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Oracle VM Receives an A+ in Recent Testing Benchmark

It’s always nice to start off the new fiscal year with some good news and this year it comes at the hands of Francisco Munoz Alvarez, a seasoned expert, and Oracle ACE Director, in the Oracle community. With the help from his employer Revera Limited, a provider of utility computing infrastructure and enterprise data management solutions, Francisco recently compared the performance of Oracle Database workloads running in a bare metal environment versus a virtualized environment (Oracle VM and others). The results were quite telling!

Here’s what they found:
• Oracle VM is the better virtualization technology to run Oracle Databases
• Oracle VM makes a better use of all available resources
• Oracle VM is more scalable and stable for Oracle Databases
• Oracle VM allows better consolidation of loads in a virtual environment
• Oracle VM uses less CPU than non-Oracle virtualization technologies

Francisco and his team also found that without Oracle VM, organizations can have a full physical server (bare metal) with underutilized resources. However, by using Oracle VM organizations will be able to virtualize it to host many Oracle Databases, without sacrificing performance and can make better use of all available database licenses. They also noted a few bonus results including the fact that Oracle VM allows extra high availability and is fully certified and supported by Oracle.

I think Francisco touched on something very important in his report when he concluded by saying, “Many companies around the world are afraid to use virtualization for production databases, as per our experience we can say that it is only a myth. Revera have many production databases running on Oracle VM without any unsatisfied client.”

It’s time to overcome the fear.  As Francisco’s results show, Oracle VM delivers a great solution for enterprise environments!

See what Oracle VM has done for customers of all sizes across a variety of industries worldwide.

Read the full report from Revera.

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