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Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.6 features - connecting to domain consoles with ldmconsole

Jeff Savit
Product Management Senior Manager

Oracle VM Server for SPARC developer Dawn Tse contributed this post describing enhanced functionality.


Oracle VM Server for SPARC (informally called Logical Domains) lets an administrator log into guest domain consoles by logging into the server's control domain and issuing 'telnet localhost <portnumber>' where the domain console port number is obtained by issuing the 'ldm list' command. This is secure, since login to the control domain is done via ssh and no traffic is in clear text, but requires an additional step. Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.6 addresses this with a convenient new command.


In addition to the telnet command, the Oracle Solaris 11.4 OS includes the new 'ldmconsole' command to connect by name to an Oracle VM Server for SPARC console on non-primary domains, or to a console group. You do not need to install the telnet command to use the ldmconsole command, and the ldmconsole command does not have the security issues that misuse of the telnet command potentially has.

The following ldmconsole command connects to the console of the ldg1 domain:

primary# ldmconsole ldg1

Connecting to console "ldg1" in group "ldg1" ....

Press ~? for control options ..

ldg1 console login:


Use the keyboard sequence "~." to exit.

Also, use the ldmconsole command to list available domain consoles and console groups. The following command shows how to list the available console groups and domain consoles:

primary# ldmconsole


ldg1 ldg1

ldg2 ldg2


See the ldmconsole(8) and the vntsd (8) man pages for detailed information.


The new ldmconsole command provides convenience for domain administrators on Oracle VM Server for SPARC, by permitting simpler and secure access to their domain consoles.



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