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Oracle Sun Ray Clients and Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet

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One of the more useful combinations in technology is networking and power on the same physical line. This greatly simplifies client deployments, especially for devices that have built-in displays.

It's easy to think of scenarios where it's extremely convenient to need only a network drop to create a workspace: contact centers that need to rapidly expand to deal with busy periods, manufacturing floors and warehouses, point of sale stations, and information kiosks are just several quick examples. Cisco's Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) technology is widely used to provide power to different types of devices in these scenarios, and their new Catalyst 4500E Switch and UPOE splitter allow devices needing up to 60 watts of power to be powered off the UPOE line.

Of course, our Sun Ray Clients are widely known for their ultra-low power consumption (as low as 6 watts for the Sun Ray 3 Client in idle mode, about the same as a traditional nightlight!), but the device is only part of the story. The monitor attached to the device significantly increases the total power requirements for a workspace. Our Sun Ray 3i Client, with its integrated 21.5 inch display, consumes more than 20 watts with its monitor on in typical usage, but this is still quite low and well within the capabilities of the new Cisco switch. This means with the Cisco switch powering your network, you could drop any of our Sun Ray 3 Series Clients wherever you have a network drop, without needing a separate AC power line. Pretty cool stuff.

Read more from Cisco in their press release.


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