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Friday Spotlight: Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug-in for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

The Oracle VM Storage Connect framework provides a storage discovery and provisioning API that enables the provisioning and management of storage platforms directly from within Oracle VM Manager. The abstraction provided by the Storage Connect framework allows administrators to perform provisioning operations without the need to know the specific behavior of any storage platforms that are being used within the Oracle VM infrastructure. The StorageConnect API allows third...

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Announcing Oracle VM 3.3 - Delivers Enterprise-Scale Performance Enhancements

We are pleased to announce Oracle VM 3.3, Oracle’s latest server virtualization product. It deliver enhanced ease of use for x86 and SPARC architectures, improved management features, and expanded support for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, including support for OpenStack—providing customers and partners with additional choices and interoperability. This release continues to enable rapid enterprise application deployment and simplify lifecycle management. Many customers...

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Oracle VM, Designed with the Application in Mind

Oracle VM is designed with the application in mind. In addition to the hypervisor and abstraction of the hardware, server virtualization has to enable rapid deployment of applications and integrated management for the entire stack from hypervisor to OS including applications. Learn about Oracle VM, Oracle VM Manager, Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC by taking the Oracle VM training course suited to your platform. These courses are available as...

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Oracle at Cisco Live Conference in San Francisco on May 18-22

Cisco Live is Cisco’s premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide. Oracle will be part of the largest gathering of Cisco customers, experts, and partners anywhere in the world, on May 18-22 in San Francisco. Cisco is one of our closest partners with more than 20 years of partnership, which covers engineering, joint solutions, sales engagement, support for mutual customers and more. As part of our engineering engagement, Cisco is constantly...

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Friday Spotlight: Oracle VM 3 - Overview of Disaster Recovery Solutions

Oracle offers a complete product portfolio that includes servers, storage, applications, middleware and database products that will allow you to piece together a custom disaster recovery (DR) solution for your business systems. Oracle VM 3 is simply one piece of a very complex puzzle that must be integrated along with other disaster recovery software and applications into an overall business continuity solution for your enterprise. There are several different approaches tointe...

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Friday Spotlight: Keeping a Server in Reserve in the Event of a Server Failure

Q: How can I ensure I always have one server in reserve to use in the event of server failure? A: Uncheck the VM server box on a server not running any virtual machines Everyone should be familiar with the fact that Oracle VM will automatically restart Oracle VM guests on other servers in the pool if a single server reboots or panics for any reason. Oracle VM will attempt restart all virtual machines on other servers in thepool automatically as long as you have selected the...

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