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Migrating from Hyper-V and vSphere to Oracle VM

I get a lot of questions on how to migrate from vSphere and Hyper-V to Oracle VM. This is actually very easy, Oracle VM is capable of loading both of those formats and convert them automatically to an Oracle VM. All you need to do is : Package your VM as an OVA (on vSphere simply export it as an OVA) Import it to the Oracle VM manager as an Assembly From here on it is exactly like any other Assembly just create a template out of it and clone it as many times as you wish No need...

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Oracle VM - Building Block for Cloud

Today at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle announced Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. It's the industry’s first solution to combine management of the full Oracle stack with complete enterprise cloud lifecycle management. This release also introduces new virtualization management and cloud resource management capabilities built on Oracle VM 3.0. Watch OpenWorld Keynote to learn the latest announcement about Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle Exalogic. Get the latest Oracle VM 3.0.2...

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Great Things Come in 3s: Announcing Oracle VM 3.0

Let me hit you with some quick highlights for Oracle VM 3.0, announced today: All the management you really need to support your entire data center:  Network management, storage management, dynamic resource scheduling (triggered on network not just CPU!) An even more scalable server: Support for 128 vCPUs per guest VM vs. 32 vCPUs for VMware. A more scalable budget (your's):  Save about $2.5million dollars over 3yrs vs. VMware (license + support.  See configuration details below...

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We're Hiring! - Oracle Server Virtualization Best Practices / Product Management

We continue to grow the Oracle VM Server Virtualization Product Management team and we're looking for excellent candidates for a position in the Best Practices Development part of the group.  In Best Practices Development, you would be working with customers, Sales, Support, and Consulting on nearly a daily basis to help customers, or prospective customers evaluate and adopt the product leveraging best practices.  This is a highly technical, "hands-on" job that is also...

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Oracle VP Makes Shocking Revelation!: Xen Bits Actually *are* in Linux!

For those of you that relish a bit of technology deep-dive now and again, I've got a great entry for you from the Senior Vice President of Virtualization and Linux Development and Support at Oracle Wim Coekaerts (...and Linux Foundation board member.  And my boss.  Yes- that's his picture and, no, he doesn't have that beard anymore.  Well, not most days.)  It's about how, despite what you may have heard in the past, the bits that optimize Linux for running in Xen environments...

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Find out why Pella chose Oracle VM

If you missed the webcast with Pella Corp. and why they chose to deploy their enterprise applications with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux, don't worry! The on demand link to this short webcast is available here. Pella is a leading manufacturer of quality windows and doors in North America. When looking to virtualize their datacenter, they were seeking a solution that would efficiently virtualize enterprise applications while also being cost-effective. Hear first-hand from Pella's...

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