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Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5 Released!

Jeff Savit
Product Management Senior Manager

Now available - Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5

Today Oracle announces Oracle VM Server for SPARC Release 3.5

What's New with Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5

We are pleased to announce the release of Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5, which has been delivered as part of Oracle Solaris Support Repository Update (Oracle Solaris 11.3 SRU 23.5.0). Together,  they provide new features for virtualization, performance,  security, scalability, and system management.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5 introduces several new capabilities, including the following:

  1. Virtual networking is enhanced with 'reflective relay', which permits control over inter-domain network traffic so it can be directed to an external switch to enforce network policies like access control lists and packet filtering.
  2. Command history and message logging.
  3. Improvements to virtual Host Bus Adapter (vHBA), includes integration with SR-IOV
  4. Enhanced live migration, including:
    1. Allow live migration of domains with Ethernet SR-IOV devices
    2. Reduce cases where migration is blocked
    3. Migration with Silicon Secured Memory (SSM), also called Application Data Integrity (ADI) hardware-assisted checking.
    4. Native migration within a CPU chip family.
    5. Migration of domains with named memory and CPU resources.
    6. Save service processor configuration after a migration.
  5. Enhanced command output from 'ldm list-io' to show bus placement.
  6. Improved options for starting and stopping domains

The full list of new features, bug fixes, and known issues can be found at the Oracle VM Server for SPARC documentation and the What's New page.

Supported Upgrade Path

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5 software has been integrated into Oracle Solaris 11.1 SRU 23.5.0. Refer to Oracle Solaris 11.3 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index (Doc ID 2045311.1).

Product Support

Oracle VM Server for SPARC support is included in Oracle Premier Support for Systems which provides fully-integrated support for your server hardware, firmware, OS, and virtualization software. Please review the documentation about specific details of required and minimum software and supported platforms.


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Comments ( 3 )
  • Solar Monday, August 21, 2017
    When will "ldm ls-netstat" display smth meaningful for SR-IOV network devices?

    ldoms-net1.vf0 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R
    ldoms-net2.vf0 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R

    ---- -------- ------ -------- ------
    net1 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R
    net0 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R 0.00R
  • Jeff Savit Monday, August 21, 2017
    I can pass that to engineering. SR-IOV devices are physically assigned to the domains owning them, so the answer really might be to go to the I/O domain owning the device and use a tool like 'netstat -I'
  • Jeff Savit Thursday, August 24, 2017
    After some research this seems to be data known by the driver in the domain network I/O, so we're not going to easily get that in the control domain. We'll see if there's some statistics available in the SR-IOV Physical Function (PF) that could be queried, but for now please 'ssh user@mydomain /usr/bin/netstat -i' or equivalent.
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