Friday Sep 12, 2014

INTEL: Partners Showcasing Their Solutions at Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization with OpenStack Showcase

Intel – Accelerating Technological Innovation and bringing it to customers faster

We are excited to welcome Intel Corporation, the Innovation Sponsor for Oracle OpenWorld 2014, to the Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization Showcase with OpenStack.

Intel and Oracle share a multi-decade history of collaboration, from building Linux kernels to validating configurations of Intel-based server solutions to server virtualization.  Oracle Linux and Oracle VM add infrastructure components to effectively complement Intel hardware, and the co-engineering relationship between Intel and Oracle benefit end-customers with highly optimized results from their Oracle enterprise software on Intel© architecture. In addition to integration at the infrastructure level, our collaborative effort also extends to management of Intel hardware in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to report on hardware exceptions.

Visit Intel in the Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization Showcase with OpenStack to learn more about Intel security solutions for virtual environments from Intel and McAfee experts.

Moscone South, Booth #611 , SLX-017 and 018 – from September 29th to October 1st, 2014.

Friday Dec 13, 2013

Friday Spotlight: IaaS with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager

Reap the Benefits of IaaS with Oracle Virtualization

IT customers are looking to reap the benefits of cloud computing, including at the Infrastructure layer. Their role is viewed as data center service providers. To them, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is internalized as Integration of "astonishing" applications and systems. It’s the proverbial duct taping of all the different components of IT infrastructure into a single cohesive intelligent controllable, predictable box from which they can direct all that happens to support their business. From their perspective, Oracle VM is the container and Oracle Enterprise Manager is both the duct tape and the control box for IaaS which has helped them to tame the complex infrastructure and quickly provision the “astonishing” applications, sometimes with wildly varying need for network, storage compute resources.

For an insightful perspective of IaaS from Oracle, join VP of Product Management for Oracle Enterprise Manager, Sudip Datta, in his chalk talk.

Friday Nov 08, 2013

Oracle Virtualization Friday Spotlight - November 8, 2013

Hands-on Private Cloud Simulator In One Hour

Submitted by: Doan Nguyen, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director

My aeronautics instructor used to say, "you can’t appreciate flying until you take flight." To clarify, this is not about gearing up in a flying squirrel suit and hopping off a cliff (topic for another blog!) but rather about flying an airplane. The idea is to get hands-on with the controls at the cockpit and experience flight before you actually fly a real plane. After the initial 40 hours of flight time, the concept sank in and it really made sense.

This concept is what inspired our technical experts to put together the hands-on lab for a private cloud deployment and management self-service model. Yes, we are comparing the lab to a flight simulator! Let’s look at the parallels:
  • To get trained to fly, starting in the simulator gets you off the ground quicker. There is no need to have a real plane to begin with. In a hands-on lab, there is no need for a real server, with networking and real storage installed. All you need is your laptop
  • The simulator is pre-configured, pre-flight check done. Similarly, in a hands-on lab, Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager are pre-configured and assembled using Oracle VM VirtualBox as the container. Software installations are not needed.
  • After time spent training at the controls, you can really appreciate the practical experience of flying. Along the same lines, the hands-on lab is a guided learning path, without the encumbrances of hardware, software installation, so you can learn about cloud deployment and management.

 However, unlike the simulator training, your time investment with the lab is only about an hour and not 40 hours!

This hands-on lab takes you through private cloud deployment and management using Oracle VM and  Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c in an Infrastructure as a service IaaS model. You will first configure the IaaS cloud as the cloud administrator and then deploy guest virtual machines (VMs) as a self-service user. Then you are ready to take flight into the cloud!

Why not step into the cockpit now!

Monday Mar 18, 2013

Brand new VDI and Sun Ray Software releases!

We announced big updates to Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Software this morning! The marquis feature in these releases is integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which provides a complete monitoring view for your servers, storage, apps, and now, desktop virtualization. In addition, there are features for high availability for smaller deployments, updates to "Personal Hard Drives", a new "Application Hard Drive" type, and much more. Read more here:

Press release: Oracle Introduces Comprehensive Management for Desktop Virtualization

And over at the Fat Bloke blog, there is a great post going into a lot of detail about what's new in Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.5.

Download Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.5 or Sun Ray Software 5.4.


Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

Oracle VM at the IOUG Virtualization SIG – Online Symposium

Join the Oracle VM product managers and product experts for a day full of best practices and information on the latest product updates. A sampling of what you can expect:

  • Best practices from a customer’s perspective on deployment of Oracle VM and Oracle RAC.
  • How to simplify and accelerate the onboarding of your applications to the cloud with Oracle Virtual Assemblies and Enterprise Manager 12c.
  • The latest how-to and demo of DeployCluster Tool on Oracle VM 3.

Date: Tomorrow, November 7th, 10am CDT – 2:50pm CDT

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

Eight New Oracle Database Assemblies Ready to Run In Your Oracle VM Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

By Sudip Datta, Senior Director, Oracle Enterprise Manager Product Management

This week, 8 database virtual assemblies were released via EM 12c Self-Update. The database assemblies are already patched to Oracle recommended levels. Customers running EM 12c in online mode (i.e. connected to My Oracle Support) will see the assemblies in their EM console (screenshot below). They can then deploy the Assemblies using the Self-Service Provisioning outlined in the "Cloud Administration Guide". The EM12c agent will be deployed along with the assemblies, so the databases will be managed automatically from the onset. You can also get a general demo of the cloud management features (including assembly deployment) in More database and middleware assemblies will follow soon.

