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Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5

Jeff Savit
Product Management Senior Manager

Now available!

Oracle is pleased to announce Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5 (delivered with Solaris 11.3 SRU 23.5.0), which has a long list of new features (see these links for details). 

As usual, upgrade was very simple: log into the control domain, do a 'pkg update' to the current Solaris 11.3 SRU, and reboot. Takes only a few minutes, and you can easily revert to the previous boot environment if you encounter any problem or if just testing.  Jeff's Big Rule Of Systems - it's a lot better if you can un-do a change simply, easily and reliably.

Command history

I haven't had time to experiment, but one new feature is easy to deploy with any effort: command history. You get a nice view of what commands have been executed:

$ ldm history
Aug 24 14:32:24 ldm list
Aug 24 14:34:03 ldm bind simple
Aug 24 14:34:05 ldm bind vm1
Aug 24 14:34:07 ldm list
Aug 24 14:34:20 ldm list
Aug 24 14:35:26 ldm start simple
Aug 24 14:35:29 ldm start vm1
Aug 24 14:40:21 ldm list-spconfig
Aug 24 14:40:34 ldm add-spconfig manual20170824
Aug 24 14:40:52 ldm history

By default, it displays 10 recent commands, but you can have it show more by issuing '"ldm set-logctl history=100" (or similar). It actually stores the commands; this controls how much is displayed.

This works fine for native logical domains commands, and also when running with Oracle VM Manager - that gives me the chance to "introspect" on the commands issued under the covers. In the example below, I migrate one domain to a different host and edit another domain's memory and CPU settings. Note how it uses a programmatic interface to the logical domains daemon, and that it removes disk services when the domain using it is migrated or removed.

Aug 24 13:46:20 xml migrate-domain 0004fb0000060000b3d99982ff1bfc20 root@
Aug 24 13:47:36 xml remove-vdiskserverdevice 0004fb0000060000b3d99982ff1bfc20-disk0@primary-vds0

Aug 24 13:47:41 xml set-memory 8192M 0004fb0000060000251dad479b3f8fc2
Aug 24 13:47:51 xml set-vcpu 16 0004fb0000060000251dad479b3f8fc2


Oracle VM Server for SPARC has been released, further enhancing SPARC virtualization. I'll blog on other new features and improvements in later posts. For further information, see the What's New page.







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