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Oracle VM release 3.4.5 is now available!

John Priest
Director of Product Management

Announcing Oracle VM release 3.4.5 

Oracle VM Server virtualization software is engineered for open cloud infrastructure and delivers leading performance, scalability, and reliability for enterprise SaaS and PaaS workloads as well as traditional enterprise applications.  Today, we are pleased to announce Oracle VM release 3.4.5.

What's New with Oracle VM release 3.4.5?

Oracle VM release 3.4.5 offers updated versions of the Oracle VM Manager, Oracle VM Server for x86, and Oracle VM Agent for SPARC, delivering performance improvements, security updates, and cumulative bug fixes since the previous 3.4.4 release.

The notable enhancements and updates with this release are:

  • Support for Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) for better Oracle Database performance — Hybrid Columnar Compression is an Oracle Database compression technology that enables the highest levels of data compression and provides cost savings and performance improvements due to reduced I/O. As of this release, Oracle VM provides support for Hybrid Columnar Compression on Oracle Database Release 18c with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage Systems.
  • A new Fiber Channel storage refresh option with Oracle generic storage plugin deployments — In addition to the Loop Initialization Protocol (LIP) scan done in previous releases, a new soft scan option is offered which can result in faster refresh times for storage arrays.
  • A new Balance Server start policy to complement the Best Server policy — With the Balance Server policy, virtual machines can be started on the best available Oracle VM Server, as determined by CPU and memory utilization, to help ensure an even distribution amongst all Oracle VM Servers in the server pool.
  • Increased performance for Microsoft Windows guest operating systems — This release provides the ability to enable the exposure of Windows virtualization (also referred to as viridian) compatible entitlements to Microsoft Windows guest operating systems. Enabling viridian support is strongly recommended to improve performance for Microsoft Windows guest operating systems.
  • Support for TLS1.2 as the default connectivity protocol — Oracle VM Manager uses the TLSv1.2 protocol for all connections for enhanced security protection.
  • Update to the dom0 kernel — The dom0 kernel for Oracle VM Server is updated to the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 4 Update 7. This updated kernel adds support for new hardware drivers, as well as additional security and bug fixes. Additional information on this version of UEK can be found in the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 Update 7 Release Notes.
  • Updated Xen hypervisor — The Xen hypervisor used in the Oracle VM x86 Server has been updated for additional performance and scalability.
  • Security and patch updates for Oracle VM Manager components — Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Application Development Framework, MySQL, Java SE Development Kit (JDK) and many of the open source software products used in Oracle VM Manager have been updated.
  • Security and patch updates for Oracle VM Server for x86 packages — All user space packages have been updated to mirror the versions delivered in Oracle Linux 6 Update 9. In addition, some of the packages have had incremental updates to deliver new features or bug fixes.

A full summary of the updates and enhancements available in Oracle VM 3.4.5 can be found in the Oracle VM Release Notes for 3.4.5.

Oracle VM Software Download 

Oracle VM can be downloaded, used and distributed free of charge, and all updates and errata are freely available. Instructions to download the Oracle VM Release 3.4.5, Oracle VM Windows PV drivers, tools, and utilities can be found on the Oracle Technology Network.

Oracle VM Support

Oracle VM Support offers access to award-winning Oracle support resources and virtualization support specialists, zero-downtime updates using Ksplice, additional management tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, and lifetime support, all at a low cost.

Additional Oracle VM Information

For the latest product information, best practices white papers and webinars, please visit http://oracle.com/virtualization.

The latest education and training information for Oracle VM can be found on the recent blog here: https://blogs.oracle.com/virtualization/learn-how-oracle-vm-is-a-key-part-of-your-it-infrastructure

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