desired environment within a short period of time you will have a fully installed and configured Oracle Enterprise Manager environment without having to install products from scratch. In most cases, deployment times for Oracle Enterprise Manager can be reduced from days to hours.

For new deployments, I'd recommend that you directly download and deploy the Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g R5 ( However, users who have been using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R4 ( created from Oracle VM Template may want to upgrade the instance to 10g R5. The detailed instructions are documented in the Metalink Doc ID 805706.1.

Friday Apr 10, 2009

Oracle VM Blog: Executing on the Promise of “Virtual Appliances”: Meet Oracle VM Templates.

The industry has talked of the power of “virtual appliances” for some time but despite the promise of being able to just download, start-up and use software, virtual appliances have not been widely deployed in the enterprise, so why is that? First and foremost has been the lack of availability of anything other than toy appliances to use. If you look at VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace, you will see about 1,100 appliances. Spend some time clicking through there…go ahead …I’ll wait. What do you think? See anything you want to use in your production enterprise as-is? No? Me either.

How can this be? Why can you find a lot of things like this…

Mepis 8.0
The virtualized Mepis desktop is the ideal supplement for Windows adepts. This cosmic location chose Mepis as the first distro to be VMware-packaged, because its pyramids have the right inclination and are pointing perfectly to Point Omega in the outer orbit. On top of that, you will find more info at the home of other coming virtual machines running under VMware.

…and very little enterprise-class production software like this?..

Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Release 3 Oracle VM Template (x86 32 bit and 64 bit):
Oracle WebLogic Server is a standards-based lightweight application infrastructure designed to scale to the largest mission-critical deployments requiring the highest performance, manageability, reliability, security, and availability. This template contains the following components:

-Oracle Enterprise Linux JeOS Operating System (Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Update 2 JeOS 1.0.1)

-Oracle JRockit JRE (Oracle JRockit JDK 6.0 R27.6)

-Oracle WebLogic Server (Oracle WebLogic Server

-Read the Reference Instructions

-Download Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3 Template


(By the way, I’m sure Mepis 8.0 is awesome and that they’ve done an excellent job at pyramid pointing so no offense intended: it just happened to be the first one on page 1 of VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace as I’m writing this...)

The failure (so far) of Virtual Appliances to generate big volumes has not been in the concept but rather in the ability to execute: there simply have been few companies or communities that have all the components, the expertise, and the legal right to package and distribute everything you need to use it in real-world production (and if you can’t use it in production without redoing it, what’s the point?).

For the production enterprise, you need an enterprise server operating system (not a workstation OS), that is supported by a real company (not just forums), and you need real enterprise applications (not “crippleware”) that are officially supported and licensed for production. Go ahead, go back and look at the Operating System Appliances category on VMware’s Marketplace: how many of these appliances contain server- (not workstation-) operating systems backed by a commercial company? What about the “Certified Production Ready*” appliances…surely that’s better, right? Er…well…some good software for sure, but again the included OS is almost always a workstation version and/or forum supported: not production-ready. (*Author’s Note: Couldn't link to that: Since I originally drafted this blog entry offline a few days ago, but before I got around to posting it, it looks like VMware got rid of the “Certified Production Ready” category and now just has the “VMware Ready Virtual Appliance Program” in its place as they describe here. I guess they didn’t like that “Production” word…)

None of this is about the quality of the individual pieces of software in the Marketplace – not at all – but it is about ability to execute on the total solution. At Oracle, we’re the first to effectively deliver on the promise of enterprise-class virtual appliances today with Oracle VM Templates and Enterprise Linux from Oracle. The reality is that it is the OS, rather than the virtualization layer per se that is the key to creating and delivering successful enterprise appliances. Oracle has the whole stack: enterprise virtualization, enterprise OS, and enterprise applications: All configured and licensed for production server use. And, by the way, its not just for Oracle’s software. Oracle VM server virtualization and Enterprise Linux are free and can be freely redistributed (even without a distribution contract) so that anyone, not just Oracle can build and distribute Oracle VM Templates with their own software included, enabling the community even if the Template doesn’t include Oracle software.

This is a core reason that Oracle is in the virtualization business: to deliver on products that make the total application solution easier to deploy, manage, and support.


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