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Announcing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance 2.4.3 Certification with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4

Simon Hayler
Senior Technical Product Manager

Oracle is pleased to announce that Oracle Private Cloud Appliance version 2.4.3 is certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 and 13.3 releases. This certification enables the discovery, monitoring, and management of multiple Oracle Private Cloud Appliances. As well as providing role-based access control features, Oracle Enterprise Manager enables infrastructure as a service (IaaS) private cloud, with role-based access control on the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance version 2.4.3 introduces a new Kubernetes as a service feature, this capability is only available with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Update 6 (

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is a turnkey engineered system built for rapid and extremely cost-effective deployment of private clouds. It runs both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on a mix of operating systems, including Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows.

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is unique in the industry because it is a preconfigured, prebuilt engineered system that combines compute, network, and internal storage resources in a software-defined fabric. Virtualization via Oracle VM is included at no additional cost, with prebuilt Oracle VM-based virtual appliances or templates available to speed up application delivery. This enables the most agile and efficient data center deployments. It is built on the same underlying technologies as Oracle Cloud and leverages the same cloud management tool, Oracle Enterprise Manager, enabling the ability to deliver a true hybrid cloud model.

Oracle Enterprise Manager uses the concept of patches or release updates to enhance functionality. The Oracle Enterprise Manager server and any remote agents need to be patched separately. Patching the Oracle Enterprise Manager server and the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent, that is running on any target Oracle Private Cloud Appliance management node, is required. 

The following patches are recommended and have been tested for use with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance version 2.4.3; use the various patch README files for further information. 

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 (13.4): 
    • For the Enterprise Manager Server: 
      • 31767864 Release Update 6  
    • For the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent running on the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance management node: 
      • 31761061 Agent Bundle Patch 
      • 31823266 Virtualization (VT) Bundle Patch (Agent Monitoring)
      • 31765225 Systems Infrastructure (SI) Bundle Patch (Agent Monitoring)
      • 31779021 Systems Infrastructure (SI) Bundle Patch (Agent Discovery)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 3 (13.3):
    • For the Enterprise Manager Server
      • Virtualization (VT) plug-in version 13.3.1
      • Systems Infrastructure (SI) plug-in version 13.3.2
      • Cloud Framework (CFW) plug-in version 13.3.2
      • Cloud Application (SSA) plug-in version 13.3.2
      • 31250768: Enterprise Manager base platform patch set 
      • 31521479: Enterprise Manager for OMS plugins
      • 31769025: Enterprise Manager for OMS plugins 
    • For the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent running on the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance management node:
      • 31677111: EM-AGENT Bundle Patch
      • 30758959: EM VT Plugin Bundle Patch (Agent Monitoring)
      • 30437794: EM VT Plugin Bundle Patch (Agent Discovery)
      • 31770206: EM SI Plugin Bundle Patch (Agent Monitoring) 

For more information on the tested plug-in versions, please refer to the documentation.

Please read the documentation from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.4 administration guide to discover, monitor, and manage the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance with Oracle Enterprise Manager. For more information, visit 

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