Wednesday May 25, 2011

Solving Remote Access Performance Problems

Many companies would benefit from consolidating applications and data into what is called a Global Single Instance (GSI). In fact, Oracle did this several years ago and today benefits greatly from reduced IT overhead and increased productivity. From a desktop virtualization perspective, you could even look at VDI and server hosted virtual desktops as a Global Single Instance of the desktop environment. These two technologies can work hand in hand to bring even greater benefits to your organization.

One of the biggest problems with a GSI or any sort of centralization of apps and data is that users need to access that server hosted information in a way that is not an impediment to getting their jobs done. Most of us involved with desktop virtualization have seen situations where a remote environment is just too slow to be usable. However, Oracle desktop virtualization, in combination with GSIs, can help solve this remote access performance problem. Come hear our own Craig Bender discuss Global Single Instances and Oracle desktop virtualization at our free webinar tomorrow:

Gaining Control of Your Business Systems With Global Single Instances and Oracle Desktop Virtualization
May 26, 2011 - 9AM Pacific Time

An archive will also be available at that same URL about 24 hours after the show if you can't make it in real-time.


Friday Apr 22, 2011

Real World VDI with Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

A lot of our customers are interested in desktop virtualization, but still being a relatively new technology, there isn't much real world deployment information out there. Customers want to know things like how it can really help their businesses, and how do things like video streaming work in a live deployment. They're also interested in the nuts and bolts of managing a virtual desktop environment.

We decided to try and answer some of these questions by getting one of our experts in the field do a webinar on doing VDI in the real world. Jeff Reilly, Sales Principal Sales Consultant for desktop virtualization at Oracle, has been involved with hundreds of deployments over the years and can answer these and many more questions. Jeff will cover the business problems that customers were trying to solve and specifics on how they solved them with desktop virtualization, and what they've learned from the process. This will be an information packed webinar, you won't want to miss it.

Register for the free webinar here!

The webinar is on Thursday, April 28 at 9AM PT. If you do miss the live webinar, you can watch a replay starting about 24 hours later at the same URL, but you'll miss the opportunity to ask questions of Jeff live. But either way, if you're interested in deploying VDI, this is a can't miss webinar.

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

HIMSS 2011 and New Press Release




We're here at HIMSS 2011 in booth 1651. If you're at the show, tomorrow (Wednesday) is the final day for the exhibits, so come over and see all of the Oracle demos displayed on Sun Ray Clients. It's extremely cool!

Also, we did a press release here at the show about caregiver mobility with Wolf Medical Software. Have a read here.

Wolf Medical Software did a press release themselves, too. You can read their press release here.

Thursday Feb 17, 2011

Oracle Desktop Virtualization at HIMSS 2011

The HIMSS Conference is an extremely important industry trade show put on by The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. It's being held in Florida starting this Sunday, February 20th. Their slogan, "Linking people, potential, and progress" could be true of Oracle desktop virtualization as well! The Oracle desktop virtualization group has worked very closely with the Oracle healthcare business unit to have a large presence at this show, and I wanted to tell you a bit about what we're doing:

- All Oracle demos are being done on Sun Ray Clients
That's right, every demo pod in the large Oracle booth will have a Sun Ray Client with each demo tied to a smart card. Too many people at your demo station? Pop your card out and go to a different one. We'll also be demoing Oracle desktop virtualization at a dedicated demo station, too. This is great stuff!

Find Oracle at booth #1651
Oracle's" page about HIMSS

- Focus Group - Caregiver Mobility with Oracle Sun Ray Clients and Desktop Virtualization
Feb 22, 3:15-4:15 PM
This focus group will be for customers interested in Oracle desktop virtualization. It's invitation only, but you can comment on this blog post and we can give you info on how to attend (your comment won't be made public).

- Solution Session - Fast, Secure, Workflow Optimized: Inexpensive Access to Care Information is Possible Inside and Outside of the Hospital
Feb 23, 4:15 PM Booth #685, Wireless and Mobility Theatre
Oracle's Adam Workman will cover caregiver mobility and the benefits of Oracle desktop virtualization to healthcare organizations.

