Wednesday Aug 01, 2012

Videos from BriForum Chicago 2012

We had a really wonderful show at BriForum Chicago last week! Thanks to everyone for stopping by our booth and coming to our session. It was great to meet all of you, answer questions, and get to hear about how you're using desktop virtualization.

We recorded some videos at the show, and got into a couple of areas we haven't yet touched on. One, is a video in Spanish by Jorge Angel. Another really interesting one is with Brad Lackey where explains the architectural security differences with Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. We also have a video from our featured speaker Phillip Fiedler from Open Technologies, giving a quick summary of his session. Really interesting stuff! Here are the videos we did on the show floor:

This is the official video made by the folks of our demo. The video is hosted there, so you'll need to click the thumbnail here and hop over to their page to see it, but it's worth it!


Monday Jun 25, 2012


If you've read this blog before, you probably know that Oracle desktop virtualization is used to demonstrate Oracle Applications at many different trade shows. This week, the Oracle desktop team is at DIA2012 in Philadelphia, PA.

The DIA conference is a large event, hosting about 7,000 professionals in the pharmaceutical, bio technology, and medical device fields. Healthcare and associated fields are leveraging desktop virtualization because the model is a natural fit due to their high security requirements. Keeping all the data on the server and not distributing it on laptops or PCs that could be stolen makes a lot of sense when you're talking about patient records and other sensitive information.

We're proud to be supporting the Oracle Health Sciences team at DIA2012 by hosting all of the Oracle healthcare related demos on a central server, and providing simple, smart card based access using our Sun Ray Clients. And remember that you're not limited to using just Sun Ray Clients--you can also use the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client and freely move your session from your iPad, your Windows or Linux PC, your Mac, or Sun Ray Clients. It's a truly mobile solution for an industry that requires mobile, secure access in order to remain compliant.

Here are some pics from the show:

We also have an informative PDF on Oracle desktop virtualization and Oracle healthcare that you can have a look at.

 (Many thanks to Adam Workman for the pics!)


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Wednesday May 23, 2012

BriForum London 2012 Demos

We're currently at BriForum London 2012, and we're demoing the Oracle desktop virtualization portfolio. Oftentimes at trade shows, all of the Oracle Applications you're seeing are hosted by Oracle desktop virtualization. This lets us do things like show how you can instantly switch a Siebel session from a desktop PC to an iPad for working on the go, or using applications from literally "any old PC" just by logging in with a web browser.

This show is exclusively focused on desktop virtualization, so we were able to create a demo that highlights some of the cooler features of the portfolio. Here are some things we're showing:

- Impeccable full screen, high definition video from a virtual desktop on a large plasma display. Standing directly in front of the display, it's difficult to tell the video is originating on a virtualized operating system on a server, and the view of that entire desktop is flowing over the wire to a very inexpensive thin client that has no local operating system and requires no management. It's pretty much indistinguishable from video you'd see by hooking a high powered PC to a plasma display.

- A new feature in our latest releases is location awareness. This allows applications on the virtualized desktop to (optionally) access information about which particular client or device a user is logging in from. This is essential in industries like healthcare, where whenever something is logged about a patient, not only is the identity of the person doing the logging crucial, but where the person physically was when they did the logging is also required. Developers can use this information in other really cool ways, for example, making it so when a user prints from a particular place, the print job is sent to the printer physically closest to the user. In the demo here, we're showing location awareness by changing the desktop image to indicate the user's location with a dot on a map on the desktop wallpaper. So, login to one Sun Ray Client and you get a red desktop with the dot in room x, login to a different one and you get a blue desktop with the dot in room y. Very cool stuff.

- Multiple desktop environments across two monitors. This is something that people are getting used to with client side hypervisors (such as Oracle VM VirtualBox), but it's very innovative with server based desktop virtualization. The idea here is that, from a single client device, you can login to two different server side environments and access both simultaneously. This is ideal for developers and other users who might need to balance their time in multiple operating systems.

- Speaking of multiple operating systems, since Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure uses Oracle VM VirtualBox as the virtualization engine, users can run not only Windows desktops like other solutions, but can also run Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Solaris virtual desktops. Those are the operating systems that are tested, but in actuality, lots and lots of operating systems can work, too (at your own risk, of course). So, as an experimental demo, we're showing virtual desktops on operating systems going all the way back to Windows 3.1. Yes, Windows 3.1 from 1992 in a modern virtual desktop infrastructure. Not for the feint of heart, but fun to show, just the same.