[Read More]

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

Webcast: Enterprise Desktop Virtualization with Oracle VM VirtualBox

One of our most popular sessions at Oracle OpenWorld this year focused on using Oracle VM VirtualBox in enterprise environments. Oracle VM VirtualBox is used as the default virtualization engine in our Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure product, which can be used to host thousands of user desktops across a large organization. Oracle VM VirtualBox also allows you run multiple operating systems on your desktop or laptop PC, so it's ideal for accessing applications that aren't available on your preferred platform, creating testing and development environment, and a host of other purposes.

Our speakers are Dirk Grobler, Software Development Director and Andy Hall, Product Management Director. Here is a video clip of Andy talking about using Oracle VM VirtualBox for VDI, recorded at OpenWorld this year:

To learn more about Oracle VM VirtualBox and how you can use it in the enterprise, join our live webcast this Thursday, December 15 at 9AM PT:

Wednesday Sep 22, 2010

VM Templates or appliances for VirtualBox


We've had a great few days at Oracle OpenWorld talking to many of you who already use VirtualBox or now plan to. And many of you were very interested in the pre-built vm's that other groups in Oracle have put together to showcase their products.

So just to remind you of a couple we were showing or talking about, here are the download locations:

  • The Developer Days appliance - an Enterprise Linux based vm that is populated with the database and tools you need to start developing database apps;

  • The SOA Suite and BPM Suite appliance - Another Linux based vm, this time with a database, WebLogic Server and a fully configured, ready-to-use SOA/BPM 11g R1 installation.

- FB

Sunday Sep 12, 2010

VirtualBox at Oracle OpenWorld | JavaOne | Oracle Develop



If you're coming to San Francisco next week (Sept 19-23, 2010) you can find out more about VirtualBox in a couple of ways:

  • Conference Sessions
    S317750 Developing and Testing Cross-Platform Applications with Oracle VM VirtualBox
    Monday, September 20, 2:30PM | Hotel Nikko, Mendocino

  • One-on-one Demonstrations
    Drop by the VirtualBox Demo Pod #W-082 in Moscone West during Exhibition hours

Whichever way, we'd love to see you.



Wednesday Sep 08, 2010

VirtualBox and Linux Kernel Updates



If you use Oracle Enterprise Linux as a VirtualBox Host and you've updated the kernel lately, you may have seen the knock-on effect of VirtualBox no longer working. Similarly, if you have OEL as a Guest in VirtualBox, your Guest Additions may stop working after a kernel upgrade.

To understand what on earth is going on, and to get instructions on fixing things, check out the FatBloke's Other Blog



Friday Aug 27, 2010

VirtualBox wins a 2010 Bossie!



Oracle VM VirtualBox has been honoured in the annual InfoWorld Bossie Awards (Bossie == Best of Open Source Software of the year) alongside some hallowed names.

When InfoWorld called, we panicked. We thought they might want their 2009 Bossie back and the pawn shop has been out of business for awhile.



Sunday Aug 08, 2010

Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2.8

The 3.2.8 maintenance release was made available to download from the Usual Places yesterday.
It fixes a bunch of stuff.

- FB 

Thursday Jul 29, 2010

Breaking News: Dell and HP to Certify and Resell Oracle VM, OEL and Solaris

Oracle announced this morning that Dell and HP will certify and resell Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM on their x86 systems.


  • Customers will have full access to Oracle's Premier Support for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM running on Dell and HP servers. This will enable fast and accurate issue resolution and reduced risk in a company's operating environment.

  • Customers who subscribe to Oracle Premier Support will benefit from Oracle's continuing investment in Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM and the resulting innovation in future updates.


Read the press release.


Monday Jul 19, 2010

Webinar: Enterprise VDI

Join Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) experts as they discuss "Enterprise VDI" in a free webinar hosted by Oracle.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides a complete solution for managing, hosting, and providing access to virtualized desktop operating systems hosted in the datacenter. Enterprise customers in particular will benefit from the centralized management and lower TCO of a VDI style architecture for their desktop deployments.

In this informative webinar, join Dirk Grobler, Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Engineering Manager, as he explains the architecture of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, how it works, and how it can be used in the modern enterprise to increase manageability, security, and flexibility.

Details are as follows:

Date: July 27, 2010
Time: 9am US PDT

Register now!

Wednesday Jul 14, 2010

Installing VirtualBox on Oracle Enterprise Linux

As you can imagine, there are a lot of people playing around with VirtualBox and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) inside the company at the moment. This usually involves one of:
  • Using Oracle Enterprise Linux as a guest - so that you can run OEL on Windows and Mac clients, for example.
  • Using Oracle Enterprise Linux as a host - so that you can your Windows and all your other vm's on an OEL platform.
In the latter case of installing VirtualBox on Linux, one of the most common issues people hit is that the version of the Linux kernel they're using doesn't match the version of the VirtualBox kernel module which is being installed. On many Linux distributions, the VirtualBox installer handles this situation by simply silently re-building the kernel module for the current kernel version. But the base OEL doesn't include the necessary tools (gcc and the kernel-devel packages) in the base distro. So here's how to get beyond this on OEL:
  1. Update your system. Open a terminal and as root, execute
    yum update
  2. Install the GNU C compiler and the kernel development packages using
    yum install gcc
    followed by
    yum install kernel-devel
  3. Reboot your guest system in order to activate the updates and then install VirtualBox as before.
Of course, this is all covered in the User Manual here for hosts and here for guests. ;-)
- FB

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