- New healthcare solutions page on
We've created a page dedicated to content involving desktop virtualization and healthcare. This will be your onestop shop if looking for desktop virtualization and healthcare information.

- New desktop virtualization and healthcare solution data sheet
This document outlines how we define "Caregiver Mobility" and how Oracle products are used to facilitate quicker, more secure access to patient data.

We'll have some more updates from the show next week. It looks like its going to be an exciting event!


Monday Feb 14, 2011

Two Virtualization Webinars This Week

If you're interested in virtualization, be sure to catch our two free webinars this week. You'll hear directly from Oracle technologists and can ask questions in a live Q&A.

Deploying Oracle VM Templates for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications
Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011
9AM Pacific Time
Register Now
Is your company trying to manage costs; meet or beat service level agreements and get employees up and running quickly on business-critical applications like Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications? The fastest way to get the benefits of these applications deployed in your organization is with Oracle VM Templates. Cut application deployment time from weeks to just hours or days. Attend this session for the technical details of how your IT department can deliver rapid software deployment and eliminate installation and configuration costs by providing pre-installed and pre-configured software images.

Increasing Desktop Security for the Public Sector with Oracle Desktop Virtualization
Thursday, Feb 17, 2011
9AM Pacific Time
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Security of data as it moves across desktop devices is a concern for all industries. But organizations such as law enforcement, local, state, and federal government and others have higher security ne! eds than most. A virtual desktop model, where no data is ever stored on the local device, is an ideal architecture for these organizations to deploy. Oracle's comprehensive portfolio of desktop virtualization solutions, from thin client devices, to sever side management and desktop hosting software, provide a complete solution for this ever-increasing problem.

Thursday Jan 20, 2011

Oracle Virtualization Best Practices Seminars

We're very excited to tell you about our virtualization event series that are currently touring around the US. The seminars are free half-day events covering Oracle's server, desktop, and hardware virtualization products and strategy.

If you're looking to expand virtualization in your enterprise or understand more of Oracle's view on virtualization, these seminars aren't to be missed. Here is a complete list of the upcoming events:

Virtualization Best Practices Seminars Schedule

Wednesday Dec 01, 2010

eWeek Review of the Sun Ray 3 Client and Sun Ray 3i Client

eWeek magazine today posted a review of two of our Sun Ray 3 Series Clients, titled "Sun Ray 3i Thin Client Hardware Provides Fat VDI for Intense Virtual Workloads." The eWeek reviewer used both the Sun Ray 3 Client and Sun Ray 3i Client in conjunction with the latest Sun Ray Software 5.1. Have a read through the writeup to get eWeek's take on our Sun Ray Clients. For more information, be sure to check the product page.




Monday Nov 29, 2010

Webcast: Improve Security and Accessibility for Healthcare

Computing in healthcare poses some unique challenges. On the one hand, data has to be accessible to caregivers in many different locations. At the same time, it has to be extremely secure to comply with HIPPA and other patient privacy protection legislation.

Previously, healthcare organizations tried to solve these challenges by strapping laptop computers to movable carts, or by having full desktops PCs installed in patient rooms, clinics, and so on. However, the management overhead and possible data theft possibilities limits the effectiveness of these approaches.

Despite the apparent difficulties, a solution is available today that meets all of these requirements. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you likely already know that Sun Ray Clients are thin client devices that have no local operating system to manage and no local storage, making them simple to deploy and administer, and extremely secure. Plus, every Sun Ray Client comes standard with a smart card reader built right in, so moving between locations is simply a matter of inserting your card in whatever Sun Ray Client is near you!

Join Oracle experts as they discuss how Sun Ray Clients and Oracle Desktop Virtualization is used to provide caregiver mobility in this live webinar on December 9th at 9AM PST.

Register for free now.


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