Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Why Use Oracle Secure Global Desktop with Oracle Primavera Applications

Oracle Primavera is the leading Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) solution for project-intensive industries. It offers best-in-class capabilities focused on mission critical PPM requirements of industries like engineering & construction, discrete and process manufacturing, public administration, financial services and others. Oracle Primavera enables enterprise agility, team productivity, portfolio predictability and overall project management efficiency. The...

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Oracle Secure Global Desktop Provides Services Anytime, Anywhere!

At Catholic Education South Australia,  more than 6,000 staff care for over 48,000 students in 103 schools. In this short video, listen to their CIO Tom Mittiga, talk about how Catholic Education South Australia leverages Oracle Secure Global Desktop to provide services anytime, anywhere and with exceptional performance!

Friday, June 29, 2012 | Oracle Secure Global Desktop | Read More

Rendering of Oracle Secure Global Desktop's Administration Console on Modern Browser Versions

For customers using Oracle Secure Global Desktop version 4.6x, one of the issues reported is the improper rendering of the administration console when using modern browser versions such as Safari 5, Firefox 4+ or Internet Explorer 9. We are pleased to provide a fix for use of these modern browser versions when using Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6x. Please refer to Doc ID 1367923.1 on My Oracle Support (requires a My Oracle Support account to login). The solution involves a...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 | Oracle Secure Global Desktop | Read More

ANNOUNCEMENT: Oracle VM 3 Templates Available for Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.62

Today, we are proud to announce the general availability of Oracle VM 3 templates for Oracle Secure Global Desktop version 4.62.  With Oracle VM 3 templates, anyone using Oracle VM 3 need not download, install and configure the supported operating system and the Oracle product(s) individually. In this case, the supported operating system (Oracle Linux 5.7), and the Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.62 product is packaged together into a template that one can easily import and...

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Introducing Oracle Secure Global Desktop for Exalogic!

We're excited to introduce Oracle Secure Global Desktop for Exalogic!  Exalogic is hardware and software engineered together to provide extreme performance for Java applications, Oracle Applications, and all other enterprise applications. Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides secure access to centralized, server-hosted applications from a wide variety of popular client devices. Watch Mohamad Afshar and Mohan Prabhala from Oracle Product Management talk about what Oracle...

Friday, June 8, 2012 | Oracle Secure Global Desktop | Read More

Live Webcast: Simplified, Anywhere, Applications Access with Oracle Secure Global Desktop

If you are involved with end user applications in your organization, you've probably come across the following hurdles: People want to work from home, and they might even be against installing VPN software. People want work on various machines, not just their work issued laptop or desktop. Users want to work on non-Windows devices like Apple's popular Macbook Pro, or Linux PCs. Applications aren't always on Windows--some legacy applications are perfectly usable, but still run on...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 | Oracle Secure Global Desktop | Read More

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