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Oracle VM 3.2.7 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC Updates

We've released the patch updates for Oracle VM server virtualization for both x86 and SPARC. From x86 side, Oracle VM 3.2.7 is the latest patch update. The update is available for download from My Oracle Support. Oracle VM Server packages are also available from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (Oracle VM Sever 3.2.1 Patch Channel or Oracle VM 3 Latest Channel). The patch updates include all the accumulative bug fixes that havebeen integrated since 3.2.1 release.  See the...

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Scalable and Cost-Effective Virtualization Solution

Oracle VM is a highly scalable and cost effective virtualization solution and the best virtualization technology for Oracle Databases.and business-critical applications. Whether you are using Oracle VM on x86 or SPARC platforms, we provide the training to help you design, install, and implement a virtual environment. You can take this live instructor-led training as a: Live-Virtual event: Train from your own desk - no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the...

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Telco Case Study: "IT-as-a-Service" with Oracle VM Enables Higher Business Availability

In this blog article we want to share with you a use case for Oracle VM enabling high availability through an "IT-as-a-Service" deployment at a Telco provider. Using Oracle VM, the Telco customer is able to realize a highly efficient server infrastructure to dynamically provision and reclaim resources to quickly respond to business demands. With over 100 Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) servers deployed in an Oracle VM-based virtualized environment,the Telco customer has...

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Oracle joins the OpenStack Foundation

Oracle today has officially joined the OpenStack Foundation as a corporate sponsor. Link to press release: Oracle plans to integrate OpenStack capabilities into several products including Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle's ZS3 Series, Axiom Storage Systems and StorageTek Tape Systems, Oracle Compute Cloud Service and Oracle Storage...

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Oracle VM Integrated from Application to Disk

Delivering timely IT services requires integration throughout the stack and not just among servers and operating systems. Oracle VM is integrated at all layers of the technology stack, from applications to disk. To learn more about how Oracle VM can help you leverage this complete and cost-efficient solution for x86 and SPARC architectures, consider taking the corresponding training course. You can take these courses from your desk choosing from the selection of live-virtual...

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Easy and Rapid Deployment of Application Workloads with Oracle VM

Oracle VM is designed for easy and rapid deployment of application workloads. In addition to allowing for rapid deployment of an entire application stack, Oracle VM now gives administrators more fine-grained control of the application payloads inside the virtual machine. To get started on Oracle VM Server for x86 or Oracle VM Server fo SPARC, what better solution than to take the corresponding training course. You can take this training from your own desk, by choosing from a...

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