- Accessory devices that use USB have historically been difficult for desktop virtualization, thin clients, etc. But today, our solution provides excellent support for USB devices. At the booth here, we're showing a couple of devices connected through the USB ports on a Sun Ray 3 Client, and communicating with a server side Windows XP environment. The first is a digital camera with a remote capture application on the Windows virtual a button in the Windows virtual desktop and it sends a commands over the wire to the Sun Ray Client, Sun Ray Client sends to the camera via USB, camera takes the picture, and then uploads the picture by reversing the path back to the server. And, even more interesting is a remote sensor device used in education. This device samples information from the environment (sound levels, temperature, etc.), and sends it as a stream over USB to a Windows application, again, installed on the virtual desktop at the server.

If you happen to be at BriForum in London, please take a moment to stop by the booth and let us show you around the portfolio. You might be surprised what we can do!


Thursday Jan 26, 2012

The 2011 GOOD DESIGN Award

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were awarded three different "preferred product" designations for both server and desktop virtualization in Virtualization Review's Reader's Choice Awards. And today, we're announcing we won the prestigious 2011 GOOD DESIGN award from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Center of Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. This is the second time we've won this award, as were also honored (as Sun) in 2006 for our Sun Ray Series 2 Clients.

This is a really amazing award, and we're incredibly honored to receive it again. Looking through the archives, past winners include Apple's iPad, Macbook Pro, and iPhone 4, HTC Evo 4G, the Seagate Replica hard drive, Bose Quiet Comfort headphones, and the super slick Venue High-Definition Cabin Management System (can't wait to fly in a plane with that installed!).

Our congratulations to the engineers and developers who keep designing these groundbreaking products to help make desktop application access easier to manage, easier on the environment, and a bit easier on the eye, too.

If you'd like a video overview of the eco features of the Sun Ray Clients, click below to watch our own Michael Dann go into some details.


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Friday Jan 06, 2012

Virtualization Review 2012 Reader's Choice Awards

We're very excited to share with you that Oracle virtualization has been recognized in Virtualization Review's 2012 Reader's Choice Awards! Have a read through the article here.

Products from our portfolio were awarded the "Preferred Products" designation in three different categories:
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 
  • Thin/Zero Client Computing

It's an exciting start to 2012! Many thanks to our customers and everyone who voted for us, we couldn't do it without you!


Friday Oct 28, 2011

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure at EduCause 2011

Oracle participated as a gold sponsor and exhibitor last week at the 2011 EDUCAUSE Conference in Philadelphia, Pa.  What is EDUCAUSE?  It is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. The annual conference is a gathering to discuss and share the state of technology in higher education. 

This year there was a particular emphasis on online courses, cloud hosted learning management systems, and digital publishing.  A Forbes blog post by James Marshall Crotty entitled "Future Of Education Is Mobile, Social, and in the Cloud: Lessons from EduCause" discusses this emphasis, but interesting to me is by including the words "Mobile" and Cloud" in its title creates a correlation to what Oracle showcased.  The title I would use to describe what Oracle showed at EduCause is "The Future Of The Educational Desktop Is Mobile, Virtual, and in the Cloud."

So, what made the Oracle booth so interesting at EduCause?  This year's booth showcased Oracle Applications for education, hardware, and virtualization technology engineered to deliver a cloud hosted educational desktop experience certified to work with Oracle web based applications.  Oh yeah, and mobile, too.

There is significant value for the emphasis of online courses, cloud hosted LMS, and digital publishing, but what about bringing more value to the traditional desktop and applications still heavily leveraged in higher education?  How do we change for the better the educational desktop experience, improve the workflow and productivity for students, faculty and staff?  This is the focus of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Clients combined with Oracle Applications for education.

 Sounds great I know, but give me some examples.

  • Consider the ability for educational IT to provide a standardized desktop and application service to faculty, staff and students that is secure, works the same wherever you access it, and can be backed up and managed centrally.
  • A service that increases the productivity of all users by allowing the desktop and application state to be resumed anywhere you are without the risk of losing data or productivity.  A service that is tailored to the individual roles and needs of faculty, students, and staff.
  • Provide educational IT a way to deal with the challenges imposed by the consumerization of IT and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model and still address manageability, security, and quality of service.
  • Allow students and faculty on the go to securely access more than just online courses and published content, but a full educational desktop experience on tablet devices, laptops, PC's and browsers.

To achieve these goals Oracle combines Oracle Applications for education, Oracle Identity Management and Enterprise Single Sign-on for authenticated and role based application access.   Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Clients extend this to include authenticated desktop access,  desktop and application mobility, and security.  

Security is increasingly an emphasis in higher education as the complexities increase for protecting identities, content, and rights of students, faculty, and staff in a mobile cloud hosted model.  The proliferation of devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones) along with social and digital content with cloud based applications create even greater stress on meeting security needs.  Oracle is changing the focus from supporting devices and applications on devices to a virtual desktop and applications accessed from a variety of devices model, giving educational IT greater power to address security.

Enough writing, lets see some examples in action from the Oracle EduCause booth.

Tanya Adams shows the Oracle PeopleSoft self-service application for education being accessed from a virtual desktop and displayed on a Sun Ray Client.  Tanya then shows how she can move the desktop and application to a iPad tablet without losing any work and have full access to her applications (Yes, even Flash on an iPad):

Michael Rogers shows the Oracle Campus Solutions being accessed from a virtual desktop and, like Tanya, is using a Sun Ray Client with desktop mobility:

Monday Oct 10, 2011

Virtualization Session Slides for Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Thanks to everyone who made Oracle OpenWorld 2011 a great success! If you missed the show or want to review content you saw during the sessions, you can now download many of the presentations from the OpenWorld site here:

Most of the virtualization sessions can be found by simply selecting Oracle Virtualization (under "Server and Storage Systems") in the Track field. Or if you'd prefer, keyword searching and other mechanisms are available as well.

This site is open to the public, not just OpenWorld attendees. So even if you weren't able to join us in San Francisco, you can go download PDFs of the content that was presented. 

Cerner Health Conference 2011

We posted a blog on Friday about our presence at the Cerner Health Conference 2011. At the show, all of the Oracle demos are being displayed with Oracle desktop virtualization and Sun Ray Clients. Here are some near real-time pics of the show floor:

Friday Oct 07, 2011

Connect. Collaborate. Care.

Hot on the heels of Oracle OpenWorld 2011, Oracle desktop virtualization is now headed out to the Cerner Health Conference 2011 in Kansas City, Mo, this Sunday through Tuesday. You can have a look at Oracle's event page about the show here.

The show is expected to draw about 3,000 healthcare IT professionals from around the world. Much like Social Avenue at OpenWorld 2011, all of the demos are being done on Sun Ray Clients and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure  

Oracle desktop virtualization is a perfect technology match for healthcare applications and use cases, so if you're going to the show please find us in the exhibits and have a look for yourself.

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Wrap-up Video

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 is now in the books and we appreciate all the folks that attended our virtualization sessions and kept track of us through our social media channels!

We have posted a few videos and have several more in the pipeline for you, but for now, have a look at this video from Adam Hawley (Senior Director, Virtualization Product Management), mentioning some of the highlights of the show.

Monday Oct 03, 2011

Sun Ray Clients at Social Avenue

If you're here in San Francisco with us at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, don't miss the Sun Ray Clients in Social Avenue. Backed by our Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software, the Sun Ray Clients are allowing attendees to access the web, check email, and more!

Wednesday Jul 06, 2011

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad:

Tuesday Jul 05, 2011

Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients win two awards!

We're very proud to announce our Sun Ray 3 Series Clients have won the 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award for Computer Equipment from the Industrial Designers Society of America. This is a prestigious award recognizing the fantastic industrial design of the Sun Ray 3 Series Clients and we are extremely proud of the recognition. Previous winners in the computer equipment category include Apple's 15-inch Macbook Pro and Macbook, Western Digital's My Book and My Passport hard drives, and many more. Have a look at the 2011 winners here:

You can also read the press release from us here:

And hot off the presses, we were just awarded the the Green Good Design 2011 award from The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Have a look at the page below and click the Green Good Design 2011 Awards link to see the complete list:

It's a very exciting time for Oracle desktop virtualization and we're excited to be recognized by these industry organizations for the excellent design of the Sun Ray 3 Series Clients. Many thanks to our incredibly talented design team!

If you'd like to learn more about our desktop virtualization products, click any of the links in the desktop virtualization category on our Oracle Virtualization page.


Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Webinar This Thursday

If you're interested in learning about the latest trends in virtual desktop infrastructure and how these trends relate to our Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure product, please join our free webinar this Thursday at 9AM Pacific Time. You can register here.


Friday Jun 10, 2011

Desktop Virtualization for Contact Centers at ICMI ACCE

If you're involved with contact centers, I'm sure you know about the ICMI ACCE Conference & Expo going on next week in New Orleans. Oracle will be there showing our customer relationship management and contact center technologies, including desktop virtualization. In fact, all of the demos at the booth will be done on Sun Ray Clients using Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Desktop virtualization and thin client devices such as Sun Ray Clients are a perfect match for contact centers where security of data and mobility of the user are key requirements. With integrated smart card readers on our Sun Ray Clients, contact center users can instantly move their sessions between locations, which is a boon for the fast paced, over subscribed environments of most contact centers.

Have a look here for more info on our presence at the show and we hope to see you there!


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